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  1. I went with standard Project X 6.5, but I have those currently in my 919 tours, so it was a comfortability thing with me. Less variables I guess only having hit the demo 7 iron. I wanted to combo but can imagine how i'd even combo with my old 919Ts with the yardage gap I saw in just the 7 irons
  2. I'm having the same internal issue with two pitching wedges. I ordered all of my 225s 1 degree weak so I'm thinking of just bending my 50 degree Vokey one degree strong (also assuming the 225 PW is the "least hot" of the 4-PW set).
  3. Quick question since I can't seem to find this anywhere else. Are the TSI 3 driver weights the same ones that go in the fairways/utilities? I don't own the driver so I was curious before I made the purchase from Billy Bob's golf or another site. Thanks in advance...
  4. Is everyone still waiting for their TSi woods that ordered the TX Tensei Blue? I know someone stated sometime in march before that combo would ship, but it's now officially mid-march and I was hoping to see some shipping details.
  5. First up is a 9.9+/10 SIM Rocket 14 degree with a prototype tensei white 70tx that plays to standard length. Nothing remotely close to a sky mark and only some natural turf scratches on the bottom. Standard white/black golf pride mcc grip. $300 Shipped. Next is a set of Taylormade MG2 Wedges (50, 54, 60) that have been played for less than 10 rounds. These are Standard L/L/L with Project x 6.5 in the 50 and 54, and a TI s400 in the Tiger Woods 60. Looking to keep these all together at this point. $225 shipped for the set.
  6. Looking to see a set of blacked out MG2 Wedges. 50.09, 54.11,60.08. These were put together at a local Club Champion and have aftermarket black TI S400s that you can't get on the Taylormade website. The 50 degree wedge has a black TI X100, and I have a brand new uninstalled extra black S400 I can send with the wedge if you want to swap it out. These have only been played a couple rounds and are almost perfect outside of some sand shots on the 60. Selling as a set only right now for SOLD. I paid much more than that for these having to track down the shafts. Standard Loft and lie on these as well.
  7. I find the ProV1x left dash to be one of the lowest spinning tour balls off the driver that still has the short game performance I'd expect out of a premium ball. TXG did a test recently that has some of that confirmation as well against PRO v1x.
  8. City, Sate? San Diego, CAHandicap? +1Current driver and shaft? 2016M2 w/ Tensei Orange 70txWhat would you improve with your current setup?? remove left side betterWhat Tensei AV RAW shaft do you want to test? Tense Orange RawDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and quality photos? Yes
  9. I wear an 11.5 in the Roshe but they only have 11 or 12 available on NDC. Any idea as to whether I should go up a half size or down?
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