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  1. Those Saloman Alphacross I believe will be my best tractioned golf shoes out of the many I have out in the garage! I've got two Nikes, three Pumas, some Crocs, and some Trues.... I went to the range, and even on mats due to overseed - no slippage at all! I did some practice swings on the virgin grass & this agressive tread is what I want! Did some chipping on real grass area (of course). Decent breathability today at 95F w/o socks...a steal which I actually found at my Bass Pro Shops for $60!
  2. I picked up these trail-running shoes for my walking the course comfort here in the AZ heat. I don't like to wear all-leather versions too often, and sometimes go no socks - hope they are decent on my next round Monday...https://www.salomon.com/en-us/shop/product/alphacross.html#color=17063 Outstanding tread on the bottom - more meat than any spikeless versions of golf shoes out!!
  3. I can't give the poll a "straight" answer as I have not experimented with my bag much on this area of hybrids and shot shaping. 10+ But, i prefer a draw on all shots, and do it easily with driver and my irons. My hybrids in the 18 & 21 degrees are more GI shaped, and perhaps that is why I just play them as fade shots. Seems like when I try to draw them, they hook wild, but in fade swing, it is mostly in control. This is one reason I dropped the Hy 25 out in favor of 4 iron this season in both bags - a TM SIM Max & Titleist T300.
  4. Hey - I currently have both shafts for irons you have tried....Kuro Kage TiNi 105 and the Recoils 110 F4. I also use the Evenflow Blue 65 in my Cobra F9 Tour length driver. What do you think about those iron shafts for feel and performance? I think the Recoils feel smoother, but the KK TiNi feel more steel like. Each is EZ on my elbows/shoulders - I can't play steel in irons much anymore. I like each set.
  5. Most recent steel was Nippon Modus 105S - nice feel. Also, KBS CTL S - pretty good as well. Both sets made my swing work, but I like to hit some range balls each week and that steel just catches up to me every few weeks...I am not getting that anymore now in graphite mostly since 3/20. I will likely stay in the 110G weight range for iron shafts for quite some time.
  6. I'm really liking these Kuro Kage TiNi 105S in my own T100 5-PW set. As a comparison, I have played two other sets in Recoils 110 F4 - even currently in the TM P760 set. Those MR KK TiNi are just a touch stouter feel than Recoil 110 F4 due to tip IMHO. But performance is very similar. I grew tired of elbow/shoulder pain with steel, so as I rotate two sets due to golf boredom, this is a homerun in shafts for T100 sets for my game.
  7. Avid runner, 38 years of that, who walks golf alot as well. In this talk of comfort and shoes, I can tell you one thing that is very true...my feet swell up 1/2 size in each action. I cannot run or walk a golf course in the same size of shoe I wear to work our out on days off. They have to be at least 1/2 to 1 size Bigger. This is especially true in hot summer (AZ player!) mos. Given room for the toes to expand, most of the Puma and Nike lines of soft spikes have been great. I run in Asics. YMMV. Cheers!
  8. Sure luv my T100 (no S) Not In Black!!! Can't have black irons hanging out of a golf bag in the brutal Arizona Summer Heat! I don't bring pot holders out when I play, and even my chromed versions of irons are flesh-burners here! Nonetheless, blacked irons do look pretty neat, like black limos, guns, swords, etc....kinda fashion more than function IMHO......to each their own.
  9. Went into just One of the T300 as I reversed course on hybrids in the 4iron slot. I got a T300 +.25in 5 as my new 4 iron into the stock L/L/L T100 irons 5-PW. So far, that new T300 4 is great - my stock 185yds perfect conditions. That is all the hybrid I played there was supposed to give me, but I like the T300 better integrated with a MCA Blue Tensei S at about 70g in the bag now. Very confident with it and seems like I now hit my T100 actual 5 better!
  10. I played Nippon Modus 105S for a year in TM M5 - was real nice set, but steel caused elbow pain and shoulder socket soreness. FWIW, I usually have 2-3 sets of irons in rotation. Was also playing the KBS CTL S shaft in some P790. Now, gone are those sets and my sig. sets each have graphite. This (TM P760) is second set of irons with Recoils 110 - F4 stiff. Perfect feel and no harm to the body! Those are nice feeling and weighted shafts. Very similar to Modus 105 and the 125 line (these have nearly identical profiles). Too bad MR does not offer their Kurokage TiNi 1
  11. avguy

    Multiple Bags

    My Sig of two bags is just the core. Could possibly build a third, but won't play the Honma TW727 MBs much now due to their steel shafts. I'm just too ADD about golf to only play one set. Mine feel relatively similar in their specs and looks so I don't go pear-shaped if I switch one day to the next. Love the equipment part (Hence, on WRX)!
  12. I believe in theory, more grooves would impart more spin for a skilled ball-striker, such as a Pro. But, perhaps one can find a Ytube test of this theory and see what it really is.....Tour guys don't "have" to get those grooves to play the game right.
  13. Staff Cart Bags have that Giant pocket on their curved front that gets useless on a push-cart or cart - hence a caddy carry on the tour. Big Cart bags like SM C-130 or Ping Pioneer have all the pockets facing one-way useful for carts and push carts.
  14. Not COVID-related, but I decided to go away from hybrids in that #4iron spot, and ordered two new irons for it.....actually they are 5 irons. To go with the TM P760 5-PW, I got a SIM Max coming today. It will have the KBS TGI 80 graphite shaft, and should transition into my set of P760s with Recoils 110 down and up into the old trusty TM SF 2.0 21 with their ReAX shafts. For my Titleist T100 5-PW, went with a T300 with MR Tensai Blue 70 shaft, similar shaft to the KK TiNi 105S. Just playing the T300 had been good so far from hybrids before. The super help
  15. DLX is sooooo roomy! I like mine. It does have a golf cart induced wear area on the upper large pocket back side trim that surprised me at 2 mos. use. But, with Pioneer, more of a cloth texture - it likely is less water resistant. It may not suffer that wear that the DLX did, and is also very roomy and excellent in its pocket design. You can't go wrong here - get the one that your eye likes!
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