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  1. My Top 3, in no particular order. 1) Titleist 905R 2) Callaway Great Big Bertha Titanium (original from late 90's ish) 3) Taylormade R7 My personal fav is the Titleist 905R, still in my bag as I've yet to find an equal combination of distance, forgiveness and playability.
  2. Same boat here... traditional FootJoy Classics customer. Looking for something a little less stodgy and little more modern. Don't like many of the shoe options on the market right now and trying to do away with the "saddle" look. I agree on the white bottoms, what's the point, they'll look like s*** after one or two rounds.
  3. Following this thread as I'm on the cusp of switching to yellow balls for ease of tracking/finding. Aging is hell on the eyes.
  4. Thanks for sharing this. Obviously I've seen from this angle before but the slow-mo in conjunction with a great swing helped me develop a swing thought/feeling I've been trying to figure out. Tried it this afternoon, and I was able to feel it no problem and the results were noticeable.
  5. I seldom go to the range just to whack balls. I hit the range 1-2 times a week. I usually hit 30-50 balls. The rest of the time I work on my short game. On the range, I hit half of the balls with wedges just to work on tempo and then a few short irons to targets, mid irons, and a couple of drivers. If I’m really off for some reason then I just walk off and give my extra balls to a junior. I spend most of my time working on my short game. Putting, chipping, bunker play etc. If I’m at the course for two hours. Usually on the short game area for 1 1/2 hours.
  6. > @Argonne69 said: > To celebrate my 500th course played, I'm heading to Scotland for a week to play the Old Course at St. Andrews, and soak in the birthplace of golf. I'll post more pics when I return. Wow. That’s a lot. Have a great time golfing and vacationing.
  7. > @TheShaun said: > Played Fraserview today. Greens gave me fits. They were hard as rocks and the ball was not holding, yet they putted slow as molasses for the most part. Golf is stooopid... That's where I wound up playing tomorrow. With the sun and wind the course is only going to be drier.
  8. Late 40’s, big guy, have always been an Ashworth, Ralph Lauren, FootJoy classics kind of dresser on the course. Reading this thread with interest as I’m looking for something different and don’t really have anywhere to start. Not looking for branded (Nike, UA, Adidas, etc...) stuff, like what I’ve seen from Grayson, Peter Millar but not really sure what else. Don’t want to dress like Rickie, but don’t want to dress like Phil either. Any ideas are appreciated.
  9. No HIO, but countless hole outs. I still remember my first hole out... Par 3, pulled a Zach Johnson and shanked/duffed my ball just beside the forward tee. With my 3 playing partners trying very badly not to laugh, and me just wanting to get on with it, I nonchalantly knock it on the green, one bounce, and in the hole.
  10. Anyone playing tomorrow (Sat) or need an extra. Still trying to figure out where to play.
  11. Don’t touch my clubs, I don’t screw your wife. Moral; they’re both sacred.
  12. There was an interview with Butch Harmon a few years ago that said Tiger has all the tools and feel to figure it out for himself, and once he did that, look out. I think we are there now, and Tiger’s new swing is his own.
  13. MP-33, anything else is just a tribute.
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