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  1. Went from 2019 P790s to ZX5s. Overall i get much more consistent results from the Srixons..
  2. Although the faces on the ZX5s are quite hard, the bodies are a VERY soft forging. Super easy to adjust loft/lie on these.
  3. 2 things... 1. 4 hybrid was too long so I got a Srixon ZX4 4 Iron. Bent it to almost 23 degrees. Easy to hit, high flight, and gaps perfectly with my ZX5 5 iron. I haven't played a 4 iron in about 10 years. 2. As a result of the 4 iron working out... I took my 3 hybrid shaft and put that in the G425 4 hybrid head, got a 6 gram weight for the head to bring swing weight back down, and dropped the loft to 20.5. REALLY good results with this "3 1/2" hybrid. Anti left, really nice flight, and quite long.
  4. Honestly I think the biggest thing that would determine playability between the two is bounce. Club for club, PXG has significantly more bounce vs Titleist. Better for some, worse for others. Depends on your delivery.
  5. TP5x is basically the only ball I've played since the 2017 version, although I have dabbled in others. Compared to the '19 version, the current one is a tick shorter off the driver due to spin, same distance as previous on irons but with a bit more spin, and spins a little more around the green. For me a very well balanced ball and I do prefer it to the 2019. If I could order up the iron & short game performance of the new one along with the low spin off the driver of the 2019, well then I'd have everything. Of course you can't have everything...
  6. While the MPF # itself may or may not be meaningful, the individual measurements themselves are very interesting and I'm glad they take the time to do that.
  7. I was really surprised how soft the ZX5s were when I adjusted mine. They were as easy to bend as any iron I've ever worked with.
  8. What's your 4 wood? Low spin head? If so, a G425 5 wood might do well? 17.5 degrees and not a low spin head.
  9. That certainly makes logical sense, but at the same time I've not noticed such a discrepancy in sound from other manufacturers. I suppose that could come back to Pings non-use of carbon? At the same time, Titleist isn't currently using carbon crowns either and all the TSI series products sound excellent (to me).
  10. I'm a lower handicap (index avg around 3.5) that's been dabbling in players distance irons for a few years now. AP3, T-MB, and then went from 2019 P790 to the ZX5 back in February and I literally could not be happier. I found the 790s to be the most inconsistent of the ones I've gamed. And to me the ZX5s play very much like a normal forged cavity back, just on steroids. Very consistent trajectory, distance, and spin, and not a lot lost on reasonable mis-hits. Front to back dispersion is seriously impressive. If the larger V sole works for you, I don't think anyone makes a better iron in this category.
  11. ZX5s are super consistent for players distance category irons. No surprises.
  12. I ended up going with a ZX4 4 iron and bent it to just shy of 23 degrees. Limited testing so far but this thing flies high and strong. It's certainly not the prettiest thing I've ever seen, with the back of the club visible at address, but I was looking for easy launch and it definitely does that. Sound/feel is quite nice as well.
  13. I really don't understand how or why Ping makes hybrids that sound/feel absolutely fantastic, but the fairways and drivers are so much different.
  14. I really like my CBX2 wedges, but I would like them even more if they were a tiny bit smaller all around, and with slightly less aggressive bounce. There's a huge difference between the RTX Zip Cores and the CBX2 in all around size. I'd love something between the two.
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