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  1. Thanks for the WITB feature! That's pretty cool!
  2. We have a facility with food/bev and it is $55/hr Mon-Thurs, $70/hr Fri-Sun. It is a Trackman 4 facility. Expensive, but nice to scratch the itch in the cold months or to do some club testing.
  3. I liked payments going into paypal because it kept golf related purchases and sales separated.
  4. Sucks. There’s no right or wrong. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum.
  5. This is basically what every boutique is using and selling for $25 after some customization.
  6. True to size for me on Gallivanter and MG4+
  7. Excellent! Instead we get TM Christmas cards of players in their onsie.
  8. Really? That’s crazy.
  9. It wasn’t a 340g otherwise you sold something for literally 50% off the going rate.
  10. I wouldn’t refinish that. Game it!
  11. It stands for Studio Stainless Steel. At least it did when it first came out.
  12. Keep an eye on eBay although I think it’ll be a tough band to find. I don’t think many people have thought to peel it and preserve it.
  13. Cool putter the beach makes it unique. Just not the type of putter collectors want to tie up money in.
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