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  1. I guess I owe this thread another post. I switched back to my Ping 410+ recently, have about 4 full rounds with it now. Honestly, the gains from the Cobra don’t seem to be substantive to my game in comparison. I am as long with my Ping, which is 1” shorter, and accuracy is basically the same. Bottom line, I need a good fitting. I believe I have self fit myself into a corner and am likely far from where I should be and likely not giving any clubs justice at this point.
  2. I’m glad I happened upon this thread, I moved to Tomball recently and was immediately drawn to Impact Precision. Glad to hear good reviews.
  3. I’ve now played Longwood, Gleannloch Pines, and Hidden Meadow since I have moved down to TX. Longwood, I must admit looks like it has good bones but the edges are rough. My round was 5+ hrs. I met a really nice couple, but I don’t think the price matches the goods for me. It’s a close grass driving range, so not a complete waste. Gleannloch was a really fun course, decent condition. My only issue is they have had a competition almost every weekend forcing play onto a single 9. And I am not interested in teeing off at 3pm this late in the year. I am guessing the lac
  4. In the month or so since I last posted I have managed to golf two full rounds...about a month apart. As stated previously, I have stuck with the Extreme in the hopes of finding a groove. Whether I am just swinging better or a found a “groove” with the driver, it is really performing. I hit driver 15 times over those two rounds, and 8oo15 are 250yds+. With my longest drive each round over 280yds. The extreme has so far averaged out ~6yds longer than my most recent gamer: I think a good test at this point is to go back to my gamer and see if my swing is better or th
  5. Not sure if anyone is still following along, but after a move to TX I managed to get out for a round over the weekend. I’ll try to post an update later tonight with some data.
  6. I’m torn, I am not impressed by many new offerings in general as they all seem to be following a retro modern theme. I am ok with these, I’m not loving the j15s, and if these show up cheap somewhere as a mass sell off, I would pick them up.
  7. Well stated, I noticed that the sequence didn’t match up early on with respect to shots shown and ball# according to graphics. In addition to being entertainment, I think they are also trying to be educational. I think more than anything else I took away from the video that for an above average ball striker with excellent SS, the ball stands up until driver. I wish they did more above average SS tests, not Matty fast but something above Ronnie. I’m intrigued by the ball, I’ll definitely be giving it a go this year.
  8. Does anyone have additional thoughts on Northgate or Raveneaux CC? The only other courses that are close enough looking at a map would be Windrose, BlackHorse, Cypress Lakes, Champions, or Tomball CC. i think about 20mins is my limit, anything more than that is going to be annoying and become a deterrent. All the courses I have called out are at or below based upon my new address. And if I am being honest, price is a factor as well. I’m not a member of any club currently, so this will be an additional expense above our new normal. Thanks again to all that have commented.
  9. @Judge Smales any thoughts on Gleannloch pines?
  10. I had a big update ready to post, and then I got rained out and the forums swapped over. quick notes: ive been in the Extreme head, heavy weight, and the GD shaft. I think I am about wrapping up the testing. I’ve updated my chart and the Extreme appears to be good for an additional ~3yds. I have had several drives in the 260+ range the last 3 rounds, and Non-middle shots aren’t punished too much. I don’t hit nearly enough out of the middle and I think the most benefit comes out of the middle. A good swing out of the middle is good for a couple 270 drives, but towards the t
  11. Does anyone have experience with Gleannloch Pines? That course is marginally further away, like 2 minutes, but if it is much better I might consider that one too.
  12. I chuckled at his weak sales pitch for LAGP. But respected that he believes in his shaft/sponsor enough to “protect” their image.?
  13. Seahawk owner here, best decision for me. I agree with @Philomathesq , they aren’t supposed to wear in, the brim is an integral part of the wind feature. My hat fits perfect and was based upon measurement recommendations from Shelta website. I Assume you did the same. Keep in mind not all head geometries are the same, and you might have a pressure point that is uncomfortable. Shelta does mention that the brim is accepting of slight manipulation, maybe that might help?
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