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  1. Haha, yes search holing out on Redtube
  2. Check out mirror vision app It's not a camera but allows you to watch yourself swing real time. There is camera called live view that you can use to record
  3. I say both is the way to get better. Play back tees occasionally to force yourself to hit longer clubs into the greens so you can practice. Play forward tees to learn to go low. I have heard several coaches make players play up tees to learn to score. Play women’s tees until you break par for 9 holes then move back to next set of tees until you break par.
  4. It’s easier to change the backswing and takeaway. Changing a the transition move is a lot harder, in fact most of the time transition is due to the backswing. I had a severe roll to the inside on my takeaway that I thought I couldn’t change but worked hard on it last winter and was able to change it.
  5. Agree no reason to call him dumb, he was right for longer than i would have thought. Almost 4 years worth of majors pasted by.
  6. This first part is not true from my experience
  7. Not a lot you can mess up with steal shafts and irons. You can use epoxy from a hardware store. Pulling graphite is a different story.
  8. Curious as well. I have a black 60* that is wearing off and would like to go to raw
  9. If you are really pushing and pulling putts every time then it's a face control issue. You are not able to square the face at impact. Chalk line on the green is a good starting point. Find a good straight putt and put a chalk line down and practice. Usually I find face control has to do with small twitch muscles in the hands and fingers. When you are bad at putting you make compensations during the stroke to manipulate the stroke. You need to practice hitting putts on line. Another good drill is the metal ruler drill for home practice.
  10. I have had both over the last couple of years. I prefer the 120X. To me it is not a big difference in feel but I notice a dispersion difference. I was always a dynamic gold stiff in previous years.
  11. Online lessons can be good. Most instructors will give you one or two things to work on. It's really up to you to work on and make the changes. I would recommend doing 4-6 lessons with the same instructor over a 2-3 month period.
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