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  1. I'm currently playing the TP5X but I'm finding it's launching too high and spinning too much for me. Especially in these wet winter conditions, my drives often plug or spin back. In my search for a lower trajectory, lower spinning ball, I ordered a dozen AVX. The only concern I have with the AVX is I may not like the soft feel. I tend to prefer something a a little firmer like the TP5X. What are some balls that offer the same low trajectory, low spin performance as the AVX?
  2. Just replaced my T-10's after many years of faithful service. I should have looked around for old stock, they're great.
  3. Josh784

    AP3 Bag setup

    I'm impatiently waiting for my AP3s to arrive. This is the setup I ended up on: Driver 3 wood (15 deg) 5 wood (19 deg) hybrid (21 deg) hybrid (25 deg) 28 deg AP3 6i 7, 8, 9, PW 48 deg AP3 AW 52.12 SM6 58.08 SM6
  4. Still liking my 816 H1 pair. I have the 21* and 25* which I find perfectly fills the gap between my 19* 5W and 28* 6i.
  5. Lamkin uTX cords. Red ones are $2.50 on eBay right now.
  6. Nicely done! A brand new set of very good clubs for $720 - that's awesome.
  7. If you're hitting the center of the club almost all the time, I can see how it might not be as applicable. For my swing, the MPF does seem to line up fairly well with how forgiving a club is. Perfect? No, but a good guideline.
  8. I just bought new irons and I found the MPF to be a pretty valuable tool in narrowing my choices. One thing to keep in mind is that the score is based on the 6 iron. For some sets, that means some clubs will be significantly more forgiving, and others less. For example, the set I'm replacing are Mizuno MX-25s. In that set, everything up through the 6 iron is a GI style cavity, while the 7-PW are more of a players cavity. So the MPF for that set is really only relevant up to the 6 iron, as the 7-PW are quite different. I'm positive that MPF is flawed, but it's really useful to have an objec
  9. Golf marketing has always been pretty tacky. Maybe that's just marketing in general. I generally avoid buying current-year clubs. Once they've been around for a year or so, or have been replaced by a newer model, prices come down a lot. I play most clubs for 5-10 years. Some of the technology is legitimate, but it's really hard to sort that out from all the marketing garbage.
  10. I just ordered new irons myself. One of my criteria was that my new set have a little less offset than my old set, MX-25. I found it helpful to check the specs of the sets I was considering to compare offset. If your current set is R11: 6i: 0.181" 9i: 0.110" A few comparisons from what has been suggested: JPX 919 Forged: 6i: 0.142" 9i: 0.112" Z565: 6i: 0.140" 9i: 0.104" Rogue Pro: 6i: 0.120" 9i: 0.095" The Titleist line is fairly low offset. I ended up with a set of AP3. 718 AP1: 6i: 0.157" 9i: 0.110" 718 AP2: 6i: 0.122" 9i: 0.087" 718 AP3: 6i: 0.150" 9i: 0.094"
  11. Their new 5's looks awful with the black. What a damn shame/ I don't mind it, I like the contrast. I can see how it might look better without it. Much better than anything with a badge, though.
  12. I like watching the pros but they are so much more skilled than me I don't often consider what equipment they're using when making my own purchases. Sometimes I like to check out what they're playing just to see what the best golfers in the world use. If the pros are playing AP3 or AP1, I take note of that and think I probably have no business touching the AP2's.
  13. Have been playing MX-25 since 2009. Bought them used while I was in college. Just pulled the trigger on a set of AP3 irons. I expect to use them for 10+ years.
  14. Think Srixons are some of the nicest looking irons on the market.
  15. Well I made it to the store for some testing. The AP1 was nice and forgiving, but didn't quite suite my eye. I ended up falling in love with the AP3, so now I have a 6 - AW set on the way with AMT Black S300. Now for a couple wedges, and my bag will be set. Thanks all!
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