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  1. Have several practice sessions, short putts are a whole lot easier since I feel I can see the putter, the line and hole better together. Long putt distance control is more difficult, probably need more time to get used to it. Finally, played my first round yesterday with left hand putter, putt really good, 3-6 ft putts are spot on. There's one problem keep coming up that hurt my scoring that I never thought of. After I finished putting and moved on to the tee box, it feel super weird, keep pulling the ball left numerous times which is not my miss.
  2. Right hand player, left eye dominant and started developed the worse case of yips 5 years ago after playing golf for over 20 years. After I had 44 putts in a tournament, bought scotty boomstick and been putting with it since. However it never really fixed the problem, average around 34, 35 putts a round that playing to a 6 handicap. Been messing around with armlock, centershaft for last 6 months and finally purchased a left hand putter today after testing it out in the PGAsuperstore. It should be here in couple days, please wish me luck!
  3. Small update, playing the Autoflex at 46" with Sim 9 degree turn down to 8. I am getting more comfortable with the driver with every round and range session, hitting some of the longest drives I've ever hit for sure. I know the main talking point is the distance but this thing is so damn straight and easy to control. In last 2 rounds, I missed 4 fairway and 3 of the misses is with the 3W.
  4. This thread won't be 35 pages long if the tradeoff is not beneficial. It take time and work to dial it in but it well worth the effort for me.
  5. I have the Autoflex stiff flex for almost 3 months now, I have never hit the ball straighter, longer ever with a easier swing. Finally figure out how to hit it higher or lower in demand and going to sell my beloved VA composite Raijin driver shaft.
  6. I have my TS2 4 wood for over 1 year, you can only imagine how bad it looks now. I thought it may be sand or range ball but my other hybrids are all fine and this explains it. I thought about upgrade it to TSI2 but now for sure not.
  7. For last 2 rounds and range session, I have been putting the ball at least half a ball closer to toe and I have been hitting the ball a lot straighter and longer since I can swing more freely. The reason is I can see my strike pattern seems to be more on the heel and push right and I remember what Ian said in the TXG video.
  8. I have the same question, TS2 been great, only complain is it spins a tad too much for me. I tested Sim 2 Ti and Ping 425 LST, both spin a bit less with similar ball speed and Sim launches higher.
  9. I used to play a 7 wood approx. 15 years ago, it is super easy to hit but it is very difficult to control the flight and height in windy days which is quite often in Texas. Do the new generation 7 woods easier to hit it lower?
  10. I am playing 46" 505 with Sim 9 degree turn down 1 notch now, start with 10.5 turn down 2 notch. I have 5-6 rounds in with both heads and numerous driving range sessions. Other than difference heads, I also played with different swing weight, D0 and D2, the difference is 4 gram of weight at the front track. The difference is night and day for me, D0 is so much more consistent. At D2, it just seems like the head was always behind the swing.
  11. TXG Autoflex 3 wood testing, hold on to your wallet.
  12. I will say go 46" with Callaway Max LS and TSi4. Don't think Ping is a good match with Autoflex, TSi2 can change back weight & loft but only a very limited range, not sure about Mizuno older driver at all. I will also suggest no more than D2 swing weight.
  13. Adam's autoflex problem is not a swing problem but more a set up problem I believe.
  14. Played 18 holes yesterday first time with the Autoflex, Sim 10.5 degree. A few observations. 1. It seems to go slightly longer with a easier swing 2. The ball launch higher even though I turn the Sim down to 9 degree from my usual 9.75 3. Still learning to be able to hit it harder, need to master the smooth fast swing. 4. Not as easy to flight it down in a windy condition. 5. It is so much easy to hit it straight, the dispersion is unbelievable good. I need to get a 9 degree head to test it out.
  15. Order some lighter backweight and it will help you dial in the swing weight. Having second range session and still prefer D0 than D2, it seems heavier weight will block to the right a bit more and more inconsistent.
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