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  1. I've sunk dozens of hours searching over the years. Ive had a bunch of the ones mentioned, the widest and "square-est" looking (my preference) is/was a Rife Switchback XL. A Machine M2A (I think) was close. That Sik looks great too
  2. It's spreadsheets like that are the reason we aren't gonna be allowed to work from home full-time OP.
  3. Both putters have tungsten powder corked down the shaft to bring weight to 415g. Both are under 33". Very little use. Shipped to lower 48 only. Elevado $100 premier 11 $90
  4. There's quite a few listings on Glassdoor.com for sales reps
  5. Lower spinning balls are more "forgiving" many lower spinning urethane balls just happen to be softer as well. You will lose spin with every club though.
  6. Dont use cotton if you can avoid it. Get polyfill (pillow stuffing) from a craft store the cotton balls can clump up and absorb moisture.
  7. REDUCER SPACER/WELD WASHER 3/8 (.375"ish) to 5/8" flange
  8. Have you tried to hit it and felt the SW was too light ? Changing the shaft completely changes the club, don't sacrifice everything else more important to hit a certain SW number.
  9. If you want more height, soft step the R's. Going to Stiff will completely change the the entire feel.
  10. For sure, it ruined it for me. I use mobile exclusively and it "formats" very clunky and is too "busy". Such a bummer, I loved this site. I still have it bookmarked and occasionally read the Midwest thread. Maybe its an improvement for desktop users, but Im not one of them.
  11. The only truly private option in the area is Lansing CC. From there you're stretching down to Marshall CC (50 minutes south) or Duck Lake (45 min). By that time you're entering into Battle Creek or Jackson drive times and they're an hourish. The only other private option was in Haslett and it went out of business last year.
  12. 173 cm = 5' 8" Saving my people here in 'Merica a few seconds. *EDIT I'll offer this. You're swing is different with a shorter driver because mentally, you are getting ready to swing as hard as you can. Which you should never do. Unfortunately, you're just going to have to practice a tremendous amount focusing ONLY on not bending your elbow in the beginning. This is a common problem when learning to golf. I had it too. Good luck
  13. *ALL ITEMS PRICED SHIPPED LOWER 48 ITEM #1 ($43) This is ladies Flex 15 degree driver at 44 in * the black paint fill was done by me * 2 inch black vinyl marking tape was placed over the factory shaft which is in excellent condition underneath *the gray grip has a hole in it but I can replace that before shipping if you'd like with a random black or white medallist wrap grip. *there is no matching head cover ITEM #2 *SOLD* King Cobra M-Speed 12* *SOLD* head.The carbon fiber on the crown is 3M 1080 Dinoc vehicle wrap. Underneath is raw. Face shaved past score lines. To expose the VFT layers. This is one of my "full" shaves. I cannot measure COR, but at my low 90's SS this is all I needed to get all the extra yards and still be 100% confident it will last for years (it has and will continue to) light polyfil added to mute the sound. Not cotton balls, they hold moisture. ITEM #3($27) TaylorMade Superfast 10.5 ($27) This has all the paint removed and just played as a "raw" grey. This face has been shaved as well. This shave is very modest and just done to still hold paint in the score lines and still have a normal looking "hot" head. Polyfil to mute sound. ITEM(S) #4 and #5 ($20each or $35 both) Diamond Tour Golf Felon 12* heads. Google them if you dont know. I also shaved these (Why ? I know...I know) They were great distance wise, but never got either as consistent as my gamer. The shave is mild, but a couple grams per face. There is polyfil in both to mute the sound. Both crowns have 3M Dinoc that is raw underneath. ITEM #6 (Sold) Cobra F7 11* SHAVED FACE(sold) paint removed to expose the carbon fiber. I love the look. This face is a "full" shave. Some polyfil and 2 of the weights are aftermarket (heavier) any interested buyer just ask and I can weigh them. The adapter is polished and torched all #'s visible. The face on this one is very high quality BTW. Any questions just ask me. Thanks
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