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  1. Primary Use - 3 wood replacement Shaft - Evenflow black 75g Length - 44" but will probably trim to 43.5" My "long" driver is 45.5" and I swing that around 118-120mph. I swing the 44" mini driver at 115mph. I'm toying with loft at the moment, but I think 12.5* might be the best option.
  2. Avoiding the three-way miss with the driver. My natural shot is a fade. But I can hit a block cut. And a pull. And a off-the-toe-gear-effect snap hook. It's maddening. I could go from a 3 to a 1 just by fixing that.
  3. There's no noticeable difference between the TaylorMade RAC TP (2005) irons and the P7MC (2020) 15 years later. It's the same foundation with some refreshed graphics. There's some 2008 RAC TP irons (Japan edition) that look almost exactly the same 2020 P7MCs.
  4. I've done a 60minute front 9, walking, as a single I've also done a 45 minute 9 holes but didn't putt (every hole was +2 putts regardless)
  5. I have a TaylorMade driver with a stock shaft I was replacing. I decided to pull the grip with solvent and to my surprise there wasn't any grip tape on the shaft, just this yellow glue that came right off. I also have a UDI that I bought custom from TaylorMade. It has a Lamkin crossline grip and now that I look at it, the grip is twisted and makes me doubt there's any tape on that grip, either. Is this standard among TM? What about other OEMs?
  6. Anyone here use their gap wedge (~50*) basically like an 11 iron? So your setup would be 9 iron, 10 iron (pw) and 11 iron (50*) If I look at my 50* "wedge" as an 11 iron, why would I use a different shaft than the rest of my iron makeup?
  7. Thanks @Howard_Jones So from a spin perspective, it's probably simpler to just buy standard x100s and butt trim them. For the wedges, would butt trimmed x100s give me the lowest launch vs S400 (in any trim configuration)?
  8. Related question if I may... I watched a YT video where they toured the PING tour van. The club builder said they never use mid-sized grips (standard only) and players like Bubba use up to 13(!) layers of tape. Is there any reason for this vs simply moving to a thicker grip?
  9. What are my options if I want to hard step x100s and Tiger step my wedges? My general end goal is a slightly stiffer iron shaft and lower spinning wedges. I hit full shots with my PW and 50*, but only hit 3/4 and 1/2 shots with my 54* and 58* I have the following setup planned. I'm planning on having a set that's 1/2" over standard and a 1/2" progression Club Loft Length std +1/2" Shaft to buy (hard stepped) Trimming Shaft Goal 5i 27 38.5 6i shaft Butt only x100 lower spin vs stock x100 6i 30 38 7i shaft Butt only x100 lower spin vs stock x100 7i 34 37.5 8i shaft Butt only x100 lower spin vs stock x100 8i 38 37 Wedge shaft Butt only x100 lower spin vs stock x100 9i 42 36.5 Wedge shaft 3/8" tip, butt to length x100 lower spin vs stock x100 PW 46 36 Wedge shaft 3/8" tip, butt to length x100 lower spin vs stock x100 50 50 35.75 Wedge shaft 3/8" tip, butt to length x100 lower flight vs stock S300 54 54 35.75 Wedge shaft 3/8" tip, butt to length x100 lower flight vs stock S300 54 58 35.75 Wedge shaft 3/8" tip, butt to length x100 lower flight vs stock S300
  10. Looking for Project X or LS 6.5 or 7.0 Need at least 5-PW Must play at least 1/2" over standard. Grips or not I'm located in Canada FIY.
  11. A simple WTB - I'm looking for a driving iron, head only, between 22-23* No hybrids I'm only looking for the head I'm located in Canada but willing to buy from US Looking for something new-ish (2015 or newer) and in 8/10 condition. I'm not picky on brand Looking to spend $100-$150 USD shipped
  12. 2 iron will stay low. Short, but within reason. 8i will start low (for an 8i), climb, then almost go backwards. You'll get the hang time you expected...and for a second think you sailed the green, but then end up 10y short.
  13. Couple other things... I play in a very windy city, where gusts of 30-40mph are an everyday thing. So I'm used to playing the in the wind. For the longest time, I thought ballooning was "normal" I grew up in the Tiger era learning Tiger Stinger™ so I can "sting" anything from 2-5i. No ballooning. The second I start hitting 7i to PW, it's like I have to club up way more than I should. Recently I was 125y to the flag, 30mph headwind (playing ~170y) and hit a knock down 3/4 7i (usual 165y shot) and came up 25y short! Starts low, then rises, wind catches it and its like it goes backwards. I don't really have a preferred ball. I usually play a ProV or some derivative
  14. Would hard stepping a set of x100s help this problem or make no difference? Driver SS in the 118-122 range 8i ball speed in the 116-120 range
  15. Part of the problem is that I'm in Canada and don't have access to a testing facility. Fitting in this province is no existent. There's access to a QC Quad, but you'd have to bring your own clubs. So much of my fitting has to be done sight unseen and DIY. I don't want to buy KBS shafts because of the bent tip problem (real or not). TT X7 are $95/each. Project X LS are $76/each. My options really come down to: x100 ($32/each) x100 hard stepped ($32/each) PX 6.5 ($61/each) Modus Tour ($56/each)
  16. S200 and S300 They're fine. I only hit flighted wedge shots to keep the ball down and distance consistent. Full shots just go straight up unless I deloft a bunch; and either option makes it hard to control distance.
  17. If I'm experiencing ballooning on into-the-wind shots but a fine ball flight otherwise, how much fault can be attributed to the shafts and/or shaft flex? Let's remove iron heads, swing, and ball from the equation. It's a hard thing to try and mimic in a fitting since real turf interaction plays a big role in punch/flighted shots. I like the dollar value of the x100s. No interest in anything from KBS, and Project X shafts are at least double the cost of an x100 in Canada.
  18. Years ago I shafted my 3w and 5w with x100 shafts (.335 tip). I also have a set of x100 iron shafts (.355 tip) and can't remember how these were prepped. Is there anyway to determine how much these shafts have been tip/butt trimmed?
  19. I'm looking for a 4-PW or 5-PW set of JPX919 Tour, heads only *BOUGHT*
  20. Mini driver and thus, a two driver setup. Went full Decade / Stokes Gained and figure there's no point in having a 3 wood in the bag. I'm never hitting 3w into Par 5s around here (either too short or too risky), and what's the point of giving up 25y off the tee with a 3w with no added accuracy over a mini driver?
  21. ...he tore this ACL in the training with the SEALs
  22. Phil, Sergio, Adam Scott, DJ, Stewart Cink, Paul Casey, etc. all average 300+ off the tee and are all over 35 years old. How many back surgeries among them?
  23. After 5 back surgeries on top of everything else, maybe it's not the swing? Couldn't image swigging your way into a dozen surgeries. At some point, you've got to be at the range, in pain, thinking "wtf am I doing?' If I blow out my knees running in combat boots....I don't keep running in combat boots.
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