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  1. He rolled it today better than Ive ever seen him putt honestly. Truss or not.
  2. Guys, I feel yalls pain on the elbows. I too, have 6.5s, but I also lift at least 4x a week, pretty heavy. Neither hear nor there, just wanted to add a little nugget that helps me keep my golfers elbow(medial epicondyle) somewhat under control....They are called Freeze Sleeve and they are on sale for Fathers Day fyi. Do yourself a favor and get one!...And no, I dont work for the company LOL.
  3. Any remote comparison to either stability and or stroke lab?
  4. Good to hear man. I will have to tell Byron when I see him again(He is a member at my club)...Thanks for the info. I will have to check these out.
  5. Anyone happen to catch it and what he is using or am I late to the party??
  6. > @boggyman said: > Hit the 5 and 6 fairways couple days ago. Been on the fence. Like the sound and feel of golfball when it leave face of 5 but like the shape of the 6 better at address behind the ball. Now what do I do?? Loving the m6 driver more and more each round. This is coming from a longtime TM hater too!! Same here in regards to my M6 and not liking TM. Picked up the 15 degree fwy today too.
  7. Speaking of the EF T1100, man they cant give those things away on Ebay right now lol. Shocking actually
  8. Toll, would you go on record and put this 130 above the holy grail, Synergy Black??
  9. Another full 18 holes with the M6 today, around 60ish here in ATL...I just gotta say: When you are ready to to pull the trigger on a new rocket launcher, do yourself a favor and hit this monster. Just love this thing!!
  10. I noticed it launch a tad higher for me too, so I went down to 7 degrees(from 9). Eyeball testing only, it looks to have helped a tad.
  11. A "semi dry" round finally today with my M6 and WOW, this thing is a winner for sure. Love the feel and sound! Together with my KK XD and Im in :wub:
  12. He def is using today also. Watching him scratch his head live on GC wondering wth is going on. Cmon Scotty, we want you BACK to elite status!
  13. Still have and always LOVED my Rogue SZ...However, I am comparing my new M6 to see which one wins out. Both sticks are f'ing amazing.
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