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  1. I've got about 8 rounds in with my TW-Xs - clubs have lighter, softer shafts than my prior gamers (using Project X LZ 95's). I love them. I was a bit worried about the wide soles, but have noticed no playability issues at all and haven't thought about the soles at all. Distances are good, gaps are good, no issues with offset. Really couldn't be happier. I also pick up the TW747 5w, 4h and 5h because I got the Honma bug. I haven't fallen in love with these the way I have with my irons (and driver, TR20, which is awesome as well). They're nice and fine, but don't outperform w
  2. Hi. Hoping to find new homes for some things. Thanks for looking. 1 - Honma TW747 5 wood, 22 and 25 deg hybrids, all in stiff with OEM Honma shaft. All recently purchased new. All are non-adjustable. Standard lengths. 5w did not come with a headcover, but hybrids did. Maybe 6 rounds and 2 range sessions with each in total. Would prefer to sell as a set to someone who wants Honma in the bag. Asking $300 shipped for the 3. If separate, then $125 each or a pair for $225. 2 - Aldila NV 2kxv Blue regular fairway wood shafts coming from Cobra F8 3-4 and 5-6 woods (t
  3. Helping a member at my club, who bought these Miura's from Butler Golf in Half Moon Bay, CA maybe 8-10 years ago. Got the full fitting treatment, but didn't like them, been sitting in a closet. I told him I could help him find his clubs a new home. MB-001 5-PW with CB-510 3/4. Shafts are True Temper (see pics), but I presume he ordered them without shaft bands, as there are no shaft bands and he cannot for certain recall what he ordered. He thinks they are DG S400. They are 1/2" long throughout the set. Iomic grips except for PW, which has a Lamkin. Cannot comment on loft/li
  4. Time to clear out space for new things, like more Honma gear! Couldn't get the photos in correct order. Thanks for looking. 1 - Nippon Modus 105 Tour Regular pulls (from Honma TW-X irons). No grips, tape intact. 7 shafts, pulled from 5-AW. Lengths are 2x35.5, 36, 36.5, 2x37, 37.5. .355 tip. $sold 2. King Cobra F8 Tour Length Driver with Evenflow Blue 6.0 - plays to 44.5", has 16g and 6g weights to adjust for shortened length, with original headcover (no wrench) - $old 3 - Bridgestone Airmuscle #3 Utility Iron with NV85 Green Stiff w/head
  5. Has anyone bought the MGI cart bag? I'm using a Sun Mountain 2.5 carry bag and it's an awful match for the Zip Navigator. A golf shop locally has the MGI bag and apparently, it's designed where the base of the bag fits perfectly into the base on the Zip series cart, so no twisting in place, no moving. I think it's about $220, has full length club dividers, lots of storage and a cooler compartment.
  6. I've played 5 rounds with mine and am quite fired up. I've spent more of my adult life playing sort of demanding, players-type clubs while never having elite clubhead speed. I was probably 103-105mph at my peak and am now 97-99 and declining. With the TW-X (and lighter Project X LZ 95's in 5.5), I seeing increased height, more acceleration thru the ball, and better misses. I'm finding these clubs to be easier, not harder, to hit out of the rough. Long irons are definitely easier to get airborne. I feel like I'm at least 1/2 club longer than the Apex/Apex pro's I came from. Yes, I know t
  7. Played with the TW-X's twice this weekend. One bad round (swing was off), one good one. My observations: - they sit nice behind the ball, not big at all. I don't notice much offset, certainly not enough to bother me - vs. PXG 0211/Elevate Tour Stiff, I'm finding the Honma's 8-15 yards longer and easier to hit - vs. Apex/Apex Pro 19 combos/C-Taper Lite Stiff, the Honma's seem to have comparable best distance, but I make good contact more often. And I'm more confident with the 5-6 irons than I am with the Apex - the lighter Project X LZ 95 stiff shaft seems to agre
  8. They're cheap enough to take a flier on. I debated buying the 747v's as well. But the TW x with the project X LZ 95's caught my eye. I may try 747v's as well.
  9. Not true. As I stated yesterday (I know that's now on page 2 of this thread), my Apex 7 iron is 31.5 and the 0211 is 31. Let's call it a draw. I hit the Apex 7 iron against a variety of PXG's, both heads and shafts. There was no PXG combination that was longer/tighter than the Apex. And I hit the PXG with a C Taper Lite stiff in it, which is the same shaft I have in the Apex. I'm not saying that for all golfers, PXG heads don't perform. I am saying that for me, with my crappy swing, a 31.5 Apex with a C-Taper Lite was slightly better than a 31 PXG 0311P and 0211 (note - this
  10. The best hits with the 0211 were on par with the best Apex hits during the fitting, but on average, the Apex performed better. A couple of comments: 1 - I will admit that I was biased toward buying because of the price and the opportunity to get PXGs cheap. So I was predisposed to hearing things that would lead to purchase. Note that I was being pushed toward the gen2 0311T or P, but the monitor did not support those performing any better than the 0211s 2 - the fitter guided me toward the best hits. I do not think this was a fitting in the sense of "let's do what's best fo
  11. I also just received my TW X's (with Project X LZ 95's 5.5). And like Hairpie, I've been a heavier stiff shaft guy, but at 57, there's no denying a loss in clubhead speed and distance, as well as late-round fatigue. Just got back from the range, comparing to my Apex/Apex Pro CF19 with C-Taper Lite Stiffs. Distance was fairly comparable. With my cheapie PRGR monitor, maybe the Honma's were 1-2 yards longer. The Honma's flew slightly higher to my eye. Feel was different. First, the clubs are significantly lighter than the Apex and felt easier to swing. The Apex ha
  12. Not true, at least for me. Lofts - 5i PXG 24 Apex 24 - 7i PXG 31 Apex 31.5 - PW PXG 45 Apex Pro 44. My Apex lofts are adjusted. Even if my Apex were at stock lofts, it's 23.5/30.5/44, so not nearly enough to create a 5-10 yard gap in yardage. And again, I acknowledge that maybe the Elevate Tour is a bad match for me. And further, why did I buy clubs that flew less far? Because the price was so good and I was stupid to think "maybe I just need to get used to them."
