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  1. Thanks Chewey. I've heard also about the Apex. Anyone can compare the two?
  2. Can anyone suggest an anti-hook hybrid? I tend to miss all hybrid shoft to the left. Thanks.
  3. Agree with all of the above. However, I was interested in knowing whether anybody has direct experiences in comparing these irons. Thanks again.
  4. I’m in the market for new irons. Currently looking at titleist ap3, tm p790, titleist tmb and miz mp18 mcc. Looking for forgiveness and distance without giving away accuracy. I will try to hit all of them but I would be interested whether anyone has any thoughts/experience on any of the above irons. Thanks in advance. F.
  5. I play with a strong grip too and i am very happy. However I'm struggling with my short game. Is there any correlation between the two? Can you have a really good short game with a strong grip? Hope this makes sense.
  6. Hello everybody. I’ve always struggled with weight transfer-right then left and timing issues. A couple days ago, I tried to preset weight on my left foot with a bit of a reverse-k, remained at that same weight distribution through a 3/4 backswing (keeping my clubface square to swing arc up and down) and finally pivot hard on a firm left foot. Wow! Contact as well as ball flight was so much better and consistent! My questions: 1) can this setup be less powerful (slower SS)? 2) how can I push the hips and left knee forward on the downswing without letting the upper body follow? Curious to hear your opinions. Thanks. F.
  7. Hey guys. So I ended up getting the Fubuki J, AD-MT and Attas 4, all of them in S-6. Just hit them once at the driving range with a Titleist 917 club head. First impression is that Fubuki wins. High launch and low spin. Will report later.
  8. frankie67

    New wedges

    Hi. I need to buy a new set of three wedges: 50^, 54^ and 60^, respectively. I'm currently gaming vokeys by I'm open to try another brand. What brand, bounce and grind specifically would you buy? Thanks. F.
  9. How would the Nippon modus 105 compare with the shafts listed above?
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