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  1. SOLD. Truthfully if it works for you it is unreal. I get along better with the xx but the x was still very playable. All the hype is warranted. So much easier on your body and way easier to swing faster with far less effort. I went rainbow in the xx lol. I swing it comfortably ~115 with my tensei white. With this shaft I hit 120+ easily with what felt like the same swing. I can't swing it less than 115, even with what I feel like is a smooth cruising type move.
  2. AutoFlex SF505 X with TM tour 1* tip. Pretty much new, very little use. Plays 46" no tipping. Has a brand new Iomic mid size grip on it. $old shipped usps priority
  3. MACHINE M10 SOLID COPPER FIXER RIGHT HANDED 34” LIGHTLY USED STARTING TO SHOW A LITTLE NATURAL PATINA. Machine M10 Solid Copper FIXER Absolutely no dings or dents to be found just normal play showing on bottom. See pics on all. Can send more pics if desired. Head cover included. This MACHINE Features a Custom Solid Copper M10 FIXER head with a Natural Copper Finish. Torched Damascus Medallion with Machine Logo. With matching plumbers neck. Head Style: Solid Copper M10 Fixer Hosel: 1018 Carbon Half Shaft Offset Plumber Neck Medallion: Circle M Finish: Natural Copper Finish Head Weight: 405 Gr
  4. 1. Rare Mini DH89 with a welded Long Pipe neck. Pretty sure byron isnt making minis anymore. The head is finished in Byron’s mattblue oil finish on stainless steel. The long pipe is high polished with a blue oil fade and the neck blends the head and the shaft very well. Micro milling on the face offers crisp feedback with solid feel from the mini's concentrated mass. Overall in great shape, has a few sole scratches and one teeny tiny knick on the toe area topline, but nothing major. Awesome byron Morgan HC included. PM for more pics Weight – 350g, Loft – 3*, Lie - 70*,Length – 33.75”
  5. How far does the ball need to travel for this to work? Can they be used in backyard hitting nets effectively?
  6. Got a new shaft for my TM m5 head that is absolutely ridiculously good...no use for this setup anymore. Will separate, PM is key. Used to have tons of positive feedback on here, not sure that exists anymore with the site update. Anyway, on to the goods. $sold $sold $sold 2. Tour issue UST Chrome Gold prototype 6f5(xflex) with awesome ion finish. Plays right around 45" in my m5 head. $200 shipped
  7. You were thinking about adding hot melt to a solid club head while on the range mid session?
  8. Thanks. Really surprised it hasn't moved yet. I've dropped it to 500 from 550, firm at 500. I purchased this for well over 600 so I'm taking a hit.
  9. Yeah it's a very cool putter. These things used to sell the moment they were listed now crickets...strange
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