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  1. https://kbsgolfshafts.com/shop/tgi-tour-graphite-iron/ My iron is parallel tip, wedge is taper tip. So taper tip seems to play to a different flex according to KBS. On feel alone, Taper Tip 95 seems to be little bit stiffer than TGI 80 parallel.
  2. I have been playing Autoflex since beginning of the year, really enjoy it and thinking about putting it into my 3 wood. Do I have to adjust the head weight of the 3 wood like driver?
  3. I have been playing TGI 80 "stiff" for a few months, they actually feel more stable and better than MMT 80 or Steelfiber FC 90 or Recoil 780ES. Never thought it too be too light or too whippy and my 7 iron swing speed is from 86 to 91 depend on how warm up I am and how I want to hit it. Now I have also try to match the wedge shaft to my iron shaft and have been playing TGI 95 and according to their website, it is a regular plus flex. It is heavier for sure but not sure it is stiffer or softer, can't really tell.
  4. At same loft, similar setup, Sim 2 Max will launch higher than Sim 2 and Sim 2 will launch higher than M5 with less spin for most players.
  5. I have these Black Rac Combo Set with satin PX shaft forever, played approx. 4 seasons with them. I bought it on ebay and the listing said they might be tour but I can never confirm it. Looking at the top line of the 5 iron is so scary, super thin.
  6. I am pretty sure they are made by Miura from what I remembered from the BSG date.
  7. I had a Lime Green with Tour R7 driver. Great looking combo.
  8. King for me, beat out my G425 3 hybrid and trusted Mavrik 5 hybrid. Have only one range session and one round with it so far. So much better for me, not even close.
  9. I went to the PGA superstore last week, testing out some other hyrbids, 7 wood vs my G425 3 hybrid, saw the new epic super hybrid demo just sitting there and I give it a workout. It is pretty awesome, ball speed, launch and very forgiving. I hate to say it but it is so much better than my G425, not even close.
  10. I tried the same length with GW, SW, LW, love the setup but SW are all over the places and I can't find any reasonable price clubmaker to ported out the weight.
  11. For me, having KBS TGI in my iron and wedges are enough. Don't think I need the same feel in hybrids or woods, not going help much if any.
  12. I have been looking for new irons with graphite shaft for 2 years, tried numerous irons with all kind of shafts, paid for 2 iron fittings and still nothing really make me willing to order it on the spot. Went to PXG fitting a few months ago and the Gen 4 iron is just love at first hit, so so good and ordered them on the spot. They are just perfect for my iron game.
  13. Control first for sure but if the ball goes further, the dispersion will of course get bigger. In this kind of fitting, I always wish they can let me hit the 6,7 iron of the T100 and 8,7 iron of ZX7.
  14. Pulling for Branden Grace with Autoflex in the 6 men playoff, almost...
  15. I will like to know what launch monitor you are using and what kind of balls? Possible is some inaccurate data reading. If you can, go to get a driver fitting with trackman or GC quad might be able to solver your mystery.
  16. A box of left dash of course, finally put it in play this week and shot 73. I went back today to the PGA superstore in Plano , Texas and bought 2 more boxes. I think they have one box left on the shelf.
  17. I got my 2 ball ten armlock fitted at the PGA superstore. Nothing really fancy but he did adjusted the lie and the loft. Using the 2 ball ten armlock last 2 months has transformed my putting.
  18. I am sure you already check the sw, playing a shorter driver need more headweight. Also, my fitter told me one time after I keep missing on the heel, may be the shaft is too stiff?
  19. I bought a box from PGA superstore about a month ago. Very long off driver but spin a lot less than V1X off iron.
  20. And he is one of the best of all time to add or take loft off, change speed and manipulate his iron.
  21. I have moved on from Sim to Sim2. I have played with many different weight settings with Sim, lighter front or back. Standard weight is in Sim is differently too heavy. I purchased a Sim 2 head and the 8 gram back weight. After a few rounds and a few range sessions, the Sim 2 standard weight works better for me also. It weights 195 gram, seems to be a lighter head compare to other brand of drivers?
  22. The Op said he swing his 7 iron low 80 and driver in the mid 90. I hit my 7 iron upper 80 and driver 103 and my lower iron I only play up to 6 iron for last several years. Hybrids and fws are your friend, higher launching, spin more and better decent angle.
  23. The KBS tgi has been flying under the radar. They are very good.
  24. You guys talk me into in, just bought the 5, 1 degree strong
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