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  1. loving it!!! Evenflow was quickly replaced with my go to shaft (Speeder 651 TX)...GAME CHANGER for me. Draw weight and small + allows me to go after it while substantially eliminating my high straight push. I can even hit the baby fade I've been seeking for 7 yrs!!!
  2. exactly my deal the 410 lst should be here in 2 days.....what was your result?
  3. I figured it out...for me at least. Why Bryson irks me is that his approach to golf (in each and every facet of the game) is "scientific" to the point that in his quest to eliminate variability he has darn near eliminated even the appearence of any "artistry". Yes I know DJ too has dialed in his wedges, but when he misses HE misses...... Bryson seems to suggest that a missed putt is do to an incorrect green reading book or the meteorologist was off in predicted hourly temperature and barometric pressure. His work on the greens annoys me most- he has determines w
  4. My politically incorrect (but I believe accurate) answer is that this sport more than most any other is one of the last bastians of utter control by older "European" men. They generally want the status quo, cause that's when they had ALL the advantages in everything...ie "it was great"....as soon as younger, or females, or non-"Europeans" start to change the record books or rethink how to successfully compete, the "status quo" is horrible and we need to "make things great again". Did Bobby Jones ever lobby to have Jack's equipment "rolled back"? I know he's a diety and all, b
  5. I find him to be an arrogant, insufferable dolt. As mentioned previously the stage has been set for him to announce the culmination of his dream (stunt golf performance) and then exit the ensuing maelstrom. I find it quite dispicable that he never saw fit to address inequity in the game with the same vigor he attacks excellence in it. Didsdain for Davis is probably the ONLY thing I agree with Hank Haney about.
  6. After putting them back in play on a lark, are now replacing the 2019 Mizunos MPSC, which replaced the MP59's, which replaced the Taylormade tour preferred MB/CB. Having looked closely at the specs and tech described in Tiger's current irons, I am convinced these Adams clubs were at least a decade ahead of the rest of the curve. I know for me they still feel and play best in class...and it's not even close!
  7. Lee Westwood short? Nah....not a giant but a solid, legit 6 footer.
  8. Phil himself said Senior tour is set-up like playing your home course.
  9. I "guess", but Champions tour feels more like an exhibition than serious competition. Super short courses, easy set-ups it's a putting contest compared to "regular" tour's ball strikers/bombers bias. Phil barely making a few cuts on reg. tour....bout to shoot 59 on champs.....
  10. Obviously opinions can vary by individual, but usually there becomes some sort of concensus.....I don't recall hearing anything but extremely positive reviews from players, media, and architectural critics and other "students of the game" for Quail. with the notable exception of a green (12 I think) which Mickelson felt had a "dodgey" pin position....(but that was rectified 2 renovations ago). Quail with heavy influence from ANGC membership puts on a tour tournament that annually is rated at the absolute top (along with Muirifield Village) by the players. The course itself is considered a "
  11. Wait....are you saying Quail Hollow is not really a "major" type course? Each to their own opinion, but I must STRONGLY disagree.
  12. OK now I guess I recall the incident you are dancing around.....I don't think that fits the definition of a "double standard". She said someting stupid and offensive....Tiger likes her, gave her a pass so they didn't fire her. The double standard would be if Trip Eisenhower purposefully killed a protected species bird with golf equipment, appologized and subsequently was not given a chance at a new career on golf channel TV. In my opinion this "cancel culture" concept is a red herring....it most often means the "jig is up" on habitual jerks who thought they were impervious to societal norm
  13. Or- how about she is a darn good, experienced pro at exactly the position they need to fill? Why insist on all the "code words" which seem to insinuate somehow there is a better hire to be had "BUT".... Potential controversy??? Boycott? I mean where is all this even coming from? Strikes me that you seem to feel as though she is at worst a novelty and at best a token hire - justifiable only given your ready made rationaliztions... all but to each there own.
  14. Very odd perspective. Non-threatening? pleasant to look at? ahead of the Feminists? show diversity? WTHeck????? I am curious.... just what makes an announcer threatening to you?
  15. I agree with you....it is because Tiger is 82x as intellegent
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