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  1. thank you very much!!! took me about 1.5 yrs to make! and I just love the finish! will post pics when its assembled, just put some epoxy on it, so tomorrow night I will have em up!
  2. So this is my putter that I designed and had milled out of 304SS. Welded long neck. Anyways, not the reason I am posting. After the season was over I wanted to get my putter refinished, and I wanted this thing to stand out!! So I was very fond of BOSGolf and I knew thru forums and searches that George @ TorreyRat Golf was a liason/sales person for BOS. So I decided to go thru him to get this service done, plus I wanted instant contact instead of going thru 3 channels of people to get the right person. And let me say, George is awesome at getting back to you ASAP and answers any/all que
  3. [quote name='GwrxMod' timestamp='1385580899' post='8217266'] Last and final warning. We will not tolerate the posting of personal information. End of story. [/quote] find this really hilarious here, you don't want personal information but its ok for an a****** to scam all of us? but yet you have a moderator contact me asking for his information? how is it that you quote on quote "moderators" (just normal joes like us that have tons of posts) can be provided this information? protect your members and not some dueshbag!
  4. I just got a tracking number for the oakley glasses. I will keep you guys posted
  5. TEE (tour edge exotics) XCG line. any of them, i currently have the xcg6 and its not going anywhere for a long long time. straight beast from anywhere
  6. i have been thru about 4 sets of wedges in the past 1.5 years. first a set up scratch wedges, honestly they are just too damn hard and when you hit the ball its like hitting a cement brick, not a good feel on these at all second, mizuno t11's, great club, just too thin of a topline for me third, then the mizuno jpx wedges, now just no feel fourth, wilson fg tour wedges, great feel just didnt like the distance and shot control now, on to the tvd vokeys, m grind. all i can say is wow, perfect topline, def a little meatier than your average vokey off the shelf wedge. but the feel and co
  7. Callaway Hex Black Tour. 2 Dozen Brand new in original box. $52 shipped firm [email protected] is the paypal, first to pay gets em. SOLD
  8. True Linkswear All Black 2012 Tour Model Sz10.5 Medium width $75 Shipped firm tried them on this morning for a golfing trip to myrtle beach I have in a week, realized i liked 2011 model much better. slight creasing in the right shoe, but basically these are brand new, had them on for 5 minutes and then right back in the box. Thanks!!!
  9. dont know if anyone posted this, didnt read all of them, so sorry if someone did. Name: The Punisher Graphics: Punisher logo, skull Color: White and Black Finish: Glossy white logo and flat black background
  10. Never experienced one of the best golf shoes, would love to give them a whirl! Plus Torrey Pines!!
  11. Try and make this quick with a killer price, would like to ship this tomorrow morning. RBZ Hybrid 19*. Non tour version. Has a real deal Fubuki AX350h Stiff shaft No 1 Lime Green/Pink grip, brand new, seen 4 rounds, great condition Overall, 9.5/10 club condition, face is perfect very minimal wear, sole has minimal wear, no crown marks at all. $85 shipped in the USA
  12. Got these for a xmas present from my boss, shows how much he knows me when we even play golf together. i dont use titleist balls, im all penta's!! $32 shipped without the box, $38 shipped with box, firm on prices Ball numbers 1-4 I dont know if these are the new 2012 or the old 2011 model, so if anyone can chime in that would be awesome, see I really dont play titleist!!!
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