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  1. Do you find the S400 a big difference from the SS X100's? I play TI X100 soft stepped once as well and thinking I should play something slightly softer OR lighter or both ..... getting old here Cota
  2. Looking for a new set of irons. Players CB or a tweener CB (i210, APEX etc), no blades, even a combo set. I play in-between stiff and X (so a hard stepped stiff or soft stepped X). Looking for a mid weight shaft, less than 130, more than 100. **** I am in Canada - plz note this when pricing your item **** Please DM me with what ya got -BB
  3. Shipping: -from the GREAT White North aka CANADA -will leave via Canada Post, will cross the border via USPS only -if (and only if) there are any charges when it shows up, they are YOUR responsibility - not mine -payment via PAYPAL, e-trans is ok for Canada only The Goods: -direct order from Titleist Custom Dept -NEW in plastic TSi3 driver 9.0 w red weight in head -comes w headcover and tool Trade Bait: -looking for a players CB iron -suitable options, but not limited to, are: P7MC (maybe a combo set w 770 long irons or P7MB
  4. Hot water Powdered tide Scrub brush (like a kitchen sink brush) will come out like new
  5. Clicked on this hoping for a bag update, gutted to hear the news of Brecks passing. Condolences to Strat and his family. Hang in there guys
  6. **Shipping from Canada via Canada Post/USPS Insured and traceable PAYPAL only NO TRADES (please don't even ask) IF (and only if) there are any fees crossing into the USA, they're YOUR responsibility, not mine** **Mizuno JPX 919 FORGED - SOLD ** -used very little, less than 20 rounds -5-PW all Titleist standard specs (38" 5i) -standard Golf Pride z-grips -C-Taper Lite | 105 | R shafts ** There is an option to change these to DGS300's for a $25USD charge and about 3-4 days extra if you would like, just let me know! ** **Callaway Wedge Set (will not split) - $235USD shipped** -set
  7. > @mbarnocki said: > Any chance I can buy just the PW head? > @wannabescratch said: > I will be interested 4-9 if the price is right. Im sure we could all work something out here guys, Ill PM you both
  8. **Shipping from Canada via Canada Post/USPS PAYPAL for payment - NO TRADE INTERESTS AT ALL If (and only if) there are any charges to cross the border to the USA, any import/duty/taxes are YOUR responsibility, not mine. Mizuno JPX 900 Tour Irons - $425USD shipped to USA or Canada** -used for less than 12 rounds and very little range time! -standard loft, 1* flat from Mizuno (which is Titleist standard specs) -professionally removed using very low heat, have been cleaned and are ready for your favourite shaft install -HI-RES pics to show actual condition of the clubs (click on pics for
  9. now this is in the wrong forum ..... good lord, please bring back the old board! Ill move this or ask to have it moved, sorry everyone
  10. stand by, working on pic uploads ..... this new forum is tough **EDIT:** pics uploaded, out of order but they are here.
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