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  1. .005” is the thickness of a piece of paper.
  2. This has always been the case with Cameron LEs. 20+ years of resale going on.
  3. This was pulled from a Handsome Too and played 35”. .355 KBS CT Tour in chrome Swag/Lamkin Deep Etch grip Swamp Thing shaft band Tip has been cleaned and is ready for install. $75 shipped
  4. These are the current gamers: 1-KB 9305LN 2-SC Newport TeI3 3-Swag Handsome Too Raw
  5. Na is a true grinder and his career earnings have been increasing under the radar for years until recently when he's become quite a fan favorite. He was always the "zero coverage" pro out there stacking checks. Also consider the fact that his career at this point is old enough to drink legally.
  6. If it was a brand new shaft and it is indeed a scratch, I would go back and ask them to replace it. It may also be epoxy if it is raised. Scratch, or epoxy you will not have any issues with it.
  7. I have a Shapland Sunday. It is my favorite bag. Unlike other Sunday bags it has plenty of pockets including a full length.
  8. My guess is that those calling Brooksie fragile are the same guys that use their footwedge to get their balls back in play.
  9. A little bit of epoxy will give it lubrication to slide on down.
  10. Direct from TM and was a $650 build. Hit 20 clean balls off of a mat. 15 off of a tee and 5 off of the mat. Club is too long for my set up. Standard length and tipping, logo down in Standard setting. Comes with headcover. $325 for head only $OLD for shaft only No trades
  11. You may have the oldest continued use tool in the world. That’s amazing to have not lost it over 17 years.
  12. New TBC Tiffany Driver $130 New TBC Tiffany Hybrid $130 -Take both for $250 New Cayce Tie Dye Driver $50
  13. This is the first time they've done a special. Awesome cover there.
  14. Looking at something different can lead to a bit more focus on getting the little details right for me.
  15. I would assume it is an assembly issue, shaft either wasn't fully seated, or it was and happened to work itself off center during the curing process.
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