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  1. This is a great write up, thanks! This may be a dumb questions, but where are good places to find the stamping tools?
  2. Im picking mine up today and will play it this weekend. Not sure it will be in my bag every round but we will see.
  3. I've got a nice Sim set up, using a GC2 with HMB. I have several TV's around the area for data and thought it would be cool to have a (or some) cameras to record swings for review. It would be cool to see in real time and/or of course be able to quickly review to use as another tool with the numbers. Is anyone using cameras or a software that works well? Foresight did emails something about an offering a few weeks ago but from a baseline I am not sure about the camera hardware. Sorry the question is all over the place! Thanks
  4. 39.5, the hope is that it is a low spinning (accurate) fairway finder. This is a bit of an experiment. The PX was playing at 40 inches as my normal set up is +1/2
  5. I have a 1K 70TX in my driver and I really like it. I have never played or tried the Ventus Black though I have always wanted to give it a try as I know the 1K was supposed to be the response to that shaft. I am currently throwing a Ventus Black 10X on my driving iron so I'm interested to see how that work out.
  6. I found that my miss with the t100's was more left than the Mizuno and also PXG. Not sure if that is a direct correlation to the lie (as I'm sure every swing was not the same through each session) but I do find it interesting to hear the Mizunos are more upright.
  7. I looked into sending a scotty in to the custom shop to be refinished, which includes a new shaft and they quoted me 6-8 weeks. No sure if that helps as I don't recall the standard lead time and of course there is work done to the club during that time frame.
  8. I play a 70 1K in my driver and love it. My 3 wood is a GD XC8X as it has a little softer(ish)tip. I have the raw white on my hybrid and its good. Did you settle on anything?
  9. Wow, great work. That looks awesome! How has the durability been?
  10. I hit the stealth yesterday because I love to try new toys - haha. My current set up is a Gen 4 PXG at 7.5 degrees. I have never had luck with the SIM drivers for some reason even though I have always thought they would be a great low spin beast. My feedback would be that the SIM drivers never gave me great feedback off the face for whatever reason which I did not like. The stealth, had a much different feel with a "bouncier" response of the face in my opinion though I was not blown away by a performance gain vs. my current set up. If you are a TM person, it did feel better to me and is probably worth a look.
  11. I am currently switching my MP20 HMB 2 iron to a graphite shaft. Switching from a PX 6.5 to a Ventus Black 10X. I'll get it Friday.
  12. Im having my 2 iron reshafted right now (get it back Friday) and choose to go standard length even though I play my other irons +1/2. Im looking for it to be a low spin fairway finder, it felt really long with the previous set up. Fingers crossed....
  13. I agree. I love their content and CC continues to just be the fitter who won't let you leave without premium upcharge shafts on all of your clubs - haha
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