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  1. In a post below, answer the following questions. City and state? Florida Handicap? 3.9 Current ball? BXS What entices you to try a new brand or model golf ball? New model Your important performance category in a golf ball? consistent response Do you use a line or alignment arrow on your ball? yes, the one by the manufacturer Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? yes
  2. Thank you. I am really interested in Ekwonak even though I don't ski anymore. Do you know anything about Woodlands or Falmouth CC in Maine?
  3. Looking to get a summer home in an area with cooler temps. Any advice for good clubs in these states? Prefer Maine, but vermont and new hampshire are also possible. Not concerned about initiation and dues. Concerned about quality of golf, ability to get games, and strength of club such that it is not going out of business, lol
  4. Any half zip that is hemmed at the bottom instead of the band. This: Not this:
  5. klbcec

    Srixon Z785 Irons

    Which Mizuno? The Srixons have very soft feel like the Mizunos although I would call the Mizuno feel richer. Compared to the MP 4, they are more forgiving, less workable and fly higher. It's any easy transition from Mizuno to Srixon and back.
  6. If you ordered the new Zipcore wedges, post your specs and design. For me, 50* bent 1* sting mid sole, 54* mid sole, and 58* bent 1* weak low bounce, all with DG spinner and Tour Velvet +3 wraps bottom hand. Personalized as below:
  7. Did you decide to go forward, thoughts?
  8. I have a couple. They are similar to Holdeness & Bourne. Not as slim in the torso as JL but not as large as Peter Millar and F & G. Chest and shoulders are consistent with other high end polos. The body is maybe an inch shorter tho.
  9. 9 and Pw 1* weak, everything else 2* weak.
  10. I have ordered the orange srixon zstars from Japan a few times and never had an issue.
  11. Same here. 585 for the 4, 5, 6. 785 for the 7, 8, 9, pw. The gaps worked out so well for me, I actually forgot I had a combo set until I saw your post.
  12. This has probably been asked before but... When they list WITB fot the tour guys, why don't they tell you what grip the players are using? And how many wraps top and bottom hand? Is that something people would be interesed in learning? I would like to know.
  13. klbcec

    Orange Ball

    Srixon makes an orange ball in tHe z star line but won't release it in the US. One of many reasons why Srixon is a second tier company.
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