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  1. Patrick Reed.... You can relax now.. Rahmy GONNA BE TAKING THE HEAT from EVERYONE..!! THE DIMPLES..!! THE DIMPLES..!! LOL..!!
  3. I so wish crowds were allowed on Sunday to let him know exactly that...!!
  4. SIT BACK and ENJOY..!!! twitch.tv / mondayqinfo LOL..!! They just got to get the players and golf course together in the same video..!! Oh Goodness.. Think they got it now..
  5. Hey... This is not about saying anything about not helping and giving to a charity... That's Great... We should support people in need through any worthwhile charity.. But who cares about watching some DUMB GOLF EVENT where the people playing could care less if they win or lose... I would rather Golf Channel, ESPN or whoever put on the girls/ladies playing on the Cactus Tour to watch as they are REALLY PLAYING TO WIN with ALL THEIR HEART..!! Have fun Peyton.. GOOD GRIEF..!!
  6. I'm not even sure TEES are considered equipment.. I guess they are.. OMG..! Is this for real... So I just turn on golfchannel.. They got some tournament from 2013 on and few seconds in goes to commercial for TOURTEES... The supposed youngest pga golf instructor.. forget his name already saying you get 12 extra yards from these tees... Went to their site and here is the SCIENCE...??? Says: Small nodules on the top of the tee promotes low-spin launch for added distance and control... ANYONE...?? I'm READY for these BADBOYS..!! God Bless...!
  7. WOW..!! JUST OnE GiNORMOUS WOW WOW and MORE WOW..!!! It the IMPACT POSTION..!! That ALL..!! Before that.... Just WIND that THING UP AnY WAY You CaN...!!! Go HEAD...>>..!!! I SEE YOU..!!! OMG..!! LOL..!!! God Bless..!!
  8. OK... Yeah... Seriously... I really don't care if he is scoring with it... It's a TOTAL DISGRACE to the game of Golf that one of the most fit looking men on the Tour needs a 12 foot POLE (Slight Exageration) to hit a 12 inch putt..!!! OUTLAW THAT THING..!!!
  9. Many Professional and Amateur Tournaments WON with this Swing..!! NO NEED to worry anymore about this position or that position..!! ENJOY FOREVER...!!! YES..!! It's MDLT...!! Now... If you really want to get extra extra involved with the swing try this one too..!!!
  10. This is SO SWEET..!! I've tried swinging with a move like this every so often... But I just found this guy who REALLY GOT IT GOING ON..!! He got a nice IRON VID TOO..!!
  11. Hey There BB... I liked that 2nd video... Very entertaining and interestingly informative too..!
  12. How outrageous is this...!! Actually called Keith in headline “NO-NAME CHAMPION” Where do they get the idea this is a good idea..?? Apology NEEDED PBB..!!!
  13. WOW..!! There’s not many more things as DISGUSTING as man of means being PLAIN OUT CHEAP... So the truth finally comes out about Kuchar and what he paid his caddie for the Mayakoba Win... A stunning $5,000... About $120,000 less than what the usual 10 percent a caddie would receive... And it doesn’t seem to bother Kuchar at all... Very Sick... Mexican caddie David Ortiz has appealed to Kuchar and his agent but received no legitimate response... Matt Kuchar... You are a Loser...
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