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  1. I'll add the 2009 Tour Preferred...even though to my eye the head size was perhaps a tad larger than "player" it looked good and performed nicely. Great evolution of the RAC LT/R7 TP. S56 also a good looker and performer.
  2. Out of what I've used in the past: Srixon i701 Tour Bridgestone J33 CB TaylorMade 300 Forged
  3. Spotted this on the Callaway website a few moments ago...
  4. I've generally played heavier X stiff driver shafts with good control, but never got along well with X stiff iron shafts. Softstepped X100 is probably the stiffest that I've had that suited my swing characteristics, but generally I've found the best results with stiff (currently using hardstepped S300 and was fitted for these a couple of years ago). As has already been said, plenty of variables go into it...but if you feel comfortable with the difference and it all ticks your boxes then press on!
  5. 12 hours after my first shot of 2021: M5 Tour 9°/WB 73 X M5 Titanium 15°/Tensei CK Orange 75 X Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli-Hi 3&4, MMC 5-PW/S300 hardstepped 1x Cleveland RTX-3 Raw 50, 56, 60/C Taper Lite 110 S Evnroll ER2 Only risk of failure is if the M5 Tour head breaks and I need TM to supply a warranty replacement. Everything else I feel pretty comfortable with.
  6. A forthcoming addition...I was keen on picking up a compact 3 wood to try out and this looks like it will fit the bill well.
  7. My current driver is a M5 Tour (435cc). Before that I had a Rogue Subzero and visually it was just too big front to back for my liking...but the M5 Tour in comparison seems far more compact and I don't feel that I'm giving a heap up in terms of forgiveness. My favourites in the past have been less than 460...SLDR 430, R11 Dot (440), Nike VR Tour (420). Mix between looks and performance...
  8. M5 Tour 9° w/ Whiteboard 73 X I prefer the look of more compact driver heads at address (reminds me of the SLDR 430) and this one ticks the box. Plus I've had success with Whiteboards in the past, so a good pair that also works for me in reality.
  9. 19* Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli Hi with hardstepped S300, 38.75" (standard). As others have indicated that they do, I alternate between this and a V Steel 5 wood. Generally 220yd carry, total depends on fairway grass length and firmness. My home course (kikuyu fairways) has 3 shortish par 4s where such length gives me a full wedge of some sort, plus I feel pretty confident hitting it off the deck as well.
  10. M5 Tour driver...bought it new on clearance for about $410 Australian, then picked up a Whiteboard for it and sold the HZRDUS Black for the same $ that the Whiteboard cost me.
  11. My first proper fairway back a decade or so ago was a R7 TP. Big fan of the compact fairway heads...and I've had my best success with similar TM fairways (SLDR, tour issue Jetspeed). At the moment I alternate a V Steel 5W with my driving iron and the sound when I hit it solid is fabulous. Also have a soft spot for the 906F2. Solid club paired with the stock V2 they had at the time.
  12. Not the most alluring I've had in the bag, but the silver of the Whiteboard goes reasonably well with the silver on the head. Best looking I've had was a R11 Dot with a Graf New Blue and white wrap grip. Performed as white hot as it looked.
  13. I took one of these with the stock shaft out for a demo yesterday at my home club. Very impressed. Then I came across this on another message board, and the shaft/asking price pretty much sold me.
  14. Hard stepped S300s, near new MCC Align grips...should hopefully be with me by the end of the coming week.
  15. I've had a couple of 905S (one with the Graf Blue, one with the V2). If I was feeling the same itch as you are, I'd go either one of those or a 510TP. Another one that I had that I really liked (albeit 420cc, I think) was a Nike VR Tour with an Axivcore Tour Red. Absolute bomber when I was hitting it well.
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