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TRoc9892's Feedback

  1. JayJar Binks left Positive feedback   

    Irons as described, shipping a little slow to get out and used snail mail.

    TRoc9892 was The Buyer

  2. nutz4putters left Positive feedback   

    Easy transaction, good communication - thank you!

    TRoc9892 was The Buyer

  3. eddiebigeddie left Positive feedback   

    great guy here. Great communication & fast payment

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  4. royg1 left Positive feedback   

    Great seller. Fast shipping and great communication. Thanks Ben.

    TRoc9892 was The Buyer

  5. Txstcatman left Positive feedback   

    Great communication, easy to deal with. Thanks for a smooth transaction!

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  6. bmpnugls left Positive feedback   

    Quick smooth transaction!

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  7. glkaplkan left Positive feedback   

    Excellent Seller, great TP Mills putter, Thanks Again!

    TRoc9892 was The Buyer

  8. nealkb left Positive feedback   

    Great person and great transaction! Wish he had more to sell!

    TRoc9892 was The Buyer

  9. velandgolf left Positive feedback   

    Awesome guy to deal with!!

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  10. agadawg17171 left Positive feedback   

    Great Trade With Excellent Communication and Quick Shipping

    TRoc9892 was Trading

  11. jp5612 left Positive feedback   

    Fast shipping, as described, great communication. As smooth as it gets!

    TRoc9892 was Trading

  12. NCGolfDude left Positive feedback   

    Better than advertised- Great Seller Guys

    TRoc9892 was The Buyer

  13. bulldurham left Positive feedback   

    Great guy and fast payment. Can buy from me anytime. No problems here folks!!

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  14. ProjectX_Mizuno left Positive feedback   

    Super fast payment. Good communication. Great guy to deal with!

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  15. jj9000 left Positive feedback   

    Super fast payment and very smooth transaction. Great guy to deal with.

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  16. MrTitleist2U left Positive feedback   

    As always great WRK'r. Fast payment, excellent communication. Thanks again!!!

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  17. MrTitleist2U left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer, super fast payment. Thanks!!!

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

  18. six8guy left Positive feedback   

    Great WRXer to deal with. . . Excellent communication and Prompt payment . . . Thank You.

    TRoc9892 was The Seller

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