  13. I don't think you understood my point. The prior poster shared their experience with Apex-to-0211's. I'm saying "I didn't have this experience." I did not claim that PXG lies. I acknowledge the possibility of a bad shaft match.
  14. I did not have this experience. I have CF19 Apex/Pros with C Taper Lites. Went to a PXG fitting in Dec, bought the 0211's for $89 with Elevate Tours. When I got them, they were shorter than the Apex. They did not appear to offer any advantage over the Apex for me and my swing. So I returned them and lost the shipping and restocking fee. Another friend bought 0311 Gen2's with upgraded shafts. He also found he was losing 5-10 yards vs. his M2 irons. So he also sent his back. Maybe we both ended up with a bad shaft match, but these two experiences do not support "
  15. Reviving this old thread. I've been playing Apex/Apex Pro CF19's for 18 months. Did a PXG 0211/Elevate Tour experiment in Dec, but ended up sending them back - they were a solid 5-8 yards shorter than the Apex set. I've been increasing struggling with my long irons - not making solid contact and getting them really airborne. I think my swing speed has been dropping. My working theory on the PXGs is either they aren't that good or the Elevate Tour was a bad match. Bought a set of these on a whim and they will arrive in a few days. They are coming with Project X LZ 9
  16. Have a couple more rounds with the Z101's. Results are better (and my swing has been better). They are still 10-15 yards shorter than the same-numbered Apex, which I've adjusted to. The problem is when I get to 165-185 yards. I haven't really hit a good one with a Z101 5 iron off the grass yet. So when I'm further than I can hit a 6 iron (160-ish) and my 3 hybrid (190-200), I'm sort of stuck. This past weekend, I hit a couple of shots with the Z101's which felt absolutely wonderful. I don't recall getting that feeling with the Apex. Maybe they were just lucky swings. I also
  17. Thanks for taking a lot of time to respond, but it doesn’t appear that you responded to what was written. i never say the z101s are equal to or better than the Apex. I don’t think I say “I want to play smaller clubs.” I got fit and was put into the Apex. I got fit again by PXG and tried their clubs for a while. in any event, you didn’t understand my question. But thanks anyway.
  18. Played 3 rounds with the Z101's this weekend. The aspirational hope was that these clubs would help me rediscover good iron striking. Here's what I've learned so far: - the clubs show me that I've definitively lost distance in the 10+ years since I've played them. There's no surprise in that, although modern iron lofts might have fooled me in to thinking my swing is just as powerful as it used to be. It is not. - with the shorter irons (7-PW), results were pretty good after adjusting for distance. I feel somewhat more confident with these short irons vs. Apex Pro - h
  19. Yeah - if this experiment is promising, then maybe I pull the shafts and install them into a more modern similar head, like Srixon, Bridgestone, Miura. I agree that I may be feeling the shafts, which I got fit for in 2007 at significant cost (I paid something like $850 to reshaft these irons back then).
  20. The lofts are as follows club. Apex. Z101 4 23 5 24 27 6 27 31 7 31.5 35 8 35 39 9 39 43 PW 44 47 GW 49 You can see that aside from the Apex GW vs. Z101 PW, the lofts of the Apex are 1 club strong across the set. My comparison yesterday was 7i to 7i and PW to PW. I need to do 7i vs. 6i and PW vs 9i to get a better idea of how I would have to use them on the course. I expect that assuming I can hit a Z101 6i roughly
  21. As said originally, I just pulled these out of the garage on a lark and took them to the range. And while distance was less (obviously, due to much weaker lofts), feel and dispersion were nice. And maybe the old shafts fit me better than what I’m currently playing. And they can help me find my iron game. It just feels like I’m giving up 15 years of technology.
  22. I'm going to put them in the bag for a couple of rounds and see what happens. Maybe I'll learn that I need a 4 iron from 175 and I can't get a 4 iron in the air anymore.
  23. Over the past several years, I've tried a bunch of different irons, had a few fittings that weren't convincing, just returned some brand new PXGs that weren't better than my 2019 Apex combos, and so on. But my iron play, which used to be my strongest strength, has been in decline. On a lark, I took my early 2000's Tourstage Z101 7 iron and PW to the range along with the Apex 7 and Apex Pro PW. Z101's have SST pured stiff Nippon 1150's, which I had assumed were now too heavy/stiff for me. I'm currently gaming stiff C Taper Lites, which feel like they require some work for me. The Apex 7 is
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