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  1. Not really sure, but I think I remember reading somewhere around here that TM does something like this to indicate lighter-weight heads for graphite shafts? If so that makes some amount of sense considering the shafts in the pic.
  2. It really depends on how you strike the ball. I'm more of a digger / low ball hitter and bent my P790s around a 32 degree 7 iron. So, my 5-8 lofts are 1 to 2.5 degrees weak. They work very good for me. I may not be getting the crazy distance of the longer irons, but the set works very well in terms of forgiveness and gaps.
  3. Flipped around pic. The driver on the right looks really good. Hopefully it's the TSI3
  4. Like the others above, I couldn't agree more. The feel on these is literally so bad it made all the other things they did right irrelevant.
  5. The Ping hybrids have been my favorites going all the way back to the G25. REALLY glad to see the turbulators gone! Fairways look much better too. Thanks Ping!
  6. I'm actually glad the lofts are stronger on the 921F. Not because I need stronger lofts, but I could go 1 weak and pick up a little more bounce. I'm a little surprised at the stated bounce numbers, but at least it does look like the soles have a fair amount of camber and the leading edge also looks quite blunt. So, maybe they don't play as much like a true low bounce iron? If you look at the THP preview write-up on these, the first pic shows all 4 heads lined up. Although the hosels aren't vertical, that shot does make the soles look very playable to me. Looking forward
  7. I've been wondering about the differences from 7-8 myself. No idea but I'm inclined to agree that Mizuno would have thought this through, and tested it thoroughly.
  8. Yes, confirmed the 8-GW are one-piece forged 1025e. Also, for those that are interested, I got a few other answers from my club's rep... Mizuno will still do custom swing weights (within reason) They will soft-step shafts (assuming hard-step as well) They measure club length including the grip.
  9. I got confirmation that the 8-GW do not have the milled cavity
  10. For the JPX 921 Forged we know... 4-7 are 1-piece forged Chromoly with a milled cavity 8-W are 1-piece forged 1025e. Does anyone know if the 8-W also have the milled cavity under the badge?
  11. Same issue here. Doesn't go to first unread.
  12. The current TP5X is my favorite ball of all time. In a completely perfect world it would spin a tiny bit more, but only on chips & pitch shots (for me, anyway)
  13. While we are asking for 2021 SIM modifications... how about a little less "twist face"? I'm starting to think it doesn't work as well for me, primarily in the driver.
  14. Yep... I have the 3 set at 15.75 and it very good. Longest and easiest launching 3 wood I've ever hit. I would just prefer a "proper" 4 wood, mainly because I don't like the face angle impacts of a loft sleeve, that's all.
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