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  1. Complete driver still available. Don’t really want to separate.
  2. Sale pending on shaft. I’ll update head price for driver if it goes through.
  3. These just didn't work for me. 1. Callaway Rogue 10.5 with wrench. Stock Even Flow Blue 6.0 stiff 65 gram. Ordered from TGW new and only played 1 round with it. All standard except I installed a Grip Master leather grip. Sold shipped. Will entertain trades. Newport 2.5 or 1.5. Older models preferred. PayPal is [email protected]
  4. Driver. 510tp with TP 757 3 wood. V steel with TP 757 shimmed. First club I put together myself 5 wood. Steelhead plus with DG lite Irons. Tie between TA3 form forged with black heads. Old rifle 6.5s in them. 710 CB that Joe Kwok built for me. Wedges. Cleveland 900 low bounce I hate putters
  5. Callaway Steelhead plus.
  6. Are these factory x 100 and what si the length of the 5 iron?
  7. I have a set now and would like a backup with s300's
  8. I am a 2 handicap and hit the ball pretty consistently in the middle of the club face. I have an issue with the wear on my glove. When I am playing my best, there is no wear on the glove and it will last 10 rounds. However, I go through spurts where I wear the glove badly on the pad and the thumb of my glove. I do not think it is my grip. I think I am compensating at times for something and I hit the ball very poorly. I eventually work my way out of it in a couple of weeks. These couple of weeks are very frustrating. Please assist me in what you think is going wrong.....
  9. How much to buy the shaft and what are the specs on the cinammon?
  10. Back of the ball through the front of the ball. I like to keep it simple. This is of course after visualizing the ball flight.
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