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  1. Here you go, I played my Wednesday old man tournament and a fellow that was on my team quit. He sold me his clubs and said he was done. Not looking to make money off of this, just recover what I will have in them when said and done. The irons are in great shape, bag looks new and the woods, well you can tell he wasn't that good. The driver has a ball mark on top but hybrid is in good shape. I will have to find a box for the bag but that shouldn't be a problem. If you have ? Or need more or better please ask My feedback will tell the story on what I believe is good or bad. I will throw in a put
  2. Clubs that are not being used and something I would like to buy! All clubs are in good condition with normal wear. No ugluies Only trade interest is rbz stage 2 3 wood First is a Taylor made aeroburner 9.5 with the stock regular shaft with the hc. It has been played for a season and has set for about a half a season. Top and top line is in very good shape. It measures almost 46 inches 75 shipped in con U S, West of the Rockies add 5$ 2nd is a Adams fast 12 LS with a regular true temper EL 70, it's in very good shape with minimal playing time. Comes with hc and wrench and measures 45 to 46
  3. It would be a great benefit, now I have to trust my eye's on far I hit every shot. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the chance
  4. Step 2. Click the icons to filter your results. LOAD WEIGHT LAUNCH ANGLE OF DESCENT Select the Angle of Descent that best describes your tee shot. If you are not sure which angle of descent to choose, please click here. back to fitting Fitting Results Speeder Evolution 661 TS Speeder PRO 66 TS SIX TS Pro 63 back to fitting http://www.fujikurag...om/fitting-tool back to results
  5. Aeroburner 9.5 HCP 4.1 Searcy Arkansas 60 gram regular flex Tipped 1/2 GPS average driving distance
  6. Live Searcy Arkansas 4.1 hcp senior playing at 6500yd course Aeroburner driver Bio cell + 3 and 5 wood J40 with stellfiber shafts Vokey 54 and 58 V line works putter I would love to test the new irons, I have had a chance to see them. They are on my list, the best looking irons on the market today. They remind me ofa set of 1975 apex that I played in high school and college. Also a driver, I could back then 300 yds with a persimmon head I would drive their no problem for chance to test them and get fitted Thanks Doug Ben Hogan Standard Shafts (starting at $149) KBS Tour V Stiff
  7. I need to sell these or there going to eBay First is a like new cobra fly z 2-3 (16-19) reg flex hybrid with hc and wrench. It has been used maybe 5 rounds and 1 range session. Its in very good shape with no uglies or anything, just didn't fit in the gap, too long. Price is 100 shipped in the U.S. Next is a tm 5 wood, stiff flex, its been played for a season so its had some use. It is a true bomber. Sometimes I hit it in stead of my 3 wood. Almost as long as. I believe there's a little paint chip on the back of the head, not bad and there is no uglies. Does not come with a hc but will be
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