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  1. Pebble #7 or Augusta #12 by far I wouldn't complain having one at... Cypress #16 Pine Valley #10 Pasatiempo #3 Sawgrass #17 Royal Troon #8 Lahinch #5 TPC Scottsdale #16 Cabot Cliffs #16 Sleepy Hollow #16
  2. Mizuno MP630 or MP650 TM Superfast 2.0 TP Ping G410
  3. Quick update from my end. A lot of rain and colder temps have limited my getting out the last few weeks but I have been able to test on the course and once on the range. Overall it's very easy to use and is quick to pull in the targeted distance. I've really enjoyed using it and both playing partners thought it was absurd how good it is for the money. On the course I've been testing it against Grint, which is what I've been using for distance the last 2 years. The yardage between the two is typically within 2 yards but I've found I use the GS24 much more on shots into the green as the distance into the flag is certainly more accurate than "guessing" where the flag is and moving the point around on the Grint map. Overall I think it's a great rangefinder and for the money it's a stupid good deal. Would definitely recommend the GS24 to anyone in the market for a rangefinder.
  4. I've been a huge fan of his since pretty much the beginning of his time on tour in 2007. He's an extremely classy kid whose parents "raised him right". If you would tell me after the 2014 PGA that he wouldn't win another major for the next 7 years I would've put an awful lot of money down on that being "no chance in hell". I hope I'm wrong but my gut tells me that he'll win 2-3 more majors but he won't complete the slam by winning the Masters. As mentioned above, his wedge game isn't good and combined with a streaky putter it's not a combination for winning at Augusta. If he could improve his ranking inside 150 yards and have a good week on the greens then I could see him winning there. Just don't think it's likely. What I do think will happen is winning a few PGA's and maybe 1 more Open. The PGA has the best chance of being soggy and he can attack it similar to what he did at Kiawah.
  5. We lived in the condo building just across from BG golf course for a few years from 2011-2014 before we moved out to St. Charles. It really is a solid track and for the money, especially as a resident, is stupid cheap to play out there. It's amazing how much more golf you can play when a course is literally a 5i from your residence and, more importantly, you don't have kids yet.
  6. A huge thank you to GoGoGo Sports and GolfWRX for offering this fantastic opportunity! If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to reach out in the interim. Product Link Background on my use of rangefinders: I grew up playing high school and AJGA events in the late 90's so my go to for finding the right yardage typically falls into one of the following buckets: (1) go find the sprinkler head, (2) buy the yardage book, or (3) take a guess. Over the years I've used GPS systems via the cart or friends systems but to be honest I've never truly found them to be significantly more accurate. I've certainly tried rangefinders across various brands but have never actually purchased one. Arrival: The rangefinder arrived via USPS and was delivered earlier in the day than I expected. Off to a good start! The GS24 came in a very small but sturdy box. Contents include: case, rangefinder, strap, lens wipe, operation manual, and a trouble shooting guide. The included case is nice and feels like it would offer a good deal of protection for the unit. It has a felt-type lining inside which is also a nice touch. GS24 Overview: My initial impression is that the unit size is very good and overall feels very solid. Like most people, sometimes you have that concern with anything on the "value end" is that sometimes there is a reason for the particular price point. Those concerns were quickly eliminated after holding and interacting with the GS24 for a few minutes as it definitely feels like a quality rangefinder and I could argue that it feels, at least at this initial stage, is that it punches at a higher category than its price point might otherwise reflect. As a reference, my glove size is a mens large so my hand size is slightly above average. The GS24 fits pretty much perfectly in my hand and is lightweight but not so much that it feels like holding a feather. In order to operate the GS24 you'll need 2 AAA batteries. Once the batteries are in, take 5 minutes to review the operating manual and you are good to go. Overall I've found it to be a very intuitive unit to operate. One nice feature is that I believe the last mode you used (more on that below) stays in that setting. It's nice you don't have to toggle it around to get back to a previous setting. GS24 Operation: As mentioned above, this unit is a Dr. Suess-level of easy in terms of operation. Put it up to your eye, push down on the power button, and depending on your mode the distance comes back quickly in yards or meters. Really efficient and easy to use which is great which should help on the course in allowing you to get back to your shot once you've gathered the correct yardage. The included modes of operation are: 1) M1 = Distance (gives 1 number) 2) M2 = Golf Mode; has a "pin seeker" type of feature and offers adjustments for slope or non-slope and the overall angle. 3) M3 = Speed Measuring The feature that I really like on this GS24 is the ease of use and confirmation that you are either in or not in slope mode. The pictures below show the difference but a simple toggling left of the switch will result in the red light turning on during use, confirming you are in slope mode. It's a simple move but the confirmation in addition to showing up in the lens is a nice touch. Upcoming Review Steps: I have some time on Saturday so I was planning on taking this to the range to get in some use while practicing. Assuming the rain stays away I'm hoping to get out for 18 on Sunday and at some point next week so there should be several opportunities to put this through testing over the next week or two.
  7. It's been busy the last few months at work so this last week was the first time since June that I've been able to get out and actually do something more than hit 50 balls at the range. I got out to Prairie Landing and Glen Erin with 79's both days. With the time away I'm not surprised but the frustration was definitely there as I missed only 2 fairways but was a total of 9 over par from the middle of the fairway with a PW or less in hand. Long, left, fat, etc....I had zero confidence in my ability to hit a green with a wedge. I also had a total of 8 3-putts over the 2 days which added to the fun. I did drive #11 at PL and #13 at GE, which was fun, but walked off both greens with par. Good times. So on Friday I threw the T20's and Ping Heppler into the garage and pulled out an old set of VR wedges and a Versa #7 as a "ah, what the hell" type of move. Golf is a fascinating game and my little science experiment resulted in a 69 at Bowe's yesterday morning. I did have 1 missed green with a wedge and 1 3-putt but the confidence in seeing something you used to have some success with was a night and day difference from earlier in the week. I always considered these the "GOAT" wedges ever made which is why they were in the bag for ~6 years before I replaced them with the T20's. Glad I didn't trade them into PGASS for $6/club last year.
  8. . Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel Done 2. Search for your local Club Champion location Done 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Willowbrook, IL 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes (several times) 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Managing trajectory throughout the bag. I am a very high trajectory player and I've not been able to find meaningful solutions in various fittings in being able to lower my ball-flight.
  9. I get the new product prices but did crack up a little at Ping increasing the new prices on any remaining G410 woods as well. I was eyeing a G410 LST 3W earlier this year when they dropped it to $219 after the G425 came out. Now they're back up to $285, or $4 below MSRP.
  10. 1. City, State - Chicago, IL2. Handicap - 23. Do you currently use a rangefinder? If so, what model? - No (have never owned one). I've always used yardage books or now use Grint GPS.4. What is your preferred price point for a rangefinder? $350-4005. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  11. I've been super happy with my raw T20's for the last year but those copper / raw T22's will cause some infidelity on my end.
  12. Nike RZN Tour Black Nike One Tour D Taylormade TP5X In my opinion the RZN Tour Black is the best ball I've ever hit. I stocked up after Nike's closure announcement but after 5 years the supply is almost gone. I still have 2 dozen of the One Tour D and occasionally take a sleeve out for a spin.
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