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  1. For what it’s worth, I used the DFX 3300 extensively and then switch to the original White Hot and I always thought this comparison was baffling. The DFX gives so much more feedback. The real crime here is the new iterations don’t come with the original grip. That grip was a goddam masterpiece.
  2. Right, but all adjustable woods suffer from this natural effect. They always have and they always will using the current tips. These are more factors drivers have in common. If we’re boiling it down to the big differentiators being half degree differences in lie angle and face angle attributed to how different drivers sit from the factory, cg placement which moves year to year, often to similar areas and further obscured by removable heel/toe weighting, then, in effect, we’ve disregarded any proprietary technology specific to one company. And a single customizable driver or two could theoretic
  3. Sure, but aren’t most current drivers equipped with adjustable weights and face angle/lie angle adjustability?
  4. Love the write up. Doesn’t this seem so silly? Using your assertions, unless there is a driver head, one paired with one of the multitudes of shafts out there, that is physically incapable of producing a certain launch angle and certain spin rate, then there is only the need for a single driver, as far as pure distance is concerned. And of course there are intangibles from one person to the next that we’re not fitting into our vacuum. To address your point 1, ball speed maintenance across the face, I think we all agree this is where drivers have seen the most improvement. But do t
  5. I haven’t hit many new clubs yet but I have a feeling I’ll agree with you. I think a more interesting question is when will we know when we’ve converged? Drivers will always look different with new gimmicks but what does convergence look like from a realistic functional perspective? Interestingly enough, I remember 2010 to be a great year in terms of drivers. That was actually the first year where I wasn’t sure I could go wrong with the major brands. There were a couple stragglers, for sure. When/If we can prove and map this convergence, assuming it hasn’t already happened, it woul
  6. I appreciate the write-up but I think I need to add a point of clarification. I’m not comparing drivers today vs drivers from 2010. But the differences between all drivers from 2010 vs the differences between all drivers from 2020. Or 2019. Are we converging?
  7. Doesn’t need to be leaps and bounds better. But if you’re saying the head is any amount better, than that’s significant. If you’re saying the heads are equal and the addition of a shaft makes one combo better and the other worse, well then, there was a significant difference in the first place and they were not equal.
  8. I’m certainly not credentialed enough to determine, but how far off is it? There have always been drivers geared towards larger and more forgiving, vs smaller and lower spin. Even that’s an oversimplification. You’ve listed a lot of characteristics that differ driver to driver but don’t we have a fair amount of customization within one head and adapter? And don’t most drivers released in a year also have that same or near level configurability? How much does MOI vary? Spin rates from one configurable head to another configurable head?
  9. How many times can the CG be moved around and make it a new releases? I am most certainly not considering getting a driver from 2005. But I also wouldn’t take for granted using the word significant when describing these differences. Are they significant? Are they just as significant company to company as they were 3 years ago? They may be, yes. I really just have no idea. Throwing this in as en edit. I understand “significant” may be personal and tough to quantify. But it always has been. Even when drivers were wildly different. That’s not really within the scope of the superf
  10. Still using that 905R? That thing was solid. I didn’t like another Titleist driver as much until the 910. I’ve heard good things about the newest Titleists, but I’ve also heard good things about every new driver.
  11. I’ve got the shaft I like, know what length/weight works. Just need to spend some time looking for a head update.
  12. I’m using you, golfwrx, sorry. So many drivers, incremental updates, year after year. My old Nike has to be obsolete by now. Have drivers converged? Can I just pick the one that looks/sounds nice to me, tune it, and call it a day? Virtually no differences company to company?
  13. Why did you ask if you didn't care if it was fake or not. Sorry you got bad news
  14. Again that is interesting. So far in my golfing life, I have released via image 1 & and also tried image 2. The video I linked at the start of this thread has Monte and Mike explaining it's more like image 3. What a confusing game this is. They're certainly elements. And certainly important elements. I wouldn't be able to quantify a ratio of the 3, but they most certainly do not all contribute equally (at least leading to impact).. Give it a try though! Mess around. Hold the club a couple feet before impact/release, still fully cocked, and try all of them, and combinations of them,
  15. Put simply, I like to say that a cast is simply a proper release done too early. That same hand motion is correct but should be done at the ball, rather than before the ball. The end of the release is what hits the ball I tend to link this image. It's a bit of an over-simplification, but the release is the movement from radial deviation to ulnar deviation.
  16. I see pictures of custom blades and muscleback irons over decades with muscle shape varying in shape. Lately though, most modern blades have gravitated towards a similar shape. I'm wondering to anyone who knows, other than pure aesthetics, what are the functional purposes of these blade shapes? Are they all mostly the same and the ones we see often are just the shapes that are the easiest or cheapest to produce?
  17. I wouldn't be surprised if he himself chimes in but Tad Moore usually hammers in his personal stamp on his handmades.
  18. Don't know why no one's linking it but all of these wrist movements are properly labeled.
  19. Where are you streaming from? I'm trying to find one
  20. Anyone else trying to catch a stream? Where is it? https://www.rydercup.com/live/rydercupusa is just looping the same rolex ad for me.
  21. It tells me that the players, like the general public, get caught up in the hype. That figures way too high given he hasn't won a major for 10 years and is winless in 5 years. Really? That’s the most logical conclusion you come to? I could understand if you said that about your average golfer or even your average pro but these are the guys who’s opinions we would take as some of the most credible. I’m not saying they know, but if any group would come the closest to knowing, it’d be them.
  22. I dont have so much pride over the internet that I need to take a meme so serious, in comparison to being honest and trying to help as many people as I can. What good have you done today........ Hahahahahaha....need to get the last word in ????? .....you certainly are a Mr Know it ALL and I'm sure everybody appreciates your input ! I actually really appreciated his input. His posts were incredibly informative and unbiased. It doesn't take much to look at information you may not like and find some sort of merit in them, which he and no one else did. This is a damn discussion boar
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