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  1. I used to me a member at a private club. There were lots of times I'd play after poor weather (raining for a few days, clears off at 4p, rush to the course) and there wasn't a single employee there. Any reasonable committee would make it LC&P but they're all at home and probably couldn't care less about the mud on my ball. It's a stretch to say I'm breaking the rules.
  2. Any Canadian retailers other than Dormie? Not looking to go custom. Or any Canadians have experience with shipping from a US company?
  3. Update: I spent 3 months on the range and practice facility after being away from the game for several years (was a 2-4hcp). To be honest, I needed the reps just to get my swing & feel back. I've played 4 rounds in the past few weeks and here are a couple observations Inside 100y is much better than it ever was. Distance control, chips, putting; all noticeably better. I'd venture to say I'm saving ~3 stokes a round just from this. I never practiced putting on an actual green, but instead bought two 11' indoor putting greens to make a 22' green. I roll about 100-200 putts a day, every
  4. Based on what distance? A 200y shot with a 30mph cross wind will travel left/right a lot more than a 100y shot
  5. Try being a 2hcp'er Ball striking isn't there and you string off 3 bogies to start. You try to force birdies and all of a sudden you're 9 over through 9 and people are calling you a vanity handicaper.
  6. That Rick Shiels review was a joke, right? QC Quad on the course, but zero numbers Maybe 25 hits total Intended to hit ~5 off the deck and gives up after ~3 shots No comparison to his driver or 3 wood Hard to believe he hit a 11* mini driver about the same distance as his 15* 3wood.
  7. The problem is, the course then has to publicly admit it's not in great shape and/or is too lazy to mark and remark GIR every few days. Most of this will remain GIR for years. There's a course I play that has poor drainage around a greenside cart path. The soil is all but eroded away from the water and is grassless from people leaving the green. It has been that way since at least 2002 and is marked as GIR for every tournament since then. But outside of tournaments, its never marked as GIR. Every member plays it as GIR year round, but how would a player who never golfs in tournamen
  8. I was 4 for the longest time (46/50/54/58), but I'm going back to 3 (46/52/58) to get some more top end flexibility Mainly because of strokes gained thinking, off the tee is more important. And even using the Pelz clock system, there's so many factors in an 90y shot; lie, wind, green slope, ball you're using, flight, margin of error. Having 4 clubs that could all go 90y just made things too complicated.
  9. Looking at Prestwick weather, the wind doesn't get above maybe 15km/h all week. BBC describes it as a "gentle breeze". I think the amount of wind over there in general is so overblown, pardon the pun. Do you need a excellent short game when the greens were cut like my front lawn? I'm sure Scott Fawcett from Decade could come up with one hell of a game plan to contend with the rough (using satellites and shotlink data) and Chris Trott from TaylorMade could customize a bag
  10. Yeah you'd get some squirrelly lies but a modern hybrid will cut through that a lot easier. Assuming you can keep the ball on the planet, you'll win just based off of the strokes gained metrics from length.
  11. What's "par" on 12 holes? 45-48? And the best round is a 55. So that's 7-10 over through 12. Yes a 4hcp would crush it. Easy 75y+ longer off the tee. GPS/laser for yardages. Soft and slow greens means it's easy to chip on. Sure, they'd suck at putting, but putting on greens from the 1860s was surely more luck than skill.
  12. I found @akronswitness at the range yelling "i PaYEd $125 fOR tHiS ROuNd, I'll dO aS I pLEasE!!!11"
  13. Budget baller mentality. I feel sorry for the single who got paired up with your group.
  14. It's honestly disappointing that some people feel this way.
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