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  1. Sounds like we're pretty similar. I've been playing for 50 years as well and have generally played shafts on the heavier side. Tried graphite a few years ago and didn't like it, went to C Taper Lites currently. Will be interesting to see if I'm more comfortable with Elevate Tours vs. Elevate 95's. Also sounds like the Gen 2 0311P and 0211 are very similar, so I'll need to determine if there's a difference in it for me that justifies more money. I don't see jumping to Gen 3's. Other decisions will be whether to get a 4i or GW (got a 4i with the Apex's - almost never
  2. Thanks. I see you have the 0211's. My primary goal is to check out the irons and am debating the 0211's vs. the 0311 Gen 2's. At 57 years old and starting to feel like my swing speed isn't what it used to be, I feel like I should focus more on forgiveness (playing Apex/Apex Pro CF19 combos and like them pretty well, but losing distance) than playing a small, pretty head. Did you compare the 2? The looks of the Gen 2's wins, but ultimately, I want to score better. I like the idea of the progressive set, vs. getting a mix-and-match combo set. Reminds me of my old Armour 845's.
  3. I just learned about this massive sale and scheduled a fitting for next Tue (hope to do irons and driver). I've read the 15 pages and believe the Proto X+ has promise (I hit up on the ball). What I'm surprised by is that there are very few posts where people have said "the PXG couldn't beat my Ping or SIM or Mavrik or Speedzone." My miss is low on the face and I need something that either helps me get higher on the face or can help reduce spin on a thin, flippy hit. Anyone have a similar miss and gotten good results with the PXG? It will compete against a Cobra F8/H
  4. Thanks for the response. If I hear you right: - I need to test for myself (which is hard, because even as a 4-5 index, I don't find myself to be that consistent with my FW wood ball striking) - you're also saying I can test 1.5 deg open with the standard lie angle and 1.5 deg open with the upright (draw) lie angle. If I do the first and get results going more "right," then I have another option. If I can hit it straight at 1.5 deg open, I'm probably getting whatever benefit there is to get from lower loft For the past XX years, I've not been thinking critically about t
  5. I have Cobra F8 3/4 and 5/6 woods. I believe the range is 13-16 deg and 17-20 deg. I've been playing with them at 15.5 and 18.5 for the past month and I use Arccos sensors. They both have HZRDUS Smoke stiff shafts, cut slightly short of standard. I use them each both off the tee and off the deck. Arccos is saying that for tee shots, the 2 woods travel about the same distance, give or take. There may be slight bias where I use the 5/6 on more downhill tee shots. Interesting, off the deck, the 5/6 is 8 yards longer than the 3/4, perhaps due to more consistent contact and being
  6. I really wanted the single lengths to work. One theory I have is that I didn't get the real thing - I got some knockoff's that just weren't right and that there was some lack of quality in them. They truly felt horrible to hit. With all due modesty, I'm good enough to be able to hit a variety of clubs and hit different shots. I don't think I have a mental adjustment problem. I may try again at some point, but my maiden voyage did not go well. I did it on the cheap and got my money out. Next time, maybe i have to invest $700-1500.
  7. I have a Rogue 4 hybrid with a standard grip on it. When I received this, I was somewhat aware that the grip was fatter, but I didn't think that much of it. However, where I could hit the Rogue straight, the F9 just kept being blocked right, even with good feeling swings. I've only hit a couple shots with it since regripping and I think I split the difference - still more right than the Rogue, but not dead right. I need to hit it more. I have a big match tomorrow and need to figure this out before then.
  8. I didn't know that indoors vs. outdoors, Trackman measures distance differently - actual vs. calculated. That's good to know. This is getting more difficult - if I find an outdoor Trackman, it's likely at a range. Am I willing to hit a bunch of new golf balls onto a range and never get them back? Or can I assume that the calculations a Trackman would do into a net are directionally accurate enough? In any event, starting with my next round, I'm clearing out the balls in my bag and putting 2 new sleeves of Z Star XVs in there and will play only those for a few months. Hopefully
  9. This statement reflects how I've thought about it for a long time - and given that, I would buy the premium ball that's on sale. I could continue to do that, but I'm hoping to find a measurable difference, particularly focused on driver distance. Maybe North Butte is right, the differences are small and can't be measured on a launch monitor. If that's what I learn, then at least I learn that. Because I've played a lot of golf in my life, play the game half-decently and have not developed loyalty to any single ball yet. I'm wondering if doing that can get me 0.5 a stroke off my
  10. I may invest $100 in a one hour lesson with a local pro who has a good indoor setup. Then tell him I just want to use his launch setup and do this test. Maybe 6 sleeves of ball - ProV1, ProV1x, Z Star, Z Star XV, one Bridgestone, one TaylorMade. 8 drives with each, 8 7 irons. Throw out the 2 best and worst of each, average the 4 in the middle, see what I learn. @bclizzie - I'm trying to not be cheap about this anymore and realize that if I spend $250 per year on balls or $400, that shouldn't matter when the golf itself is costing me $10k per year.
  11. I think I'd choose Callaway across the board so that I could putt with an Odyssey. I already use their irons and wedges and feel pretty sure I could find driver/fairways/hybrids to fill out the bag. The ball would be a problem, as I don't like the Chrome Soft at all. Haven't hit a Chrome Soft X.
  12. I've tried the AW matching my Apex Pro's at 50 deg and a 50 deg MD4 wedge. The AW fills the spot a PW used to fill when I played Z101's with a 48 deg PW. I love the AW, both full swing and around the green. The MD4 gives me another better option for longer bunker shots and around the green, but I feel it is inferior to the AW from anything over 90 yards and that represents more of the AW shots.
  13. Good comments/suggestions all around. I'm taking away a few things from this: 1 - at some point, if I want to find out which ball goes farther for me, I'm either going to need to take a bunch of balls to an empty hole or I need to get myself on a Trackman. I am more interested in distance than I am in spin or dispersion or feel at the moment. My short game isn't good enough to where I am going to notice spin on pitch shots between premium balls. I'm pretty good with the putter and know I like a firmer feel. 2 - I need to stop optimizing for "$ per ball," as the facts a
  14. Thanks. I think I like the ball on the firm side. And I'm not so cheap that I'm looking to buy Vice or Snell or Kirkland. It's more that I buy when Callaway or TM or Srixon underwrites a sale. Like Srixon did a 2 for 1 around father's day, so I bought 4 dozen Z Star/Z Star XVs for $20 per dozen. There was some good reading on My Golf Spy on the topic. I hear the clear advice of "play the same ball." So I'm going to stop playing the various balls I find and stick with the Z Star XVs until I run out of them. If I find balls, I'll resist the urge to play them. Fin
  15. I didn't articulate my problem in a way that made sense to you. Yes, I'm cheap. What I'm saying is I'm probably being dumb by treating all premium balls as interchangeable and buying the one on sale. My question is whether someone has a good approach on how to identify the premium ball that I can play better with. I get that some are suggesting "play with them for a while and you should know based on your scores." That feels like it has too many variables. I guess I need a good launch monitor. If one premium ball offered 5-7 driver yards over another, I'd pay the
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