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  1. Bettinardi BB8, 34”, good condition, Garsen Pro Max grip - $275 Bettinardi BB19, 34.5”, original shaft and band, good condition- $160 Scotty Cameron Newport Two, refinish by Continental, original band/grip- very nice condition, 35”, $450 Ping Anser 2 BeCu, Pat Pend, nice condition, 35.5”, original band/grip - $260 Ping Anser 4 BeCu, good condition, original band - $200 Ping Eye2+ BeCu Lob Wedge, good condition, 35”, Project X 6.5, Blue Dot - $200 trades considered, all prices shipped east of MS add $5 west pin 1/23
  2. Thanks man. I've obviously been on WRX for a long time and more than a little of it came from here. I'm basically loaded up with the clubs I couldn't afford when they were popular back in the day... Maybe in 10 years or so I'll upgrade to some of today's popular sticks, but I doubt it.
  3. Cameron Newport 2, very nice, redone by Continental, original shaft and grip, not on course since redone. 35” - $650 shipped Ping Becu Anser 2, Pat Pend, really excellent shape, original shaft, grip 36” - $300 shipped Ping Eye2+ Becu LW blue dot, Project X 6.5, good condition -$250 (willing to trade this one for same in red dot) offers considered
  4. Nothing in particular I'm looking for, but all trades considered... Titleist AP2 710 forged, 4-pw, Steelfiber 110CW stiff, custom paintfill, some browning on short irons but very playable $325 shipped, $10 west of MS
  5. All trades welcome, in particular looking to trade plus $ for p790, Apex Pro, MP 20, or i210 set for son, x shaft preferably. 2011 TaylorMade TP MC's 4-pw, 4 iron head only, 5-pw aerotech steelfiber i95 stiff. Nice condition. Midsize Tourwraps. - $275 shipped (+10 west of MS) 2016 M2 9.5 some scratches, paint chips, see pics, but very playable. Fuji Pro 50 Regular flex. $130 shipped (add $5 west of MS) 2016 M2 9.5 some scratches, see pics, but very playable. Oban Devotion Stiff. $150 shipped (add $5 west of MS) M2 18* 5 wood Fuji Pro 65 Stiff. $80 shipped (add $5 west of MS)
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