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  1. This. If he has done it before, and no one told him different why would you expect any different behavior. Not condoning it, just pointing out that a teachable moment only comes once in a while. And being red hot isn’t a good time to dole it out.
  2. MCC+4 bottom hand grip is too mushy on midsize for me.
  3. I think it is hard to “learn” his moves if you have already been playing for a while. I think his daughters swing is the result of his work with her from the beginning, and it works for her. There are some great nuggets of wisdom he offers up from time to time that I think translates very well to all swings;ie intent of swing, swinging through the ball, “releasing” the club, etc. To me it is fundamental, not earth shattering knowledge, but it is a similar concept in a more easily digestible description for me.
  4. I agree, they feel very similar new. Then I think TV’s get slightly firmer. The SS feel soft without feeling “gummy”.
  5. 1. City, State? Houston, TX 2. Handicap? 16.5 3. Current driver shaft? Accra TZ6 CB M4 4. Current iron shafts? Nippon Modus 125s 5. What Regio Formula Plus shaft do you want to test?MB+ 6. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 7. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  6. Sometimes I’ll do green tea(cold brewed) with an electrolyte tablet on the course. Just enough caffeine to keep me alert, but not as much as coffee. and I will do green tea 3 times a week as the afternoon pick me up. BUT I also do a cold brew coffee every morning.
  7. USPS is the worst( in some areas). Your situation is nuanced and frustrating, I would say give it the weekend. You’d be surprised the magic that occurs at USPS over a weekend.
  8. I think I am in your camp, WS’s caddie contradicts himself in his statement. Why would you figure out pin location last? They know the pin location everyday, they know the green depth and width, and they know all the flat/sloping/tricky spots on each green. Range the flag, all your calcs fall out from there. I don’t care if they use them or not, just come up with a better reason than “it might be a yard off”.
  9. The full retail for each component I think is a known, that’s just what they do. As stated above the grip price is in line, the Puring is over priced, and the shafts are wayyyyy over priced. You should order them through DD and invest in a swingweight scale and some lead tape....if you are particular about that sort of thing. If not, take the money and invest in other parts of your game. I think others have already mentioned, you have some unique options but nothing you can’t order much more cheaply. you paid for the fitting, not for a commitment to buy clubs, take the data and experience
  10. I don’t. I was trying to piece together components before the build. But point taken, and sage advice. Thank you.
  11. Does anyone know what the bottom of bore to ground measurement is for the Miura CB 1008’s? I’m trying to find a set of pulls and want to make sure I get a set of appropriate lengths for my desired build specs. thank you.
  12. I feel like this is all known information about Evnroll putters. I guess I have to disclaim that I roll one, but they are what they are. It’s better with a softer ball, but only marginally. I got used to it. Performance out weights sound for me.
  13. 1.5” cost me 27yds. Verified with Trackman at my recent fitting. Full disclosure, shorter shaft was not an ideal fit, so that was definitely a factor. I went longer, softer in flex a tiny bit, and “counterbalanced” for my gain in yards with better dispersion. *I also hit one off the planet today with that longer shaft, so with distance comes an outside chance I block one to nowhere. I truly believe that would have just been a weak, right drive if it were shorter. So grains of salt.
  14. Adding weight helped me, I felt the overall club balance didn’t suit me before I did. I had both the AD IZ and the Smoke Yellow, which I believe have higher balance points. I swapped out the heavy weight from Speedzone and put it in the Extreme. Launch did increase a little bit, but was worth it for me, I felt I could really feel the head and get after my drives. The SZ heads have a lot of pop, I just had to take a shot in the dark and the shafts I picked didn’t ultimately fit me the best.
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