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  1. The part I don’t like about what they do at CC is they won’t give you the retail shafts that they pull. Which I think is BS. If I’m paying for the stock shaft and the upgrade shaft I should get both. Just my opinion after paying too much for a driver.
  2. Our club has the opposite problem. Member guest and no one is signing up. People wait until the last minute to sign up.
  3. It will be interesting to see what the sponsors say. Most endorsement deals have bonuses set up for PGA tour performance. I can't imagine DJ's agent would allow him to do this without first covering or talking it over with all his sponsors. I can see the sponsors resisting this in public and being ok with it in backroom deals
  4. If I had the choice I would go with Regatta but that's just my preference. Both are real similar. You can't go wrong with either
  5. Very knowledgeable instructor. Really like the videos he posts. He is extremely busy. I would really like to get a in person lesson but the website experience has not been good.
  6. Ours has a auto tip of 15% if you don’t sign your ticket and put a tip down.
  7. Same at our club. I view it more as everyone wanting what is best for the club.
  8. Shipper on mine was the ball plant in NC.
  9. Anyone else get these from Taylor Made yesterday?
  10. I get the fact that it draws attention and may be good for sponsors but so would a pro am with star athletes. Personally, I think it hurts the tour overall. It gives people that don't know anything about the KF tour the idea that anyone can play golf at that level. Most of the guys on KF tour are just as good if not better than the PGA tour guys and can compete any week. We like watching the PGA tour because we know they are so much better than we are and trust me the KF tour guys are also. In my opinion this gives the illusion that you can just play weekend golf and make it or play on this to
  11. those Pebble pro ams are different far up tees and pick up after their pro makes a better score
  12. In general yes, most consider themselves owners of the club at the private level. For me I complain more than I used to mainly because I have put in a lot of effort to get things better at my club. I was recently in charge of the greens committee that over saw the complete remodel of our greens. We helped raise the money and hired contractor and spend a lot of time and effort making sure the project was a success. So, for me I feel very connected to the health and well being of our greens. I say this only to add a different perspective on some complaining at private clubs. Over the 20+ years a
  13. This is obliviously the tours way of compensating JT for his Polo contract loss
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