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  1. Other than picking at the bottoms of your shoes with a tee? Is there a product specially designed for this that would in your golf bag?
  2. Stick with medium. Footjoys fun bigger than JO even in athletic cut. But try on in shop to be sure
  3. I wear a size 42 suit jacket. The large on JohnnieO size chart is 42 to 44. The medium is 40 to 42. The medium has a modern fit for me. The large is classic roomy on me. I have both sizes of the polos. Prefer the medium.
  4. B Draddy is nice the first couple times but then doesn't look so good. Prefer HB and Johnnie O.
  5. I wear the same size in Premiers that I wore in Dryjoys 20 years ago. Footjoys run 1/2 size bigger then the athletic shoe brands. I am 11 in Footjoy and 11.5 or bigger in UA, Adidas, Puma etc.
  6. Switched to Balega a few years ago. Great socks. Gave as gifts to a few friends. Now that's all they wear.
  7. Fly Z+ with Oban Revenge 6/4 shaft has been the holy grail driver for me for 6 years.
  8. With drivers, the COR has been at the limit for years. So what will increase your distance is the extent to which you generate swing speed with the driver which transfers to ball speed, coupled with launch angle and spin rates. I have played a Fly Z+ for six plus years because the shaft was dialed in such that fitters for six years haven't been able to come up with anything better. In fact, I tested several driver and shaft combination of the 2020 drivers in January including Callaway, Ping, and Titleist, and the six year old Cobra could not be beat by the new clubs. Get fit for
  9. Try the Izzo Ultralight cart bag. Believe its under 4 pounds.
  10. Thank you. My number 1 fitter, Loft Golf, shut down. Now, Club Champion is so close to my house, it's just too easy to go there.
  11. 100% . I got my first Mizunos in 2003 - the MP 33. Lofts and lies were all jacked upon arrival despite being specified. My club pro had them bent to the proper specs free of charge since I bought them through him. Ever since, every new set of Mizunos I have purchased first get tested and corrected for loft and lie. They are never 100% correct upon arrival.
  12. They have Mizuno window decals????
  13. I am sure some of the upcharge is the Grip Master leather grip. That is a $28 grip.
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