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  1. > @GolfingBro said: > Also I could use some help from you guys out there. I will be looking for an event on the east coast that will be from July 23rd-July 30th. Does anyone know of any state opens or pro am events that take place during that time?? Take a look at the Delta Dental State Open of Virginia. I'll be qualifying in June, for the tourney that is toward end of July.
  2. Racecar stuff is WAY more expensive. Makes me realize I'm too poor for all of my hobbies.
  3. I've been playing an original UDI 3 for about five years. Started with a Fujikudra 904HB that finally broke, now playing it with an Aldila RIP Tour 115 and love it.
  4. I'm one of the folks who cannot hit a 3-wood, be it off a tee or off the deck. However, driver is the best club in my bag. Can hit driver off the deck as well...must just be a brain thing. I have a 16* Mini as well (not currently in bag, but been contemplating putting it back), and I agree it launches STRAIGHT up in the air from the deck. Will be adding it to the bag for the tournament this weekend...supposed to be wet.
  5. See sig, in love. Have in both my 3 (gamer) and 1 (links).
  6. Anyone have a 52.12 Jet Black SM6 they want to get rid of, and can get it to Virginia Beach by Monday? Holler!
  7. Requested an add to the group as well (LW initials). Really looking for some for my MB trip next week!
  8. About four or five bogeys in a row, then hit the bottle...then stop caring.
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