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  1. Been there.... Play in a net Ryder cup event every year and was -3 thru 6 holes of a 9 hole match and was closed out. If I shoot 67 and lose to a gross 66 or better I'd just tip my cap.....that's good golf. My loss was to a 16 handicap that carded a gross 38 two years in a row....for you handicap gurus the odds are real long on that happening.
  2. I think he has won over a lot of people this week and he made them change their mind about him. Mark me down as one of those, never been a fan until today. You have to appreciate the confidence and not misunderstand it as arrogance.
  3. Got a couple items for sale or trade potentially here guys. Wife wants these sold, but I'm a reasonable guy willing to listen to trade offers.... Trade interests include kiyoshi black 05 flex, counter balance putter, tvd wedges, or something you think I need....make offers. 1) Oban Devotion 6 04 stiff flex shaft. It has a Callaway adapter and measures right at 43.75". Tour velvet cord grip is in good shape and feels standard to me (no extra wraps). SOLD! 2) I'm second guessing this decision, as these have been my gamers the last few seasons. Wife is determined to keep the coll
  4. [quote name='Brock Savage' timestamp='1439860531' post='12158252'] What this shows is that he really, really thinks he's close. He knows as well as anyone that he pretty much needs to win this to get into the playoffs, so he's not just saying stuff, he really believes it. I've been saying this for ten years, but I wish he'd just leave the driver in the bag this week. It will take eagles on par fives off the table, but he's been getting a lot more bogies than eagles on par fives lately, not to mention doubles on par fours. Replace those with boring old pars, and he has a much better shot a
  5. To shoot the scores the old timers did with the equipment they had, I'd say they'd take most (but not all) of today's pros.
  6. [quote name='Edaw68' timestamp='1434491005' post='11764510'] I came close last month at my home course. Went 81,81,80, 80. After those four rounds I moved back a set of tees to change it up and ended up with an 87. Went back to the regular tees, and shot another 80. [/quote] Haha, that is pretty good to go right back to the streak. I did switch tees for the last score and still posted the same number.
  7. [quote name='AC^' timestamp='1434435818' post='11760030'] Apparently Mike Reid did it to win the Sr. PGA Championship. I searched Google for what I thought would be one of the more likely scoring combos to get there 70-70-70-70 and he popped up, so I'm sure there are others. That is done serious consistency though. Was it running through your head when you were putting out on 18? Aug 28, 2005 Senior PGA Championship −8 (70-70-70-70=280) [/quote] Interesting, I assumed it would be pretty rare. Yea, after our 14th hole we have two par 5's, an easy par 3, and a good par 4. Standin
  8. Yesterday I posted my 4th consecutive round of the same score at the same golf course.... We did have a member guest tournament in between so a few unpostable rounds were played as these were better ball rounds with a partner where I picked up putts etc. I don't think I've ever seen a pro post 4 consecutive rounds of the same score, so has anyone else done anything like this?
  9. 10 on the par 5 5th during a club championship, Greenside in 2 then got a serious case of the chiping yips.... Ended up slinging the club across the green towards the fringe, except it didn't quite make it to the fringe and gouged the green. Club pro saw the whole thing and I apologized profusely, last time I ever got that upset on a course.
  10. I switched from a 910 d2 / rombax 7x07 9.5* that spun too much to an adams super ls 9.5* clocked up to 10.5* with a rombax 6w06 and can't keep it in the air. The adams is 20yds longer, but the titleist keeps me in play more often. My SS is 110-112. Low spin isn't all it's cracked up to be if you're trying to score.
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