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  1. Was able to safely demo SpeedZone One Length 5, 7 and GW yesterday and can't believe how easy it felt. The big rub was when switching to my Sand & Lob wedges. It felt like the variables come back into play and felt weird. So long story short, what are current One Length players doing with their wedge setup? Does anyone play one length wedges? Say, like 54* & 58* both @ 36".
  2. Large left (right hand golfer) Bridgestone EZ Fit Once a month Durability
  3. Took a flyer on TW747 hybrids and have been more than happy. Superb distance and proper forgiveness.
  4. Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Srixon F85 5 wood 4 dozen Mizuno RB Tour 2 dozen Snell MTB-X Putt-Out trainer Maxfli putting mat
  5. Played 18 today in Central Ohio with windy conditions. 15 mph average, 30 mph gusts. Played Snell MTB-X on the front 9 vs Mizuno RB Tour on the back. Noticed slightly more stability with the Mizuno than Snell during strong side winds. When into a headwind, RB produced a piercing trajectory while the Snell would occasionally balloon. On the flip side, downwind the Snell seemed to go flat sometimes while the Mizuno seemed to ride the wind.
  6. Toulon Stroke Lab Atlanta Toulon Pistol Grip 35" 2* flat
  7. ST200G w/ Atmos Black 6X @ 9* weights forward This setup beat out TS 3/4, Mav SZ, 410LST and SIM with various GD, White/Blueboard,Ventus and Tensei shaft combos. SS-104-108 Fit @ GolfTec Gained 23yds coming from 2016 BB Fusion w/ Recoil 450 F4
  8. With the 2020 gear launched where are the bonus deals? Last year Golf Galaxy 50% trade in bonus started around this time. Am I just being impatient!?!?
  9. With the majority of 2020 gear officially released when will the trade in bonus kick off??
  10. During the winter months I'd like to make an oddball bag from the past two years equipment. Oddball being..... like a full bag of clubs that the OEM isn't really known for, like Mizuno driver, Cleveland irons, Srixon wedges etc.... Driver- Mizuno St190/SrixonZ585?? Fairway-?? Hybrid-?? Irons-Cleveland UHX Wedges-Wilson Staff, Honma, Bridgestone?? Putter-Nike Method Origin
  11. Pretty much all lefty on everything except golfing. Never had access to left handed clubs as a kid. Swinging righty feels natural now (7.8 index) but it was weird when starting to play as a youngster.
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