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  1. Real and original milling. Single pass slow feed.
  2. Real and looks to be in good shape minus the stripped finish.
  3. Uh huh, the other boutique golf companies don’t seem to have many sanctions placed on their made-to-order products.
  4. These issues with Iliac have existed for years.
  5. These scammers still run amuck but when I forget to close an old ad and post a new one I get dinged with a point.
  6. If people buy it because they think they look cool, why does that wind you up so much?
  7. Both are new. Decided to game a Fortune mallet instead. Tiffany and white Slow Players mallet $160 shipped USPS First Class Play Fast and Don’t Be a D $OLD shipped USPS First Class Take both for $205 shipped Priority Taylormade M3 440 10*. Original owner, super clean as photos represent. Played for 2 seasons. No headcover or tool. The crown is just reflections of the overhead lights. $OLD shipped
  8. TBC PGA Championship Fortune Cookie headcover for a blade. This cover is awesome. Keeping a mallet one and let thing this one go. The suede and detail of the fortune cookie is impeccable. $OLD TBC Golden Gate Bridge towel from the PGA Championship release. $OLD TBC Fortune Cookie towel from the PGA Championship release. $OLD
  9. I’ve never tried a Standard. How many points did it add?
  10. Stability Tour is slimmer in profile. I’ve never seen an OG Stability to comment.
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