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  1. Couple items for sale today. Let me know if you have any questions. PayPal Only, No Trades, First to pay... 1. Wishon 919 FD (fairway/driver). 14* with a Speeder 757 stiff shaft. Definite Cannon here. I picked this up due to having trouble keeping my driver on the planet as this was a very accurate fairway finder. I've moved on to a TM Original One but wouldn't mind holding onto this if it doesn't sell. Used condition, looks great though. There is a slight rattle in the head, no affect on performance and I don't even notice it unless I'm actively trying to hear it. There i
  2. I was thinking of putting a UST V2 in my OO. How did the ball flight compare to the Red? What about distance? Thanks.
  3. If anyone lives near Black Lake and/or has plans to play there before the end of the year shoot me a PM. I have a foursome voucher I won't be able to use and while I paid $200 for it I'll let it so super cheap. Let me know if anyone has interest.
  4. What is your opinion on the Maxfli Tour feel vs the Elixr? Elixr feels best to me but I'm trying to sneak out 4-5 more yards without giving up the soft feel.
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