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  1. I'm looking for a 4-PW or 5-PW set of JPX919 Tour, heads only Serious buyer, so if you have a set, let's make a deal. Located in Canada, willing to buy from US
  2. Mini driver and thus, a two driver setup. Went full Decade / Stokes Gained and figure there's no point in having a 3 wood in the bag. I'm never hitting 3w into Par 5s around here (either too short or too risky), and what's the point of giving up 25y off the tee with a 3w with no added accuracy over a mini driver?
  3. ...he tore this ACL in the training with the SEALs
  4. Phil, Sergio, Adam Scott, DJ, Stewart Cink, Paul Casey, etc. all average 300+ off the tee and are all over 35 years old. How many back surgeries among them?
  5. After 5 back surgeries on top of everything else, maybe it's not the swing? Couldn't image swigging your way into a dozen surgeries. At some point, you've got to be at the range, in pain, thinking "wtf am I doing?' If I blow out my knees running in combat boots....I don't keep running in combat boots.
  6. The answer is obvious to anyone who read the ESPN story in 2016. It's the SEAL training, coupled with being injury prone. He's not having 5 back surgeries and 4 knee surgeries because he swings it 125mph.
  7. What kind of swing do you have? I don't take a huge divot, especially on the longer irons. On the shorter irons I'm between a moderate to lite divot, but never a total sweep.
  8. I have one in a TM R580 that I caved the face in as a junior. Wasn't worth selling so it has been sitting for 15 years. Always wanted to put the shaft in a modern driver, but didn't think a .350 tip would fit into a modern .335 adapter. Any ideas? I would be for a TM driver.
  9. +/- 2 grams is the weight of 2 small paper clips or one wrap of grip tape - averaged over the length of the shaft. There's no way you're going to feel the difference on a ~400g club.
  10. Rolling the ball back just means Bryson spends 2 weeks working with Cobra engineers trying to re-optimize his launch conditions. In the end, he's maybe 10y shorter with the driver. Meanwhile everyone who doesn't have a brand rep on speed dial is totally screwed - at least initially. Not many will be able to afford a complete bag overhaul.
  11. I'm looking for a 4-PW or 5-PW set of JPX921 Tour heads only Serious buyer, so if you have a set, let's make a deal.
  12. If a 1/4" is that critical on the driver, how are you swinging irons?
  13. Introduce a rule that says the gallery is OB. No one is going to use a 48" driver when there's actual hazards in play off the tee. It solves the distance problem (who cares if Bryson hits a 290y 3 wood?). It improves spectator/volunteer safety. It makes the game harder for the pros while have zero impact on regular golfers.
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