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  1. That little ding/chatter under "Forged" makes me think the body is probably fairly soft. Just a guess.
  2. My assumption is/was that they would order the clubs with the shafts they fit you to (if available from that OEM), dis-assemble, pure the shafts, re-assemble - and charge you for the shaft separately (double-dip if you want to call it that)
  3. I've been playing a CBX2 48 since December and the 52 (bent to 53) and 58 for the last 2 months. For me the CBX2s are a tick longer than my Vokeys, at the exact same lofts. Call it 2 yards carry, maybe 3. I've also adjusted the swing weights. 48 is D4 and 53/58 are at D5. 6 handicap currently.
  4. Same for me. For whatever reason I find it easier to make lie angle changes without impacting loft.
  5. ZX5, 32 degree (1 weak), Modus 120 S, 160 yd full shot carry I'm basically your average male golfer in terms of head speed / distance, and I'm ok with that.
  6. Shafts are Modus 120 Stiff. My last 2 iron sets had Modus 105 Stiff. Mizuno shaft optimizer recommended a few heavier shafts and so I did some testing on our range. Liked the Modus 120 the best so went with that. Definitely prefer the 120 to the 105. 6 rounds in and so far I'm really enjoying the ZX5s. Getting exactly what I expect out of them based on loft, and the V sole definitely works for me. Coming from P790s.
  7. 5 brands right now, and that's fairly typical for me... Titleist - TSI3 driver, Vokey 52 & 58 TM - M3HL fairway, Itsy-Bitsy Spider Ping - G410 3 & 4 hybrid Srixon - ZX5 5-P Cleveland - CBX2 48
  8. And of course the bounce will increase/decrease at a 1:1 ratio with loft changes. So, 2 weak is 2 degrees more bounce. Also something to consider. I'm fairly steep so more bounce is usually a good thing for me.
  9. I can't say with certainty. My P790s are an average of 2 weak in the long/mid irons and have very little offset. I think there's a formula that will give you a ballpark figure. I remember searching around here for that a year or so ago, and if memory serves the general consensus is that 1 degree is about .75mm? Hopefully someone will chime in with a more concrete answer.
  10. Almost any, if you bend them 2 degrees weak. Of course that's if you don't want the super strong loft of today's typical GI Iron.
  11. 1 range session and 2 rounds in. Really like the ZX5s in comparison to the 790s. I definitely prefer the more squared off look of the Srixons, and the V sole really is nice through the turf. Again, no real performance benefit in terms of yardages, trajectory, etc... except one, below. This is my home course (80+ rounds/year) and I'm playing the same "shot" to the same yardages and getting what I expect, on both good and relatively poor strikes. So far gaps are definitely where they should be as well. Very pleased to this point. The one difference is the PW. For some reason I've rea
  12. ZX5 5-P. First range session this evening. I haven't tested directly alongside my P790s yet, but both sets are at the same lofts. With each club launch (relatively high) and overall trajectory (strong) on a good strike were exactly what I expected to see, meaning same as my 790s. So, that's a good start. Performance-wise I don't expect anything much different vs the TMs. Feel is nice, not harsh at all, head shape is very pleasing, and I really like the V sole. The real reason I ordered the ZX5s is the sole. I always heard good things about the V sole for those if us on the steeper
  13. My ZX5s came in yesterday. 5-P. Beautiful sticks! As with all OEMs, specs were off. Ordered 1 degree up, std loft. Across the set lie angles were consistently between 2 and 3 degrees up and loft was at least 1 degree strong on all clubs except the PW. I was already going to make some minor adjustments from my ordered specs, and I always measure my clubs anyway, so not a big deal. I will say this, when Srixon says "Forged 1020 carbon steel body", they really mean it! These are some of the softest I've ever seen. Very easy to bend. Bottom line, and I've s
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