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  1. Someone did post a pic earlier, either in this thread or the other ZX iron thread. It does appear to be an extension of the ZX5 (looks very similar, if not the same). The issue I have is the loft. There's a 6 degree gap from PW->GW. To me that makes no sense.
  2. Although I have not ordered my ZX5 set yet, I did pick up a CBX2 Black 48 gap wedge last week. Having never owned or played Srixons, I did this mainly to see how I get along with the V-sole. The sole on the CBX2 48 is very similar to the ZX5 PW. I expected it to work for me because I am generally steep in terms of delivery, and it really does work! I went back and forth between my Vokey SM7 48 and the CBX2, and in comparison it's amazing how smoothly & quickly the V-sole gets through the turf. I'm seriously impressed. The head on the CBX2 is a bit too large for my taste on a ga
  3. Someone posted this earlier: https://www.srixon.com/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-Srixon-Library/default/dw9de0d97a/pdf/2021-2022_Srixon_Custom_Catalog.pdf
  4. I bought a 6 iron to test when the i500 came out and it's a great performing iron. It also happens to be the single worst feeling iron I've ever hit (IMO of course). If ping did nothing more then soften the feel on the i525 I'd probably buy a set.
  5. Man that's just scary... Marshall heads and 4x12s in the line of fire. I hope that net is seriously strong. I couldn't do that to my Friedmans.
  6. I'm confused... I'm hearing talk of 3 models in this thread, but the pics only show 2. One is obviously the "DCB" model, but the other doesn't say "Pro" on the back. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but could the chromed version we saw in the pics be the standard Apex and not the Pro? Also, I think someone else said previously that the Pros had a similar look to the MB? I'm not really seeing that in the Instagram pic. Basically I'm just wondering if we haven't actually seen the Apex Pro yet? EDIT: Nevermind, I see it says "PRO" in that pic. It's just
  7. Obviously I'm just guessing, but yeah that makes sense. I guess it depends on the point in the process that makes the most sense to their engineers. There may be a meaningful cost component too. No clue.
  8. I'm low launch, high spin. My P790s are bent 1.5-2 degrees weak in the long and mid irons and they have been very good for me. Really, I think you could do this with most of the modern irons as long as the increase in bounce and decrease in offset works for you.
  9. I'm certainly no expert, but to me it seems like the PXG premium pricing model requires at least one of the following before it actually works... 1. Innovation 2. "Better" materials and/or craftsmanship They were basically (kinda sorta) first to market with the forged/filled irons and that was an innovation, and a good one. Now you have similar irons/technology from many of the OEMs and so they can no longer differentiate themselves that way. They can make a marketing argument for better materials and/or craftsmanship, but they need to continue to prove that.
  10. I really hope TM doesn't "back off" on the TP5x and make it closer to the TP5 in terms of spin. For my game/swing and home course conditions, the current TP5x is the best ball I've ever played
  11. Haha! And TaylorMade Golf - thank you guys for being "involved" here, particularly considering the smattering of pre-release negativity. It really is good to see, and I think the vast majority of us appreciate it.
  12. That pic is the Sim2 Max. The SIM Max is a reasonably deep face vs the SIM, so I don't think we have seen anything yet to indicate that the SIM2 is deeper than the SIM?
  13. I'd like to hear as well. The only potential concern for me is the sole width. Seems like it might be just slightly too much. Agree on Mizuno - I'm fairly steep and the recent Mizuno irons to have too little bounce for me as well. Good chance I'm going to blind order a set of ZX5s on Jan 6. Although I'm still liking my bent-weak P790s too.
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