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  1. Headed out west again this weekend. Going to play Chambers Bay, Gold Mountain and Glendale CC. Hope the weather participates. Glendale is private and looking for a future CC out west for next year. Be watching the Masters as much as I can between running around with the daughter.
  2. Those chain link fences help from getting you killed.
  3. Maple Run was a short but fun course, but conditions were not the best ever from day one.
  4. City is probably talking about Wakefield Valley. That was a good course until they added the 3rd 9 holes. They stole holes from the first 18 and mixed them up with the new 9. Not a good idea. They did the same with Compass Point. They mixed and matched holes there that did not improve the overall courses. Another course that has gone to the dogs is Geneva Farms in Harford county. Just no well taken care of due to financial issues. Like the course a lot but conditions suck.
  5. I don't think River Downs is that awful. It is just a target course and a tuff one at that. Trotters Glen was a POS and the old lady was real fun to deal with. There used to be a course called Worthington Valley out in Green Spring Valley right next Caves. It was the biggest POS for years. Then the grandson took it over after becoming a certified greens keeper, turned it into a very decent place. The owner(his mom) sold it for real estate money. It did have the same old lady(grandmother) issues as Trotters, but she did play on the LPGA at one time. The old man died who built the pla
  6. Speaking of putters, does anybody really like a counter balanced putter I cut the top weight out and how love this Lab 2 putter It felt way to heavy going back on the back swing
  7. Best Round--Granite Links in Boston in May shoot 74 on a course I had never seen before. Built on the landfill from the Big Dig material. Not really walkable but possible if your young and in good shape. Best Course-- Chambers Bay Possibly the prettiest course I have ever been on. Perfect weather day 5 to 10 mph winds with clear skies. From the 1st, 9th and 13th tee's you could see the entire golf course and Puget Sound. Best Golf Shot-- #13 at The Thislte in MB. Par 4 and holed a 4 iron from 172. Had to hard draw the ball around a tree which is not my thing. If it when straight it
  8. Daughter is working out there in Seattle. Day trip over the mountain to Leavenworth. Great views and a fun town. Also had a 18 hole putt-putt course that was all grass and fun to played. Played Chambers Bay while out there as well
  9. Also if you can go back and see the courses that have been dropped off the list, many are still very good courses just don't fit the narrative of what is popular today. Some have gone to the dogs.
  10. Agree with this. Like someone said the Arch/Designer name makes a Hugh difference. I will say I have not found Gil Hanse courses to be anything close to top 100 list material(played two). The Streamsong course he did needs wind mills and should be a putt-putt course. City is right it would be nice to play these places with your buddy's, probably be more fun. But it was always fun to play any of these places under whatever business or pleasure situation.
  11. I like the top 100 list. It give me a goal to try and see how many I could get done starting back in 1976. I got all the way up to 92 complete on the list back in 2015. The problem is the list has changed so much since than that I am now in the 80's again. I have really stop chasing the list. Opportunities still arise to play some of them but I don't think you can ever catch them all. They do have a list of Top 100 public's that anyone can chase. Playing these places are fun to do once just to say you played them. By the way Mediah CC is the most stuck-up place I have ever played and second
  12. We all know you have gay tenancies, no surprise with you wearing girls pants lol
  13. What makes you think these have changed, cause I don't think they have.
  14. At SPCC we are using a mixed set of tee's. They are rated and play at 6325. It took 4 months to get the rating back from MSGA. I do not remember anyone coming to the course. I believe it was all done by email, but could be wrong about that. Black - 6890 Orange - 6590 Orange/Gold - 6325 Gold - 6050 Purple - ?
  15. I have been watching. I saw the first two episode this morning. Think it is going to be good.
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