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  1. @Fujikura Golf the Speeder 7X butt/tip stiffness numbers listed on the Fuji website are very similar to the Ventus Red 7X. How do these two differer?
  2. Thanks for all the responses! I spoke with Sellingers and Dallas Golf. Both are highly rated, but only have 3-4 TX flex shafts. And not all are 70g weight. I'm in the 116-122 swing speed range depending on how my back is acting. I would think that would land me in the TX range for the most part. Last time I checked Club Champion had the most, although I need to confirm that. It has been awhile since I asked there.
  3. I'm needing to get fit for a driver, and am trying to select who to go get fit from. Club Champion seems to have the largest selection of shafts in the TX range, which I will need. I would rather use GC Quad, but shaft selection is more important in my opinion. Does anyone have any recommendations for which fitter to work with?
  4. Ping are known to have the heaviest heads. Normally above 200. Most other brands run closer to 195-196g. When you removed that weight the entire profile of the Ping head will change. The level of forgiveness is going to plummet as will the value of the head. Probably be worth your time to find a different brand of head that is lighter to start with.
  5. Through a local fitter. Can't seem to find them anywhere else.
  6. I thought the head felt even better with two weights in there.
  7. $500 more than the TW irons? That seems like a tough sales pitch.
  8. After testing multiple other shafts I have decided to go back to the Project X 7.0. My dispersion is by far the best with this shaft as compared to any other one I have tried. I ordered a 4-PW set and was surprised to see that only one of those shafts actually weigh 130g like it is is labeled as weighing from the factory. How much does this change things? Should I send them back? Should I order some extras of the 5,7, and 8 to get all of the at 130/131g? 4- 130 5- 128 6- 131 7- 129 8- 128 9- 131 PW- 131 I think I remember reading somewhere
  9. Well I spent some time on the range and tried out my soft stepped X100. It does have a very good feel to it. I was surprised that the 1 x SS made a noticeable difference. I have soft stepped a X7 and Project X 7.0 and couldn't tell the difference with either of those. I suppose they were still stiffer than my swing could load. Unfortunately the shaft doesn't agree with my swing. The good shots are great, but too many bad shots. I find myself much more consistent on strike with Project X and much less overall curvature to my shot shape. The X100 I tend to push more then turn over where the Proj
  10. Thanks! Should get some range time this weekend with the iron builds and will report back. Also going to experiment with adding weight to my driver shaft. Playing a 70g at D8. I've slowly dropped weight to D2 when on a launch monitor and lost ball speed, but never swing speed. Going to see what happens when I replicate a 80g shaft. It is much easier for me to feel the club fall inside with 130g iron shaft vs 120. Curious if this will happen with the driver as well and maybe I can drop the swing weight to pick up some swing speed.
  11. I'm reading your driver tuning write up to review the process of adding shaft weight. Once you find the balance point of the shaft do you place the lead tape down the length of the shaft with the center of the lead tape landing on the balance point, or do you wrap the tape directly on the balance point?
  12. I had read somewhere that the goal of his irons shafts was to have no deflection to create the most consistent strike possible. Will give it another shot and not overthink any of the details and just focus on ball control and greens hit. Thanks for the insight.
  13. Isn't the what Bryson is doing as well with his graphite shafts? I didn't know if applying that thought process to my own game was a good idea lol Made the edit on weight just as you posted. I do better with heavier weight. I've seen my delivery change from slightly outside in to a few degrees inside out when I was able to hit on GC Quad in the past.
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