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  1. [quote name='madaboutgolf' timestamp='1435416719' post='11844458'] I think there was a similar post yesterday ? [/quote] Oh, I must have missed it.
  2. Saw these just now on ebay. Not sure anyone's seen them yet. http://www.ebay.com/...=item25a8c68d72
  3. [quote name='wmblake2000' timestamp='1435355595' post='11841300'] Yeah, Byron is the most logical step. I left him a voice mail. Thx for all the info. [/quote] I try to avoid the clicky sound as much as I possibly can. I like a more of a thud or pop sound. But my stainless DH-89 with the standard fine milling is my exception. It's as clicky as I can go. It's got a little click/metallic sound. Overall the feel is next to perfect, especially paired with the right ball.
  4. Glad this was posted since my Protos are so beat I need new ones. I had one question, hoping someone knows. I'm mostly concerned with the bounce. My protos are the quad dot, [color=#333333][size=4][background=rgb(243, 243, 243)]•[/background][/size][/color][color=#333333][size=4][background=rgb(243, 243, 243)]•[/background][/size][/color]R[color=#333333][size=4][background=rgb(243, 243, 243)]•[/background][/size][/color][color=#333333][size=4][background=rgb(243, 243, 243)]•[/background][/size][/color] version and the only Razr MB irons I can find are the two dot version, [color=#333333][siz
  5. I'm sorry but I can't take this thread seriously especially from a guy with a handle "Titleist-Golfer" and an all Titleist bag. "I'm in such a pickle. I want a Dale Head style anser, but I can only use Scotty Cameron putters and don't want to shell out $3000+" Hey dude JUST BUY ONE OF FROM ONE OF THE DOZEN OTHER PUTTER MAKERS WHO MAKE THEM. Holy moly man. Quit it.
  6. Been dying to get my hands on the Nike Method Mod 90
  7. [quote name='PinonMagnolia' timestamp='1434476739' post='11762768'] Irons look good, but does anyone really take the equipment seriously when compared to Callaway, Ping, or Titleist? Drivers? Putters? Wedges? [/quote] I do. Absolutely. I don't like to change equipment very often but I'll always look at Nike. And I have been ever since the VR line came in. That's when they fully caught up in my opinion. The original VR wedge blew me away. The irons were great and so were the woods. I've got the VR_S driver and it's staying in the bag for a good while longer.
  8. [quote name='pkuhr9' timestamp='1434463978' post='11761208'] do you happen to know the swingweight of the Srixons? [/quote] Off hand, no I don't, sorry.
  9. [quote name='Russ757' timestamp='1434413515' post='11758284'] Those srixons are the business. If you want 745s on a budget... Here you go [/quote] I tell everyone I know. The quality of Srixon's irons blows me away. Blows me away. [quote name='YoYoJumbo' timestamp='1434413653' post='11758306'] Those MacGregors look amazing. Good luck. I'd be surprised if this all didn't go quick! [/quote] Good eye. It took me a long time before I found one of these sets. Seeing mine up for sale gets me pretty upset. I never wanted to let these go.
  10. Throw some offers at me. Flexible for the most part. Just need all this stuff gone. First up is a couple of Demo Nike VR Pro 6 irons. The shafts can be installed and removed with a wrench. One's shafted with a Dynalite Stiff, the other a DG R300. $30 a piece. ONE SOLD Next up is my set of Callaway Apex Pros 3-PW. One of Callaway's best. These are all standard from Callaway shafted with S300. Condition is actually much better than than it appears. The finish on these things wore off instantly. Great great great set of irons here. Just can't keep them. $400 obo SOLD Now is my old faith
  11. Going to be honest here. No idea why people do this. With all the good clubs out from every company there's no way you just happen to think one company makes the best clubs for each category. I think it's an imitation thing. They see the pros do it and now they want to do it. I'd bet if the guys on tour had mixed bags, we would almost never hear any amateurs head to toe one company.
  12. [quote name='golfdad907' timestamp='1434162180' post='11742634'] [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1434137884' post='11740468'] They don't need to tell you anything when they take down a thread, especially given the way you are letting your indignation present in your thread title. From what I saw in the thread you started, you did a cut and copy job from someone's published work, which is no more acceptable to do here than it is in a high school classroom. [/quote] But perfectly acceptable for Joe Biden in law school The PC police are everywhere, even here. [/quote] Smooth
  13. [quote name='AlecEmersonGolf' timestamp='1434160542' post='11742460'] My club pro explained why hybrids hook to me a couple of weeks ago. He told me about when he first bought the original taylor made rescue, along with every other good player at his club. Within 2 weeks, every good player who bought them through them in the garbage, because the hit them dead left. Why? This is becuase of the angle between the top of the clubhead and the shaft. With a driver, the angle is smaller, and it makes the head less prone to closing. With a 3 wood, the angle is a bit bigger, thus it makes the head eas
  14. [quote name='SGHG' timestamp='1433395968' post='11686868'] I remember it took him forever to get out of his Vr Pro ltd driver and into the Covert. Seems like its the same pattern with the Vapor. The training aid putter..... what does it do?........ Smooth out tempo. [/quote] I've seen that training aid before on ebay. From what I recall it had the Yes! logo on it. Yea, with that shaft, I think it's supposed to even out your tempo.
  15. Although I am a person on the internet, I would suggest one small thing to try out if you're occasionally leaving shots to the right. Grip's the hardest thing to change but your right hand looks a bit "weak". You're left a tad as well. I don't like this picture very much but it's the first on google. [url="http://www.golfeneur.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Golf-grips.jpg"]http://www.golfeneur.../Golf-grips.jpg[/url] I'd say neutral is more in between this picture's "neutral" and "strong." That "neutral" still looks a decently weak. And that "weak" picture is impossibly weak. Somewhere a
  16. Damn, it's always refreshing to see some TP mills putters. That softtail does things to me.
  17. Do I have to watch Keegan and the Mechanic play shirtless beach volleyball now? Hmph... the way you said it makes it seem like you wouldn't enjoy that.
  18. Snapped a couple pictures real quick. [attachment=2627667:ADamascus.png] [attachment=2627671:ADamascus 3.png] [attachment=2627673:ADamascus 2.png]
  19. So to roughly average those numbers, you need to swing a 3 wood 110 mph to hit the ball 240-something yards? Am I missing something? I guess with the cold and soft conditions, you'd hit it somewhat shorter, but that just seems odd.
  20. For some reason I remember hearing something along the lines of Kevin Na being voted one of the better putters on tour by the players. But I just as easily could have heard that wrong.
  21. [quote name='ksgolfcoach' timestamp='1423925508' post='10951689'] When all you have is a hammer all you see is a nail. Amazing how often this applies in life [/quote] HA I like that.
  22. Wanted to bring this back up especially with all the Tiger talk on the golf channel. What's funny is when I listened to Nick Faldo talk about Tiger's chipping, he was so specific as to what Tiger was thinking about at impact, and being afraid of positions and all that. He was so passionate and went on and on and all I could imagine was him remembering his own swing worries and seeing them in Tiger as a perfect match. And I think that's what a lot of people do, especially good players, pros even, they remember what they went through and are eager to see it in other people and express that the
  23. [quote name='MonteScheinblum' timestamp='1423885446' post='10950111'] His hands don't get deep enough. Forces him to come down steep. Draw a vertical line up from his right heel. From half way back his hands need to work more toward that line. [/quote] Yea left arm plane's super high and in front. I always liked to think of the left arm matching the slope of the shoulders at the top. Whenever mine got low or high that's been my go-to thought.
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