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  1. Jordans are sold Trono, evenflow, rogue, Sim hybrid head, and structure ball are available everything else is pending
  2. No lead tape on the putter. PMs have been responded to but nothing has been sold yet. Following items are pending: modus Jordan hot punch kSig
  3. AD HAS BEEN CLEANED UP TO REFLECT WHAT"S LEFT. LET"S MOVE THIS STUFF! I really need to unload some of these extras so I priced them low. Prices below include shipping via USPS, if you would like me to ship with another carrier I will but we'll have to work out some additional cost. Please DM me with any interest! Trade Interest Toward an AutoFlex RDX Blue 6.0 w/TM tip 1. LA Golf Trono 65s w/TM Tour tip-$300 shipped Played 45.5 in a SIM Max. Shaft is Pured and has a metal 2* tour adapter installed. 2. Nike
  4. ADG 1s and 2s reappeared in certain colors but you never know. I would say wait it out a little longer and see. Wore mine for the first time yesterday and they were awesome. Best of the ADGs IMO
  5. Anyone had issues with the bottom and midsole separating on the 90s? I have a pair of wolf greys i've worn mostly as everyday shoes and a few times on the course that are coming apart near the toe of my trail foot.
  6. Hard to say. Beams is a Japanese company, could be a collab, could be them hyping a colorway we don't have yet.
  7. I know some people feel like the new 90s are cheap or not as nice as the Am1s but honestly I've been wearing mine as everyday shoes since this god awful winter has kept me off course and I've gotta say, I love them. I feel like the fit is a little better (for me at least) over the 1s and they're easier to keep clean than the 2nd gen 1s which were just too high maintenance.
  8. Prices below include USPS shipping. If you'd like items shipped via UPS to avoid the constant delays let me know and we can find a price point since UPS is expensive depending on area. Trades Aldila Rogue White 130 60 or 70 S or TS Nike Air Zoom 90IT (not the newest model) 9.5 1. Nippon Pro Modus 120s 5-PW $160 $140 shipped Based on a 37" 5 iron shaft. Pulled stock from Mizuno MP-18 These will 100% need new grips. 2. Tour Striker Planemate- SOLD 3. Aldila Rogue Silver 130 60TS w/Ping G410 ti
  9. understood....just didn't want your ad to get zipped for not having them
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