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  1. Hahaha....the flu is bacterial (Vespar)...stick to golf bub!
  2. Ok in normal times I'd agree...no deal. Just figured there might be something given all the availability with surely a ton of cancellations. Maybe they'd close before cutting prices? Uncertain times these
  3. What's likelihood for deals to play Pebble and associated courses fur ng this time where so many aren't traveling?
  4. Yes, Cascades! Amazing track, it went just bust due to difficulty i believe. The "developer" ...what a $hitbird/scumbag. That being said....courses better have their act together or that douchebag and others like him are waiting in the wings. The best is when the homeowners call his bluff and oppose development....he gets burned.
  5. My buddy went to India, he said...I ain't about that life!
  6. I have a R 300 set of parallel tip shafts if anyone is picking up the clone set of heads. $49 shpped
  7. Champ Club was an amazing one off experience! It was pure golf thought, target and execution. Not for everyone. It reminded of a course I played in LA....side of a hill but that one was way harder! It closed as well. Happy I got to enjoy it ...definitely legendary and infamous.
  8. As a kid I used to rock something like that PRGR I think it was----used it to tee off since I sucked w the driver ----->
  9. Came to a conclusion after working on the game diligently after the last couple months. Just go get fitted, then work on the game. It will save you so much time, energy, and $$$. Over it. Is there any other industry whereby the product has such marginal performance gains over recently released models , sold to a demographic of probably higher than avg. intelligence folks (I know, a stretch there perhaps)--where the end product simply just doesn't deliver the promised gains in an meaningful matter --save for a placebo effect? Maybe--but I cant think of one. LoL From roughly a 10 year period from 2003-2012 avg driving distance increased about 3 yards!? Looks like in 2012 PGA tour averaged 290--now its up 5 yards to 295 in 2018 Hhahah. Senior PGA averaged about 2 yards further? And you are hitting it a lot further with that new flashy head and the expensive upgraded Stiff or X-stiff shaft? Hmmmmmm?? https://www.golfdigest.com/story/is-distance-really-out-of-cont Center hits on drivers from the last 10+ years are NO HOTTER than anything that came before it. A ball fired at the center of the clubface at 100 mph (the stnd. test by USGA) will come off at 83mph or less or club will be deemed non-conforming and not sold. No such thing a hotter than ever driver...... Shaft flex matters no where near you think it does. https://tinyurl.com/y5upgbb7 Finally - the marketing truth on high end shafts from Wishon- who knows far far more than the 2 hdcp, 110mph SS golfwrx playa will ever know. Buying new heads and shafts without proper guidance seems like such a waste of $$. Wishon states "Numerous times I have heard from clubmakers who tell me that so many times when a golfer has hit a couple of shafts both very well, if one of them is a high dollar shaft, often he will opt for that expensive shaft over the one of lesser cost because he thinks with no real justification that the higher dollar shaft has to be better because it does cost more. In such cases, the clubmakers tell me that they can try to explain the facts of performance but the golfer doesn't want to hear it. so in the end, the clubmaker is compelled to do what the golfer wants."
  10. > @taylormade4life said: > > @drl1534 said: > > > @Valtiel said: > > > Either the .355 head was reamed to .370 (easy job) or the .370 shaft shaved down to .355 at the tip. Both are fairly common. The hybrid and iron versions of the AD-DI are the same basic profile with the iron shaft being a little softer in the butt. > > > > > > Thanks I appreciate it. I figured that’s what it was. I don’t know how or plan on doing either of those to fit the Hyrbid shaft if they perform relatively similar. Seems like more of a hassle than anything else > > Depending on how much it costs to do club work by you, or if you can do it yourself, just plan for whatever works best. If you plan to keep the head you could bore it out so any 370 is a straight fit. If you are less sure about the head I would shave the shaft down. > Best way to shave that shaft down to fit and preserve longevity?
  11. > @CaddiesFault said: > Driver heads reached the USGA maximum COR of .830 over 10 years ago. Shaft technology seems to have really started to flatline around 2010-2013 as the consistency of shafts have improved greatly, as well as materials. If you catch the center of a newer head, with a shaft that loads properly for you, then there's not much else to do in terms of distance other than getting a longer shaft. > > The only thing heads nowadays have over your current one is direction and distance on mishits. You should be able to find a head with better dispersion. Good luck! < I think a lot of people would do well to just get fit and then they'll likely see that as the new drivers come out--they just dont make a substantial difference. How could they? Thinner crown? Lighter shaft? Repositioning of COG? Hotter face is out. How much could you save over buying driver after driver after driver---yet always seeming to have the same clubs into the holes you play on your courses?>>
  12. > @GSDriver said: > Golf Digest had an article on this topic back in late 1980s or early 1990s, except was iron flex. Probably not in their archive, but similar findings, shaft flex wasn't as important as would like it to be. <<<< BULL$HIT!!!! GOLFWRX'ers are SPECIAL GOLFERS!!! Hhhahah! Look for proficient golfers it MAY matter in your head / In play. For 98% of golfers, it probably doesnt matter nearly as much as they care to think about. Also, as many know, what is on the shaft label isnt always a function of actually how stiff the shaft is. So there's that for many who claim to absolutely need a stiff---if you havent been fitted or clubs tested--you have no idea what the shaft flex is>>>>
  13. > @Krt22 said: > 100% depends on the player and their swing. Some folks can swing just about anything, other's is a huge difference Ok then for players with a fairly high proficiency and square strikes would you agree based on this video that A or X flex....it doesnt matter? It looked like the guy had the same swing for A and X flex--very same #'s of swing speed. Do you not think the author could reproduce the same results with any fairly proficient golfer?
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