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  1. Basically the only mainstream manufacturers that make this toe hang with depth are Odyssey #9 and Scotty del mar. Am I right or wrong?
  2. Your onto something. Ha What's a good quality mat?
  3. Updates on the experience? Pics?
  4. I saw a picture on here of the new portland toulon reminds me of an taylormade putter #9 style with a fang back end.
  5. How do you like it? What were you playing before this style of putter?
  6. Played today. Front nine I putted well with it back nine, not so much I respected the greens to much. I was playing at a country club and thought the greens were going to be lighting fast but they were not. That being said I love this putter. I even use it what its actually for and brace it in my left forearm and grip it with my right hand making it more like a 32 - 33 inch putter. I do enough my lag putting gripping it at the top though. It truly is a versatile putter. The weighting and feeling is amazing. The best putter I have ever owned and I did not even putt that great today.
  7. I went to Golf Galaxy today just for a regrip for my driver (Ping G400 Max). I actually called to see if they had the grip I wanted and when I arrived, it was only the midsize SMH. I brought my TaylorMade Spider S putter that I purchased a year ago and have never really liked it. It was an upgrade of my 15 year old Scotty Cameron Newport 2. Did not really go in there thinking of purchasing a new putter. Possibly just a new grip for it. I was talking to one of the fitters/ pros at GG, and I asked him what I should do with my putter. Regrip my Spider or make it longer like a Fred Couples putter or the recent EvnRoll putters. I made a comment I suck at putting. The guy I was speaking with waived me over to the putting green and I rolled about 5 balls as he eyed my putting stroke. He said I am rolling the wrong putter and that I need a toe hang putter. I thought well I will just go back to my Scotty that I just put a superstroke wristlock on it. He left because he had a fitting and I was looking around the putting green for putters. I grabbed a odyssey #9 from the used rack and was not fully impressed. Then I saw a EvnRoll putter it was the 11v Mallet and was 35 inches with the long plumber neck which is actually still face balance. I said well it's basically like my Spider putter. I was not full impressed it. Then I notice a EvnRoll ERV2 with a Long Slant plumber neck and was 40 inches long, actually when I was watching reviews on this from Not allowed because of spam I thought the length and Long Slant plumber neck was just for the 11V model. I began rolling it and I just fell in love with it, and kept saying this is what I have been wanting. I traded my Spider in because I hate club clutter and I am terrible at selling clubs ( I know I can make more on the private end) and purchased the Evnroll ERV2 40 inch mid lock. Looks absolutely incredible. I came home and went straight to my local course putting green and practiced and I absolutely love it. A while back ago I went to the PGA superstore and I was rolling a bunch of gimmicky putters, Axis1, Seemore (Which I use to own one), Edel, and a few others. I picked up a 34 inch Evnroll Tourstroke with crazy offset and I absolutely made everything and felt extremely comfortable with it. I also watched videos from CoolClubs and were talking about the knew Wristlock Superstroke grip and pairing it with the Evnroll Tourstroke and coming back to square is so important. Lastly, in my league a guy gave me a tip stating you want your putter to come back to square and past the ball. One of the best putting tips I ever got. Well this EvnRoll does it, especially the Long Slant Plumber neck hosel and pairing it with a longer putter just keeps my body and hands super quiet. I am playing tomorrow, so I will keep you posted. It has 3 things that I always wanted in a putter. 1. Fred couples length putter that isn't technically armlock. 2. A Scotty Cameron Newport 2 looking head a non mallet head. 3. Tour Slant Plumber neck. True MOI, coming back to square.
  8. what size did you guys get? 39,40 or 41?
  9. Saw ping wedges in his bag. And looks like Bridgestone is back in his bag.
  10. Which ones do you like better? Do you like the hydropearl finish on the 425?
  11. Agreed with you. I have the Ping IE1 irons I like them a lot still. I want more forgiving irons and the G425 irons are eyeing me but I had the glide wedges awhile ago and I did not like the hydropearl finish at all. So the new G irons have that finish where my Ping IE1 don't and I still hit them great.
  12. Does anyone know the release dates of these putters?
  13. I wish the cart bag had a 6 way instead of a 14/15 way top and without side handles. Other then that Vessel bag is the best cart bag I have seen.
  14. I rolled the rossie s at dick sporting goods. the feel was amazing. just wish they were offering the #9. rossie s is almost like a #9 but not quite.
  15. I am waiting for Game golf to return my emails and my money back.... That won't happen. Terrible device and customer service.
  16. I have the same exact golf organizer then you. I actually have the same asher gloves. ha. Nice bags, what brand is next to the linkssoul bag? How do you like your Seamus towel?
  17. He was always Tmade. Couples had the SLDR forever. These irons have to be close to 10 years old.
  18. What is the most forgiving 3 iron driving iron this year?
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