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  1. I will weigh it when I get home and let you know.
  2. OK lets try this one again. All adds are now closed. All prices include shipping to the lower 48, will ship to Canada just PM me so we can discuss shipping cost. All prices are OBO and please PM me any offers or questions. First is a Bettinardi SS-5 putter head. The head has no knicks or scratches but the PVD finish is damaged and needs to some TLC. Great project putter, all the issues with the finish are cosmetic! You could shaft this today and it will play just like a new one. Paintfill and most of the color on the PVD has been removed. Asking $OLD OBO Next is a Callaway Razy Fi
  3. For sale are two custom Fourteen Wedges that have been refinished and torched. I did all work which included sanding out a lot of the nicks on the top line and on the sole. I could not get all of them as some were just too deep. I sharpened the grooves and torched them to a nice blue color and finished off with gold paint fill. This finish will wear with each shot, similar to an oil can type finish and the wedges will rust over time if exposed to moisture. The first is a 51 degree gap wedge MT 28 (bent from 53). No major nicks and the grooves are in great shape. Has original True Tempe
  4. Looks freakin sweet! I say give it a go. The badge would be the hardest part. Maybe try one first to see how it works.
  5. I'll play out of waste areas no problem. Not to worried aboutt he occasional ding. I won't play off rocks/gravel/rools. Not worth it at that point.
  6. Just a quick question, I'm building a driver and need to add a tip weight to get swing weight and total weight were I want it. I have to use online component calculators as I do not have a swing weight scale. When adding tip weights, can I just add that to the head weight of the calculator? Thanks!
  7. Looking good! Is the driver paint fill normal or did you add? Looks great!
  8. Just two items today. All prices include shipping via USPS to the lower 48. Please PM me any offers or questions. No trade interests at this time. Thanks! First is a pair of white and silver Puma Jigg shoes, size 10. Used for many rounds but still plenty life left in them. Includes a new set of Smart Quill spikes. I did replace the insoles as well. Asking SOLD Next is a Yes! Sandy-12. This is a great putter but just didn't work out for me. Well used and shows wear from being in bag without head cover. Head cover not included. Plays to 34” and has new red Golf Pride Tour Classi
  9. I think it would just be less Draw than the 12-2 combination. You need more weight on the toe to get a fade bias. Seeing as the stock set up with the 12 g on the toe is a neutral set up.
  10. +1 on harbour freight. Picked up their 5" vice and the golf works shaft clamp. I also used the vice for shaft pulling as well with the golf works economy shaft puller. I got the quick clamp because after regripping a set its very anoying trying to get the club in the correct position useing the rubber sleeve and vise.
  11. I am getting ready to post another BST add and want to sell two wedges as a set. Is this considered one or two items towards the max of 10. Thanks!
  12. JP Page

    YES! sandy 12

    I picked one up used two weeks ago but haven't had the chance to play it yet. In comparisons in the living room have it being a front runner. I look forward to gaming it this weekend.
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