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  1. Handicap is not the same thing as average score. Tbh the difference between those balls isn't going to make a difference. Both soft 2 piece suryln balls. Pick the one you think feels the best and play it consistently. Personally I'd go for the Noodles.
  2. Sure, its $75 for the cover. I'll even throw in the putter for free
  3. Wilson Staff Southside 34". Beautiful milling, if you haven't used one, they feel great! This one is in excellent condition and comes with matching headcover. Easy to line up and one of the best stock grips ever. Take this beauty home for $OLD and I ship FAST! CONUS, No Trades. Thanks!
  4. All reasonable offers considered. Moving to ebay tomorrow.
  5. Let's drop again.... 5-P $265 Shipped 6-P $235 Shipped
  6. Another drop! 5-P $295 Shipped 6-P $265 Shipped
  7. A nice set of RSI 2's here. 5-PW with KBS Tour 105's Stiff. The 5 iron is RSI 1 (more forgiving) with KBS C Taper 90 Stiff. No trades. CONUS. PM with questions or cash offers, Thanks! SOLD
  8. I'm with you OP. I don't like being paired up. Especially when I'm playing with the wife and it's generally time away from the kids and a date. Also even with a buddy if prefer to play just us rather than having to exchange small talk with a random. That said I expect to be paired up playing somewhere nice. I know there are certain places I can play and not be paired up if that it what I'm after. If we're somewhere I know will pair us up I'll just make sure we have a foursome.
  9. 1. Here is a dozen TP5x. Brand New, No Logos. Will be shipped no box, just sleeves as it fits better in the shipping container. $OLD in the CONUS.
  10. Angels Crossings isn't on the list because we've played it before. We're trying to knock off some first time courses.
  11. I can only play 3 of the 5. Which would you choose?? Thanks!
  12. Which Maxfli ball is closest to the TP5? I love the TP5 but looking for slightly softer and slightly less spin.... Maxfli Tour?
  13. Found another dozen in the garage. 4 Dozen $75 shipped.
  14. 4 Dozen. Brand New, Never Hit, No logo. $OLD. I moved to a different ball so the last of these need to go!
  15. I ordered an 0211, custom length. It took 8 days to arrive.
  16. Anyone know what Spieth is drinking from that silver can?
  18. 1. City and State? Grand Rapids, MI 2. Handicap? 14 3. Current Ball? Oncore Elixr 4. What color e12 Contact do you want to test? White 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  19. Price drop and set is now available as individuals.
  20. 48 - 52 - 56 CBX2 Wedge Set. Used. DG 115 shafts. $75 each. 2 for $140. All 3 for $200. First to pay, CONUS.
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