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  1. After playing round 2 with the Z82 last night, I have decided to keep it. I still find it harder to pick up flags than with a traditional Bushnell range finder but love the GPS yardages and ability to see the hazards all in one unit. I have had a GPS app for my phone and I never use it. Too cumbersome to have to use multiple devices when I'm playing. I like that I can see everything on the hole and on the green with one look. The Z82 is not perfect but I do like it enough to keep it.
  2. Your complaint is my complaint. I just bought one and love all the features and except actually ranging a flag, tree, etc. I'm very used to a Bushnell and have found the Z82 much more difficult to lock on a target. The viewfinder feels very 'jumpy' and difficult to steady compared to other devices. I'm going to try it again tonight at my home course which also has the reflectors on the flags so it should be easier but if it doesn't work well I'll be returning it and buying a traditional rangefinder and may consider a GPS device.
  3. I bought a Z82 and I'm on the fence as to whether I'll be keeping it as well. The course hole display was fantastic as well as the ability to use hazard mode to see all the relevant bunkers and carry distances. I was unfamiliar with the course so having GPS numbers was great especially for some elevated greens that had back hole locations. I also found the display to be clear enough and bright enough even on medium brightness. At the end of the round I had 84% battery left. Everything was awesome except actually ranging the flag. I found the rangefinder to be very unsteady and hard to lock on to the flag. I had to use 2 hands almost use a sweeping motion. Much more difficult and time consuming than a Bushnell. Going to try it again tomorrow at my home track and then will make a decision.
  4. I would suggest D or K as a lot of others have recommended. I have played the D in the 60 and the K. Found the D more versatile if you open the face. K is stupid easy from deep rough but not as easy to open the face.
  5. I thought I lost my rangefinder, Bushnell Tour Z6 non-slope, and started looking at replacements knowing I wanted something with slope. I've always preferred to have GPS readings as well so I know how far it is to different hazards and front, middle, back readings on the greens and the Z82 seems like the best of both worlds. A no-cost GPS system and rangefinder that includes a plays like distance. Some concerns I've read about however, are picture clarity, battery life, and GPS distances not coinciding with the lasered distance. If you own one or have used one, I'd love to hear your experience, positive or negative.
  6. I have a Z6 and I'm interested in your opinion of the Z82. I honestly didn't know this type of device was available and think it would be amazing for playing a course for the first time.
  7. Not sure my bag is too crazy but recently made the switch to 'old school' lofts. I got tired of having a large gap between my 5w and 4i to carry a gap wedge. This is all based on the modern 46* PW so I went old school. 20* 3i with 4 degree gaps to a 44*, 49 PW, 54 SW, 60 LW. I find this gapping to be more consistent throughout the bag.
  8. I have been looking at some older blades as well to have as a fun set to play from time to time and have basically found the 716 and 718 were based more heavily on Adam Scott's preference of more offset (680). I think the older 710-714 will be more similar to the 620 although I don't think the sole design will be as modern. The 712 is satin finish as opposed to chrome if that matters.
  9. Ventus 6x tipped 1". Really want to try a TX.
  10. I'm currently gaming a 2016 M2 tour issue deep face 3 wood and a tour issue M2 5 wood. The 3 wood has an Evenflow White 75 6.5 flex tipped 1.5" and the 5 wood has a Fujikura Speeder 8.3X tipped 2". I am looking at the new TSi3 fairway woods since I fell in love with the the TSi3 driver and play a full Titleist bag in the irons, wedges, and putter. My question is what shaft to order in the 3 and 5 woods? My initial thoughts are Evenflow White or Smoke Black RDX since I can get them progressively weighted (70 in the 3w, 80 in the 5w) and both are offered at no upcharge from Titleist. I like the Evenflow White in my 3 wood currently but was impressed with RDX when hit in a driver. I tend to be a higher launch/higher spin guy and my miss is a hook and was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Smoke Black RDX in 6.5 or TX in a fairway wood.
  11. Titleist TSi2 9.0* head. Head is used and has a couple imperfections: smudge mark where face meets crown and small paint knick at the back (highlighted in red). Comes with headcover. Price is $375 shipped. Only trade interest is a TSi3 9* head.
  12. Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Orange 75TX with TaylorMade adapter, tipped 1". Shaft measures a little over 44.5" and will play 45.5" in a SIM. Priced at $235.
  13. I know I'm late to the party but I called a motorcycle chrome shop used to doing mufflers. I think you have to remove existing chrome in order to do new and they quoted me pretty cheap. I didn't end up doing it but maybe people could use that as an option.
  14. Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Raw Orange 75-TX with TaylorMade adapter. Shaft measures a little over 44.5 and played 45.5" in a SIM head. Shaft is tipped 1". $250
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