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  1. That's awesome to hear. I ended up nabbing a set with KBS Tour Stiff in them, instead of the TT X95's that seem to come standard. Based on the what's on the TT website, and what I've read here, the 95's really throw the ball high. Don't need more help with that LOL. Thanks for the reply on the old thread. Glad to hear you're still hitting them.
  2. Did you end up liking them? I just grabbed a set for a solid price on eBay, and looking forward to hitting them this weekend.
  3. KSouth9 is still at it, I just picked up a set today for $350. Paid a little more to nab the set with KBS Tour Stiff, instead of the TT X95's, which I know I would balloon like crazy. Still can't believe these prices, considering I still see them at my local Golf Galaxy for $899. At first I was worried they were some kind of knock off, considering the price, so this thread has been immensely helpful. Thanks guys!
  4. Bumping only to say that I hit the driver today during a round, and hit 20% more fairways than usual. It was surprisingly long too. Don't think it's something Honma is doing specifically, just that the club works well for my swing. The really interesting bit is the adjustable length. I was able to take .5" off the club and knock it down to 45.5" for control. It comes with a removable ferrule "extender" and a swapable weight to keep swing weight correct. Very cool.
  5. Couldn't believe it actually. The sign said $299. The sticker said $199. And it rang up as $169. Bizarre but awesome.
  6. Just got home from Golf Galaxy where I ended up grabbing a Honma G1X Driver for $170. I've never heard of these drivers, and there is not a ton online, but the numbers were insane. It beat everything I was testing on the monitor, including the new GBB Epic. Anyone have experience with these drivers, and can shed some insight into their performance long term?
  7. Hey guys, any of you thought of the Redgate membership that is reciprocal for reduced green fees at 1757, Heritage Hunt, Lake Presidential, Reston National, Forest Greens? It seems like a decent deal at $2,150 for a year of unlimited golf and then reduced fees at those other courses. I have never played there, but it is just about 10 mins from work and 35 minutes from home. Fits a nice comfort zone.
  8. I wanted to give attention to a club fitter in the MD/VA/DC area by the name of Wade Heintzelman. He is the owner of Golf Care Center in Bethesda, MD. For a birthday gift my wife purchased an iron fitting for me at his fitting center. Bottom line up front: it was an incredible experience. I don't have a ton of fitting experiences to compare this trip to GCC and Wade, but I imagine this has to be one of the industry's bests. He is on the selected 100 best fitters on Golf Digest, and he earns that title. My experience: I arrived at the GCC and was greeted by Jack. From what I can tell
  9. [quote name='jdavisfop' timestamp='1404782712' post='9656235'] I was fitted for black dot in the g10s, and he said I would grow in to the stiff shaft, but with a swing speed of 80 I can't see where the stiff shafts are helping. I hit the irons pretty well, but anything longer then my 5 wood I can't get a decent hit on, I'm mainly interested in reshafting the woods. [/quote] When you say "swing speed of 80", what club are you referring to in your bag? If it is the driver, than you definitely need to reevaluate the stiff option--other clubs mean different things. And swing speed isn't the
  10. How about shaft / head combo? Wouldn't that impact more? I have found that the SLDR is pretty low spinning. It hits like knuckle balls for me that roll forever, can kind of kill me sometimes honestly.
  11. Before you spend the money to just get regular flex in all your irons, it would do you good to get fitted. Even some of the big chains can do a better job than nothing, but if you are looking to do it right pay a local pro a bit to get you fitted right. They can make sure that you play the right shaft. It'll help a lot of you are taking lessons.
  12. [quote name='richard t' timestamp='1394484837' post='8842001'] II got an Anser 4 wood early last year. Played it all summer with the S+ 72 stiff. I don't change fairways much but I won't be changing now for a looooong time. Have two Anser Drivers. One has Ahina and the other one experiments. Decided to get an S+ 60 for that one. Now I have to decide. Only had the S+ at the range twice. (weather) So far it is just like the 4 wood shaft in feel and flight. Move over Ahina S+ wants playing time! To me these are both great shafts so the rest of 'my collection' is going on the block. [/quote]
  13. Thanks guys, because of you feedback I picked [url="http://www.ebay.com/itm/121348806002?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649"]these up[/url] on eBay. Felt like a decent deal considering 3-PW and Project X. I am currently playing AP1s with X Stiff KBS Tours and it is just too damn much. Too much shaft, too little forgiveness.
  14. How forgiving are the pocket cavity series? Are these really player cavities or are they actual cavities?
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