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  1. We decided on Proto Concept C05's with Nippon Modus 120's. The Honma's were too light and flexible for me. I was surprised by this, as in my advancing age, I assumed lighter and more flex was the right path, given the loss of a couple MPH in speed. And on the driver, Epic Speed Triple Diamond with some Tensei White shaft I've not memorized. Honma was too loose and draw-biased.
  2. 1 - Honma TW-X iron set. 5-AW, Project X LZ 5.5, standard length, 2 deg up. Half a season on them, maybe 40 rounds. They are very soft, so there is a little bit of bag chatter. $475. 2 - Miura K-Wedges, 52/56, bent to 53/57, 1 deg upright. Lightly played. 56 has some dings and slight rusting in those dings. Shafted with KBS Hi-Revs and new grips - less than 5 rounds on the grips. $SOLD
  3. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the help.
  4. Took the offer for all three together. Thanks to you both.
  5. I've got 3 months and 40-50 rounds with these (with Project X LZ 95 shafts). First, a comment - I took them to PGA SS to check one club because the distance seemed off. Compared to what the seller told me, the loft and lie angle was way off. This led me to have the whole set looked at and lofts/lies were all over the place. I don't know if they came this way, they got this way or what. But it may be that they are supersoft and easy to get off-spec. Second, a question for other players. With the 5-6 iron, I'm noticing a lot of shots that flight low and hot. It may be that my technique has gotten crappy and that's the outcome I deserve. I have been struggling with long irons for the past year. But with the extra forgiveness vs. my 2019 Apex, I would have expected more height, but I'm not getting that. Anyone else having trouble getting the long irons to elevate?
  6. I listed 3 clubs for sale, offering them as 1, 2 or a package of 3. I'd rather sell the 3 together. I got an offer for 1 club, then another offer from someone to buy all 3. They were minutes apart. Am I obligated to sell 1 club to the first person?
  7. Miura SIT driver (10.5)/3w/5w for sale. Purchased by my lazy friend several years ago from a local Miura fitter along with irons and wedges - very lightly used. Lengths are 45.5/43.5/42.5, all shafted with Project X Black 6.0 shafts. Asking[SOLD]. Honma TW747 22 and 25 hybrids. Purchased new within past few months. Less than 10 rounds on them. Asking $90 for 1, $160 for the pair.
  8. My goal is to get between regular and stiff AND reduce club length by 1/2-3/4”. I guess it’s possible to find a shaft that is a loose stiff with higher launch/spin and butt trim it to desired length. But that requires buying more shafts.
  9. I pulled them out because they felt a little too loose and uncontrolled. It was an experiment at the time - I bought regular instead of stiff. the HZRDUS Smoke flies a little too low, but I hit those ok. They are easier to swing than the Project X Black 6.0 that are on the Miura woods.
  10. I have a couple of Miura FW woods that have a shaft that's more than I can handle (Project X Black). At this point, my game is on the flexy-side of stiff (97-98 MPH driver speed, need more help getting the ball airborne). My current FW woods are Cobra F8's with HZRDUS Smoke stiff in them, and they are also lower launch/spin. The F8's originally came with Aldila 2KXV Blue 70 Regular in them. Since I'm trying to get a mid-launch/mid-spin shaft somewhere betw R and S, I'm considering tip trimming the 2KXVs maybe 0.75/1.0 inches and playing them slightly shorter than stock. In addition, while I'm a weak stiff player today, at 57 years old, I expect I'll continue to slowly lose swingspeed, so erring on the side of more flex may be better in a year or two. Is this a bad idea? I don't want to spend a bunch of money to put shafts into the Miura heads (they are 7-8 years old, but feel plenty hot). Thanks in advance.
  11. Stan - thanks for the input. You think these heads can stand up to good heads made in 2021? Before I invest $$$ into getting shafts installed, I'm trying to build my confidence that I could end up with a good result. Reshafting the 3-5 woods will cost me ~$50-100 total. Buying a Honma 4w new maybe $300.
  12. I bought one about 2 months ago. I LOVE it!! I'm using the stock shaft - tried one of the upgraded shafts (the one with higher launch) and stuck with the lightweight stock shaft. It's a stiff, but probably plays between R and S. It's really the first driver in 8-10 years where I see a noticeable improvement vs. what I was playing before. I'm maybe 98-99mph and I'm seeing about 10 yards more carry. Also, because of the shaft weight, I find it easier to make a decent swing and have fewer bad hits. When I was buying, I hit the new Cobra, Callaway, Sim2 Max, Ping G425 and this was the only one that stood out for me.
  13. Yes. I meant "SIT." Thanks for the input. I have a Honma TR20 driver that I love, so I don't see giving the SIT driver a go when I have something working well. But on the fairway woods, I hit them and they seemed really good. The Project X Black 6.0 shafts are likely not the right fit for me (too stiff, I need more launch/spin), so I have to decide whether to invest $ in reshafting the 8-9 year old SITs vs. assuming technology has evolved to the point where the Miura's would handicap me. They felt great and gave up no distance to my Cobra F8's. I have a pair of Aldila 2KNV Blue regulars that I could tip trim 1/2-3/4" to get betw S/R and play a bit shorter than standard. Wouldn't cost much.
  14. A matching set of Miura SIT 10.5 driver and 3w/5w has presented itself to me. I can find little info about these clubs. Given their age, I doubt they will be competitive with current technology. I don't see the driver getting into the bag, but am curious about whether the 2 fairways could work. They have Project X 6.0 shafts in them (black graphite, cannot see a model name for the shaft). I'm going to take them to the range this weekend and see how they compare with my Cobra F8's. If anyone has had these and has experiences to share, I'd love to hear. Thanks.
  15. I've got about 8 rounds in with my TW-Xs - clubs have lighter, softer shafts than my prior gamers (using Project X LZ 95's). I love them. I was a bit worried about the wide soles, but have noticed no playability issues at all and haven't thought about the soles at all. Distances are good, gaps are good, no issues with offset. Really couldn't be happier. I also pick up the TW747 5w, 4h and 5h because I got the Honma bug. I haven't fallen in love with these the way I have with my irons (and driver, TR20, which is awesome as well). They're nice and fine, but don't outperform what came before them in any noticeable way for me.
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