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  1. Glad to see this thread still going. I’m still playing 95% minimalist golf. I think I actually took a full bag just once this year, as an experiment, and I didn’t enjoy it. Like someone above said, just seemed unnecessarily crowded. After a few years now I really don’t see myself going back to being a full bag type golfer. I’ve gotten so used to just hitting different shots with the clubs I have that I never miss clubs that aren’t in the bag. <14
  2. I’m still playing my 913D3 I’ve had since new. Still my favorite driver I’ve ever had and performs just as good today as it did when I got it. Actually, last round I played I probably had one of my longest drives ever with it....just crushed it for me and was on a spot on a hole I’ve never been at for my second shot (though been there for my third shot multiple times....). I keep looking for it to give me a reason to replace it and it just hasn’t. I did just pick up a TS2 hybrid and will say I like the new design aesthetic a lot, very nice looking line.
  3. Not me, I carry 8 or 9 clubs most often walking or riding. I’d say over the last three years 90% of my rounds have been played that way. The few times I’ve taken my “full” set it’s really only 12 or 13 clubs....and even then I tend to only use the ones outside my standard 8-9 club set a few times a round at most. I like playing with fewer clubs and don’t find it really impacts my score.
  4. Miura CB57 (half set) or Bridgestone J40 DPC for me. Could happily play something from Titleist, Mizuno, or Srixon too.
  5. Haha, yeah, I actually think this is spot on!!
  6. based on my anecdotal experience I’d say 105-110 sounds about right, but even then I think they’re taking a few liberties with the rules. Ive played with some coworkers who take golf fairly seriously and when we play together I’m always shocked how they sometimes “forget” to add in that penalty stroke for their OB ball or just skip counting a stroke in general. It only gets worse as you move to the more occasional player. I wouldn’t be surprised if the true average, if played strictly by the rules, was even closer to 115 or 120.
  7. Sorry, missed this until today. I don't have a pic handy but I'll see if I can get one and post it sometime.
  8. Love seeing some references here to minimalist golf, <14, and Wingtip golf on Insta. I’m a big fan of this type of golf, have played minimalist almost exclusively for the last two years, even had my bag featured in one of the Sunday Bag Stories. i golfed when I was a kid, never seriously though. My younger brother played high school and college golf and so we’d do a little family golf and that’s was the extent of it for a while. Then I probably took 10 years or so off playing and picked it up again about 10 years ago. Eventually my enthusiasm flagged a little and I just wasn’t feeling t
  9. I have one on my two pocket Walker and it is nice and works pretty well. I don’t have one on my single pocket Sunday Walker and I don’t miss it too often. Sometimes it would be nice on those really hot days but overall it’s not too hard to get by without it. Ultimately if ordering a new bag I think I’d stick with the above....getting it on a full size bag with two pockets but forgoing it on the smaller Sunday bag with only one pocket, in part because I love the streamlined look of the small single pocket bag and the bottle sleeve would take away from that a bit.
  10. Yeah, they used to come with them I think, my older all navy nylon Walker came with a matching rain hood without my requesting it. My more recent ballistic Sunday Walker did not though. So if rain is possible I’ll just switch to my navy bag
  11. I like those headcovers you have actually, bag looks nice like that! if you go Seamus and already have grey I’d look for a blue and a red theme one to keep the color scheme going.
  12. I Iike to walk when I can, I like to keep the bag light and keep things simple. I played almost all of last year with 7-9 clubs. I have a full set, doesn’t seem to make much difference in my score if I use it or my half set, so I stick with the half set. Details in sig.
  13. Love my trestle sticks! Seriously, worth trying if you haven’t. I got them thinking I’d just use them on wet mornings but found I liked using them so much that I probably have them out 85% of the time. You get the comfort of carrying a soft bag like this with the convenience of a stand bag when you get to you’re ball. I just carry the trestle sticks like a little walking stick when moving. Sometimes I still enjoy the simplicity of just putting the bag on the ground, but a lot of my rounds are early morning when it’s wet and they’re great for keeping the bag dry.
  14. > @MattStrube said: > Does anyone also have a Sunday bag? I just got a used Seamus while I wait for the Mac. All 14 shovels fit which has me thinking ? Maybe I don’t need that huge Mac. Hahahahaha I have both a standard Walker and a Sunday Walker. For me, the Sunday functionally tops out at 9-10 clubs. Doesn’t mean you can fit more, but that’s the line between works great and feels tight for me. That is with midsize grips though, so standard grips may help get a few more in comfortably. Standard Walker will do 14 no problem, but I never carry that many clubs. All this year I’ve
  15. > @rwc356 said: > I don't even notice the trestle sticks anymore, I pick up the bag, grab the trestle sticks in my left hand and off I go. Sticks make a good walking staff when walking down a slick hill. Once you play a few rounds with them, you'll be hooked. Same here. I originally got them for wet weather use but now I use them 90% of the time I'd say. Every now and then I'll set my bag on the ground but I mostly use the trestle sticks as I've grown to like walking with them as a walking stick and I find it quicker and easier to deploy them then to set the bag on the ground and p
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