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  1. I'd like to try this shape and design but really don't want to spend an arm or a leg, are there any reasonably similar putters out there that can be had for an affordable price? KH
  2. I looked at a used Cameron Newport 2 PP today that was in decent shape except it had a little bit of what looked like rust in the edges of the cavity, is there an easy and safe way to remove that?
  3. anybody got a weight on this bag? I can't find anything on the Ping web site as far as how much it weighs? K
  4. Good evening, I will be at the PGA with some buddies, will be there Wednesday and Thursday. I'm looking for some local knowledge regarding the course and such. I go to the Master's every year, and the understood rule is wherever you put your chair, it stays until you are ready to sit in it, does this hold true for other tournaments/majors? Are there any "great" spots at Bellerive where you can see multiple holes or lots of good action? What else do need to know about the course to make our time the best? Thanks, K
  5. I decided to try to add the T alignment concept to my Spider Slant neck, it is the reverse of the DJ T and not the best paint job I've ever done, but overall I think it came out pretty good and I'm anxious to give it a whirl soon.
  6. I have played the Scandium shafts for several years, have them in my RSIs and two spare sets in the closet, I love them, and so do my elbows and joints.
  7. I have developed the "driver yips", I talking I will never laugh at Charles Barkley again kind of stuff and I've run out of things to try. I take the club back and the feel is that I can't maintain my grip with my right hand, it comes loose at the top. Sometimes I can stop the swing, other times it weekly goes through the ball. I have had the same thing sometimes with my 3 wood, but not nearly as often and I have surrendered to just hitting 3 wood or long iron off of the tee. My irons never have this problem, even long irons (I carry a 3 and 4), hybrids seem ok although I've never been real keen on hybrids (left left left). I've tried lightening my grip, i've tried a slight forward press (preset my wrist a bit more), Ijust can't find a solution that lasts more than a few swings. I think my legs may be getting out ahead of my body and hands, but I really don't know how to fix it. All thoughts short of give up the game are appreciated, I need help!
  8. no more anchored putter casualty? Tim Clark? Is he playing anywhere?
  9. Whatever happened to: Hunter Mahan? David Lingmerth?
  10. I'm left handed in everything except the golf swing and I played baseball competitively for years always batting from the left side. I started playing golf right handed because that was what equipment was available as all of my friends in high school were right handed. I've wondered about this same question for years, but honestly I can't even make a decent putting stroke left handed at this point although I still play softball and I still hit very well from the left. I know that doesn't answer your question, but that is my story. I've always felt is weird that I can't make a decent golf swing left handed and I can't make a decent baseball swing right handed, but I'm still about a 9 handicap so I think I will stay with where I'm at.
  11. I've already decided to give one try, I like counterbalance and I've always rolled these really well in the store, at this point shopping for used, which would you users recommend and why? I was leaning 2.0 but I rolled an Si at Edwin Watts today and it seemed pretty sweet as well. Give me some free advice please.
  12. Ropes are great for getting your heart rate up in short durations of high intensity training, they're pretty versatile and I like to mix them in with various kettlebell exercises.
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