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  1. You are actually doing a very good job of keeping the club in front of you, and you actually are shallowing a the club a bit in transition. The issue I'm seeing is that the club face is quite shut at the top: You can see that you have the "sunburnt clubface" where the face is pointed up to the sky; whereas the ideal position is closer to toe down. Hitting from the inside or slot with a shut face is recipe for hooks. In order to get the face squarer at the top, I believe you will need some additional (or more to the point proper) arm rotation. The key is that this rotation comes from the should
  2. As BreakingTees mentioned, you have a (slight) reverse pivot. Basically this means that your weight shift on the backswing and downswing are working in the opposite directions that they should. On the downswing, this will cause swing arc to be too far behind the proper position - lead to divots behind the ball, thin shots, etc. To put it as succinctly as I can: In the backswing, the weight should load into the right in-step; and you will feel like you are rotating around you back leg. In the downswing, the weight will drive into the left heel. Here is a very good drill for eliminating the reve
  3. You are pulling the club too far to the inside on your takeaway, which leads you to re-route at the top of the swing. The longer the club, the larger and trickier this re-route will be. But do not worry! This is an extremely common problem. When the club is parallel to the ground, the clubhead should be in-line with the hands and the club face should be pointing at the ball. Here is a great video from Monte on the elements of a proper takeway.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-s99Jlq0Mc
  4. I am not quite sure what you mean by flat pivot? Your shoulder turn may not be exactly 90* to your spline, but you basically get the club into a perfect position at the top; and you are not lifting or getting out of posture. My main thought is that your downswing is bit armsy - notice that your arms start first, and the lower body only starts to unwind once the club is back in front of your chest. And at impact, you can see that hips are almost at address position (rather than open), and there still appears to be a good amount of weight on your right foot (notice that it is completely flat on
  5. > As a result (or the opposite), my arms seem to finish a bit higher/right rather than around my body to the left. Do you have any thoughts on that? I was thinking that working on this may also help with the post-impact flipping. I've seen some drills that looked interesting like covering the ball with my right shoulder through impact which seemed to produce some nice rotation when messing around with a club in front of a mirror in the house. I believe a better release of your eyes/head will allow your shoulders to continue turning post-impact, which should round out/flatten the release.
  6. This is a solid, athletic motion. In terms of your bullet points, I would say: 1. Honestly, I would not worry about this. It means you have a good weight transfer and hip rotation. I would much rather see the right heel up too early, than staying stuck to the ground. 2. This I believe is due to a small static/set up issue: You are bit too bent over, with your weight very much your toes at address. You body "knows" this, and so you can see that your first move is get your weight properly centered and stand taller, in the backswing: At the top, you are perfectly balanced! This is a natural
  7. There are a lot of good things going on in this swing. I don't see anything posture related that warrants changing. In fact, I would be hard-pressed to suggest any major changes. The clubface is slightly shut at the top and coming into impact. There is nothing wrong with this per se, you just need to be aware of the kind of misses it can create. With better players, a shut face can lead to the odd disastrous snap hook, if they tend or try to play a draw. A bad swing with the club coming too far from the inside combined with a shut face, creates a screaming toe hook, as you get doubled-up o
  8. The takeaway is a bit "armsy" - notice that when the club is parallel to the ground/passing through the hands, your chest has barely rotated at all - it is basically still facing the ball. You can also see that your right arm has very much started to fold already. I like to use Justin Rose as a swing model, and if you look at JRose, you'll see that at the same checkpoint, you'll notice how much more he has rotated his chest away from the target. Different swing thoughts will work for different people here. I would try to either 1. Think of getting a deeper hip turn; or 2. Get the left shoulder
  9. I feel your pain. I was suckered into getting the i500s after a fitting at True Spec (to be fair, they did a fantastic job with the driver, 4w, and hybrid). The i500s felt great during the fitting process, but once I actually got mine, they felt pretty terrible - very tinny. (My old but again current set is Nike Vapor Pros, which feel quite fantastic.) More than anything else, I just had no idea where I was hitting the ball on the face. The other problem I had was with the distances. It’s fun to hit your 6i 210 and a PW 160… but ultimately it means that I had a 50+ yard (!!!) gap between my
  10. As BiggErn mentioned, the club is getting a bit inside on the takeaway. To me, the root cause here is that your shoulder turn is too flat. This is also leading to the club getting a bit behind you at the top and causing the late arm lift/hitch you see before transitioning to the downswing. This is an extremely common problem! High-level amateurs and even pros can struggle with this. I would recommend: 1. Watch Monte's shoulder turn video. It is the the gold standard explanation of this problem. 2. Use some visual feedback - mirror or video - to get the feeling of what a steeper shoulder tur
  11. I was looking for an upgrade over my Titleist premium Sunday carry bag and purchased the new Jones Utility Rover. I played two rounds with it; here is a brief review. Pros * Very solid construction with excellent materials. The buckles and other hardware are a beautiful dark chromed/nickel steel, rather than plastic. * Integrates a bunch of cool ideas - the built-in beverage holder, glove patch, and valuables pocket come to mind. The BlueTooth speaker pouch... I could live without, but found it useful to hold my cellphone and watch. * It has more internal structure than the Titleist bag and
  12. I've somehow let a goofy hitch creep into the top of my swing. Ballflight has been a block or hook - in the video below, I hit a hook then a block! (They are limited-flight/very-limited-spin range balls, so a gentle draw on range becomes a screaming, squirrel-killing hook on the course haha). Originally I thought this was due to the club getting behind me on the backswing, but attempting to get the club more in front of me and/or upright on the backswing seemed to make the problem worse? Here are two 5-iron swings from DTL, with a few lines drawn in. Swing starts at 0:26 mark (sorry I am i
  13. syenkoc


    I've been playing Callaway MD3s in 46 and 50 as my PW and GW the past two years, and love them - very good feel, consistent spin, and low-mid flight. I came from Vokey SM6s, which performed well enough but felt fairly awful. The Vokeys looked better for sure, but it got to the point that I couldn't stand hitting them. The grooves are starting to get a bit worn out on the MD3s, so I am probably going to grab a set of MD4s this year. I use Modus 130X in wedges (which match my numbers irons). For a SW, I cannot recommend the Miura C-grind series enough (they are 55* or 57*; for 56* I would bend
  14. Fox Hollow in Branchburg Township, NJ. Last time we or I ever play there. (Usually we go out to Bethpage State Park - where they will issue rain checks! - but my buddy had a hard stop at 1:30PM. I already used my Black tee time, so we'd have been walk-ups with no guarantee of finishing on time.)
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