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  1. Used for a winter sim season, indoor practice and two rounds at season start. 35” Soto with flowneck Black TP badge Tour Red screws Sight dot with Tour Red paintfill Chrome KBS CT Tour shaft Brand new Superstroke Pistol GTR 1.0 that I put on for the sale Comes with black MyTP headcover $250 shipped
  2. The Superstroke 1.0 is always a good one to step into a larger grip without it feeling like a tennis racket. Right I’m using a Pro Only Red Star and a Lamkin Deep Etch.
  3. These American made topics are always amusing to me. Sure, patriotic to say in a public forum but I'm sure your wallet says otherwise.
  4. Right thing to do is refund the buyer. I had to refund an $850 putter and only get $50 back from insurance. Sucked but also taught me a lesson to insure the stuff that hurts the refund.
  5. I have the same issue with my wedges. Every time I hit them they get marked up.
  6. I like it. That black towel looks sick and the suede cover isn’t shabby at all.
  7. I put some epoxy on the shaft tip and they glide right up. Dry, they’re tight. Just need some lube.
  8. Looks nice, I would wear it...if I were sponsored by TM.
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